US Warships In The Black Sea


US warships have been in the Black Sea near Russia for a number of months conducting unscheduled military drills. In addition the Russian military has detected over 50 NATO reconnaissance aircraft and drones on Russia’s border. 

The Bible Prophesy by Ezekiel; Gog and Magog may be in play.  Only, no one can agree exactly where these lands exist in present day with vast discrepancies.  Infinitely important in knowing who is ‘evil’. 

Biden declares that the US does not adhere to “Red-Lines”.   This in response to the anonymous source that is feeding the media with reports that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine.   It appears that the anonymous US source is Ukraine’s president, Zelensky.   Zelensky has been quite vocal in his pronouncements of war but it is likely the pronouncements are propaganda feed coming from within the CIA and/or NED Handlers.

Imagine if the reverse were true and Russian troops, in alliance with Mexico, were on the US border?   Putting US troops in defensive positions would be proper military strategy.

Norway has ordered the US and NATO to stay away from its border with Russia.   Any escalated confrontation would have obvious ramifications on otherwise peaceful countries.   And a conversation between Putin and Biden is expected next week… except Biden is incoherent, so who will Putin be talking to?

The Center For European Policy Analysis, CEPA, argued for a Russian offense/defensive posture back in September. Outlining five points:  

  1. NATO should take an enhanced presence in the Black Sea.
  2. NATO members should prepare for a rapid response politically and militarily against Russia.
  3. Allies need to upgrade air and missile systems.
  4. NATO should support Ukraine and Georgia—while increasing investment in their economic development.”
  5. Poland needs to beef up it’s defense equipment and buy American F-35 fighters and hundreds of M1A2 Abrams tanks.

THIS was ‘before’ Russia began to protect its eastern borders.

CEPA’s president and CEO is Alina Polyakova. She previously served at the Brookings Institute and the Atlantic Council where she developed disinformation campaigns on Russia. Alina was also a fellow at the Free Russia Foundation.

The Free Russia Foundation was formed in Washington DC in 2014 with the goal of ‘integrating Russia into the international community”.     That would be George Orwell speak for The New World Order of a Global One Government.

Other headquarters include; Ukraine, Georgia, Berlin and Prague. As I noted above, NATO wants to plunder the resources of Ukraine and Georgia. Their website states, “They actively pursue political development and economic reforms” in Russia.   Their Board Chair hails from the McCain Institute,   Their Board Vice Chair, Paige Alexander, was previously an advisor for USAID, a consultant for the Open Society Institute, and a consultant for The Rockefeller Fund.  SURPRISE!

Other board members have eloquent resumes defining their time with the World Economic Forum, their affiliation with the Green Party, socialism, sustainable development, and even a State Department spokesman under – Hillary.   Evil definition?

CEPA’s Board and team are no different with associations to Clinton, Open Society, Romney, former diplomats, ambassadors, and everything in-between.

Obviously these are the people who will be speaking with Putin next week, likely drawing a red-line of :   ‘we can take Russia by force, or we can take Russia by political coup’. Putin’s choice.

Russia the last Holdout to the Cabalists mission control.   Navalny’s release and institution as president are likely noncompromisable demands.  US warships and NATO inciting and provoking a 3rd World War.

ALL while plugging the media loop over and over that Russia is the aggressor and therefore a justifiable war would be asserted. Just like WWI and WWII.   Just like the devastation of Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.   It is old. The People know it.   Yet the media is on its knee – beck-and-call. Yes, Master.

In this schematic, the biggest question on the table is what would China do?   The second biggest question is how can a brick of a US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, lead our country anywhere but into the abyss? And the third question is where will Turkey align given their Black Sea partners?

  1. CHINA:   struggling amidst an economic breakdown and a media blitz against all things China, an alliance against Russia is unlikely.   Unless provoked, China might simply take a back seat and watch the movie.
  2. LLOYD AUSTIN: Austin and Handlers have devastated our military. Our capabilities have been thwarted with teaching CRT instead of tactical commands.   Our soldiers are not aligned with a man bent on vaccines instead of Cross-Fit!   And our military is disillusioned after witnessing the Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe. While the media portrays a Russian military incapable of taking out Ukraine, reality reveals Russia is considered the second most powerful in the world!   They have spent the last 7 years building up their military after Obama attempted to sanction them out of economic existence.   It did NOT work.    That was ‘before’ Lloyd Austin whipple whipped the US military and gave Afghanistan billions of US equipment… for free! The same brick who recently referenced Russia as the Soviet Union, USSR. That brick.
  1. TURKEY:   Like China, Turkey might attempt to take a sideline watch before choosing sides.   Relations with the EU have soured, but relations with Russia are tenuous as well, albeit the lean is Russia. Like the EU, Turkey is reliant on Russia’s fuel to the tune of 42%.   That may dictate their stance.

Lastly in the mix of the shell game is the current matter of heating oil.   Berlin is well into winter with temperatures hovering in the low 30’s.   Russia is the main supplier for all of the EU providing 30% of petroleum, 40% gas, and 42% solid fossil fuels. Eliminating Russia, eliminates the EU’s resources and puts the economy, households and lives at risk.

As Merkel Matilda waltzes away stage left, she leaves her country quite vulnerable to a catastrophic death sentence.   And every country therein could be pulled into the black hole.

Still, NATO believes they are set to become the global military for the One World Government, the United Nations.   And the hundreds of thousands of NGO’s manipulating the board are using NATO, just like the use everyone, to create what may not be NATO’s or even the UN’s version of the vision!   No Honor Among Thieves.