Palestinian Children – Normalizing Death In Dehumanizing War

To justify the high death toll among children in Gaza, the media has attempted to dehumanize them.   They are not victims of unfettered, indiscriminate bombing by a rogue regime, Israel.  instead they are minimized as ‘casualties of war’.   Videos are created in someone’s basement depicting Palestinian children as monsters born to kill.   And no one is a Palestinian any longer, everyone is Hamas, because  hey – its their fault they all voted for them…

Oddly, this same ‘you voted for it’ mantra does not apply to Americans under the dictatorial reign of Biden Handlers.   It is lost on many anti-abortionists who vehemently call out Palestinian children as animals while defending every unborn baby.   Biblically, Christ was pretty adamant about anyone killing children.:  “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” ~ Matthew 18.

Normalizing children being brutally bombed, starved, and dehumanized is basically as far down the tombs as one can possibly go.  As one pediatrician stated in a BBC interview, it is insane to bring in humanitarian aid just so you can feed a child one day and blow them up the next…  There must be a CEASEFIRE.  The Western Governments disagree.   Just as they did for Ukraine.

According to the IDF, of the 20,000 to 25,000 estimated Hamas soldiers, they have killed 60.   Just 24,940 to go!  By contrast they have killed 10,000+ civilians with tens of thousands wounded and dying without any hospitals remaining.   Instead of acknowledging this as a massive war crime, Israel creates fanciful videos of the young girls ‘killed’ at the festival – oddly all female and all beautiful – tugging at the emotional level instead of the rational and compassionate.   The videos … well – they do appear similar to the CIA greenscreen op.

Netanyahu ordered all Palestinians to move south – and then began bombing the south.   Never before has any belligerent bombed a refugee camp – except for Israel.   The media can’t account for Israel’s malevolence, so it ignores it.   Pundits keep the repetition theme;  Hamas is evil, children are indoctrinated – Poor Israel!   The UN is admonishing Netanyahu’s tactics – but apparently, he refuses to listen to anyone regarding the damage to reputation this will cause the entire West for decades to come.

Given my stance in not supporting Israel undoubtably makes me a Hamas Apologist – even in the eyes of some ‘Christians’, who berate and slander me – I am forced to speak my truth or forever hold my peace.

So far, nine countries have pulled their ambassadors from Israel:   South Africa, Chile, Jordan, Turkey, Colombia, Chad, Honduras, Bahrain, and Bolivia.   The fallout for the Entire Western Cult is likely to hit relatively soon.   Some western countries have gone so far as to declare anything pro=Palestine will be considered hate speech and chargeable as a criminal felony.

Suddenly, Nazi Germany is splashed across the media as comparing Trump to Hitler, Hamas as Nazis, and the victimhood of Jews – is the ONLY agenda.   Not the 27 million Soviet deaths, the 5 million non-Jews who died, not the 420,000 US Soldiers who gave their lives, the 3 million Japanese who died, etc…

The narcissistic self-absorbed don’t see anyone dying in WWII but Jews.   The narcissistic of today don’t see anyone dying in Palestine – they don’t exist.

Anthony Blinken was made a fool when attempting to state, for the media, that he succinctly told Netanyahu to ‘cut it out’, and not turn Gaza into an Israeli coup.  Netanyahu laughed.   Like a doting puppet, Blinken then flew to Jordan, where he had a great conversation about Jordan picking up more refugees – and the US willingness to pay handsomely…just another million or so people to put in camps for eternity.  What’s the going rate?  Jordan pulled its ambassador and staff out of Israel.

The rage that all Arabs feel at this point is only fueled more by the fact that they can do nothing because the West has promised WWIII should anyone defend Palestinians militarily.     Unfortunately, that rage is not shared by western nations which talk about the mass murder as though it is a video game – moving on to crickets and bison and climate bubbles…   Because it makes people ‘feel better’ to ignore the death and chaos.

Since 1776, the US has been at peace just 17 years – total.   Meaning we can’t blame a singular administration but have to acknowledge that the US government and a number of citizens are inherently war mongers.   In any given year, the US is involved in 4-5 wars.   Today the US is involved in wars in Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, Israel and hoping/looking forward to engaging Taiwan and possibly the Sahel in Africa!

Yet the Peacemakers are the evil communists – because peace does not make a nation great.  It makes for weakness, apparently.   The reasoning given for not calling for a cease fire in Gaza is that Peace is not a good strategy of War.  Peace allows your enemy to become more volatile in planning attacks against you.  Peace is errant of Power.   Peace gives rise to an equality of prosperity.

There are some who posit that Netanyahu’s Grandstand Power Play is something of a Test to see how people will react.  To see if completely obliterating freedom and the suppression of humanity could be played out via global tyranny.   Like the CoVid test to see who would willingly comply and who wouldn’t.   They WANT compliance and the elimination of anyone – anyone – if they challenge the authority.  The Authority in this case being a rogue government – whereas the authority during CoVid was globally instituted.

Today, Israeli police are making house calls.  Anyone whose speech is deemed ‘pro-Hamas’ is being arrested.   Anyone.   They do not recognize children.  They only recognize anyone who takes the ‘wrong side’ as being a terrorist.   EXACTLY what MAGA can anticipate in the months to come – as promised by Herr Hillary.