Trump vs The Media Cabal…

German media would have us believe that Russia is ramping up it’s armaments because of a riff between “the West and Russia”.   Oddly, they seem to have forgotten the EU Commission, the UN, Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, The Netherlands and a host of countries that have all radically attacked, demonized and sanctioned Russia based on circumstantial, unproven, and scanty evidentiary matter.  Including the supposed ‘annexation of Crtimea’…oh brother – look up UK annexations…


Because it perpetuates a common media meme in which a World War has been staged at the behest of the world Cabal, and fortunately tabled as the Swamp is retrofit with truth. Tch.  Tch.

Still, Merkel’s media is desperate to undermine and create what Trump has been attempting to squelch and denounce in the agenda of fake news.

Of  course this also aligns in the wake of the New York times publisher, A. G. Sulzberger, denouncing Trump as divisive and dangerous. Why?   Because he is calling out the scourge and the scourge are whining, ‘no fair’!   It should be noted that Sulzberger’s credentials are parallel to ‘Trust Fund Baby’ in that he worked as intern for The Providence Journal (he is not considered a ‘notable contributor), then later wrote a few articles for the Oregonian (which aligned with Bill Clinton and has since become known as a ‘tabloid’), before writing for the New York Times briefly which his father published…  Um, that’s it folks.   That is his sum total of experience that apparently entitles him to denounce the President of The United States.

An entitled TFB.

He is no more worthy than his money – and thus in line with Hollywooders who seem to feel they are the true MSM of the world.

The German media goes on to reiterate how the relationship between the West and Russia is at an all time low not seen since the Cold War.   Of course, this low occurred during and as a consequence of the Obama Administration, a notation conveniently not mentioned or cited.   It also occurred at the behest of Merkel.  Also, conveniently, not noted.

In fact, when Obama and Merkel threw down the sanctions they thought would cripple Russia, Putin used the demonization to restructure the economy and the military so as to rise above and confront their battle.  Much to their chagrin, he won.   And now, the media would have us believe this win, is due to the Trump effect. Hmmm.

With more and more weight being given to Trump, his tweets, his abrasive attitude in defense of the US, it would seem that the MSM, albeit the New York Times and the Deutsch Weil, are still lagging considerably in supporting their shareholders… and instead are intent on supporting their subversive agenda.   Even as Soros denounces both Hillary and Obama – as abject disappointments!

So while the Cabal is disassociating itself with the failures of recent history, the media is lagging.  Could they be the next demon the Cabal destroys?

What if, the Cabal turned on itself?  What if, they turned on the very media they have supported for years?   What if, the MSM becomes the next victim of themselves?

How else could Soros rewrite history?

It is reminiscent of recent history in which Soros adamantly demanded that Merkel allow an indiscriminate number of migrants to come to Germany – at least one million, he asserted in interviews.  Later, when the migrant policy turned into chaos, Soros stated that Merkel had ruined Germany as a direct result of her stance on immigration.

It would follow that as the chaos gains heat, Soros will denounce the MSM and take a decidedly negative stance against them creating even greater divisiveness.   A chess match!

And while everyone is focused on protecting the King, it is the Queen who has the most power!

In that sense, the NYT, CNN, the Washington Post, DW, The BBC, NBC, CBS, etc…, should all be wary that the Cabal will turn on a dime, and demonize the very sources that supported their causes.   There is no honor among thieves…

There is no loyalty.  And as we have seen, this has torched the sex industry of Hollywood, and will only grow exponentially.

The Trump naysayers are mostly self absorbed.  They typically feel obliged to inform Trump what he should and should not do, how he should and should not act, how he should and should not speak, how he should and should not – be.   That is the best way to determine if the person speaking is really a Pro- or anti Swamp…   Shhhhh.

Jill Stein – a Clinton Shill?

Jill Stein, a Jewish agnostic, was a Hillary shill rom the getgo having risen in the ranks on the board of directors of a Soros organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility. In addition , her resume includes a stint at Clean Water Action, a political organization funded by America Votes – and Democracy Now, both funded by the Soros conglomerate/cabal. Despite her Green campaign, her financial statements showed the hypocrisy of her investments; tobacco, pharma, energy and defense. Oh my oh my!

Of her SIX attempts at running for various political offices, finishing dead last has been her nom-de-pleu. Hence she was the chosen Hillary shill. Which was why, although she had absolutely nothing to gain, she was told to be the scapegoat in the recount controversy and the harassment issue of many in the electoral college.

While Hollywood eats crow, laments their vacuous loss, and tucks their proverbial scanky tails between their legs, their elitist agenda has been called.   Hopefully, at long last, their ‘deplorable’ sex trafficking, sexploitation, wholly lacking morality will be set afire for exactly what it is – the plot, the definable reality that became The Hunger Games.

As we listen to truly awful fashion designers arrogantly claim their wares are far too elite for the Trump family, perhaps these names, who no one seems to know or care about, will crawl back into their cave.

And if the media wants to illegally censor our President, and anyone who shares his desire for a ‘better America’, then the consequence will ultimately be felt in their CEO paychecks. When alternates to Facebook, Google and Twitter rise to the occasion, crow might be on the dinner menu.

When Hollande says he will not run for Presidency in France, the joke is he only had a 3% approval rating, he spared himself the embarrassment of receiving no votes!

And when college grads find they don’t know how to actually earn a living and fight for their $10 per hour jobs that no longer exist at McDonalds because they’ve been replaced by a machine, they’ll be crying all the way back home demanding a handout because they are entitled. After all, Bernie Sanders said so.

When the media stops thinking they know all the answers and tell the President who to pick for his cabinet, what to vote for, and how to run their lives, maybe, just maybe we can return to a society rooted in respect and honorable justice.

And maybe when mocking and ‘deplorable’ self righteous attitudes are no longer the agenda of our political elite, including our outgoing President, maybe then we can find a new America we can be proud to hold up as a Leader in this world stage.

When tolerance means me too and what I believe, then maybe we can embrace – theirs… as long as it does not mean tolerance of destruction, fires, theft, and assault…

When the naysayers stop eliciting assassination threats and death threats against Trump and his electorals, maybe, just maybe we can take their plea of ‘peace’ seriously.   In the meantime, why aren’t they be put in jail?

How can we possibly be expected to honor and respect these people when this is their behavior, when this is their definition of peace and tolerance, when their instigation of division, war, terror, and prejudice rules every action, every thought they make?

They are so self deprecating – they are oblivious to how far their depravity has consumed them.  If it weren’t so disgusting, it might be – sad.