Georgia Midterms: Hershel vs Warnock – The Morality Police

The Midterms are coming and the wacko’s are out in full regalia on social media platforms eager to display their morality police intolerance and fabricated stories.   The mud slinging has morphed considerably with the advent of social media. It used to be between the opponents – then opponents and the media – now it is a free-for-all full on BRAWL!

According to the morality police, Reverend Warnock is a man of God, and Hershel Walker is s sinner:

Reverend Warnock =     Attended Union Theological Seminary.  Despite his claiming to be a Reverend, he would appear to be the only student or faculty member to make that self ascribed distinction.   In order to obtain that title, one must be an ordained clergyman.   Its most common usage is in the Catholic Church.   However, the distinction is now available online with an application and a fee.

In the 2000’s Warnock served as senior pastor at Douglas Memorial Community Church. After Warnock and his assistant minister were charged and arrested for child abuse at a summer camp owned by Douglas Memorial, Warnock transferred to Ebeneezer Baptist Church in 2005. Both of these churches are considered ‘progressive liberal’, predominantly black, with woman as pastors, presidents, and a theology that is ‘unBiblical’. The two churches advocate social justice, civil rights and socialism.   And this activism is what they preach instead of the Bible.

Hershel Walker:   A retired football player has the been the subject of many a contested statement of false representation. However, the representation was NOT by Walker – but by media pundits.   His career stats were exemplary, but he was oblivious to the media creating his bio.

Like everyone, Walker’s biggest fault was in not knowing his enemies and trusting the Truth would prevail.   Instead, he has found himself in the cataclysm of liberal death as he fights for his reputation and ethics.

The abortion allegations come from an anonymous woman who chose birth out of wedlock and is now beholden to the liberal media propaganda mechanization.   The truth within this is completely – unknown.

Al Sharpton is another self proclaimed Baptist Minister whose profile claims he was ordained at the age of NINE!   How? Because some other guy declared him so! This is the entirety of his divinity having never attended college much less Seminary.

UNFORTUNATELY, the vast majority of liberal outlets and many ‘conservative media pundits’ don’t actually research anything they write. They write headlines.   Few read the articles because they offer nothing beyond the “Headlines’.   Because content is not as important as National Enquirer silhouette Headlines!

Knowing this phenomena, journalists are simply either in name only or in money only…

I have no opinion as to Hershel Walker inadvertently getting a woman pregnant out of wedlock.   I doubt it was intentional. I doubt he demanded an abortion. What he has done is support the inadvertent wrong financially.   While the anonymous ‘Woman’ makes accusations without ANY evidence.

By contrast, elevating fake ministers and guides of God is clearly under Biblical Law as  heinous.   Those that preach ungodly dictum will be judged most harshly!   That would leave open the Biblical premise that the fanatical unreligious, ungodly pronouncements of men who claim to be representatives of God and are heretics, will be thrown in the pit of Hell.   Even before the atheist peasants.

In 1930, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow at the at Warnock’s Union Theology Seminary. He later returned in 1939 to be a member of the faculty and to escape Nazi harassment in Germany.

Writing of his experience at Union Theology in his book Barcelona, Berlin, New York; Bonhoeffer was dismayed by the liberalism of the seminary and its students, noting, “The students are completely clueless with respect to what dogmatics is really about. They are not familiar with even the most basic questions. They become intoxicated with liberal and humanistic phrases, are amused at the fundamentalists, and yet basically are not even up to their level….”

Boenhoeffer was assassinated by the Nazi’s for his Christian beliefs.   And is considered a martyr for Christianity.

When eulogizing Warnock because he self identifies as a Reverend, it is important to research where and how and when that proclamation originated.   AND – what it means.

In Christian circles Reverend Warnock is NOT Christian, he is NOT Catholic, is NOT Baptist – for his ideologies are based on political activism, blackness, and heretical religiosity/.  Just because Warnock CHOSE to put a christian Catholic Title before his name – does NOT impose upon him any religiosity!  

ISRAEL – The Decendents Of Jacob

Between 42% and 51% of Israeli’s are ‘secular’.   In the US 44% of Jews identify as secular.   The notion that GOD favors the current land defined as Israel and all her secular Jewish people is truly an ignorant view that ignores Biblical theology.   GOD does not favor people that don’t believe in God or Christ!   God favors the offspring of Jacob whose name was Israel.   Lands and borders have absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. People are the Bible – hence the composite of stories of people – varied, of different backgrounds, of different lands – who come together in Christ.\

In parallel with this Israel theology, Gog and Magog represent Satan – not a land mass.   As humans have vainly attempted to assert that a piece of dirt is the Bible’s description they have propagandized the essence of The Word.   Why?   To assert a power play.   A control.  And a theology that is false.   A wolf.

Christ was not a Jew. Christ was a Hebrew.   The actual term Jew didn’t evolve until the 1800’s. It is believed to be a derivative of the Greek Ioudaios meaning “to imitate”. The Bible was thus re-translated to replace the word Hebrew with Jew.   But “God calls all the descendants of Israel”.   One is not a descendant of dirt – but of a people.

Thus, when interpreting Ezekiel 38 and 39, the reference of Gog and Magog is no different in that God calls for the end of Satan.   Referencing Turkey or Russia as the progenitors of Gog and Magog has as much Biblical truth as asserting that the seculars of Israel are God’s People.

Those who are descendants of Jacob are descendants of God’s Israel.

Those names are written.

The LIE of Gog is that a person who does not believe in Christ or God can be a Chosen One.   This LIE was rewritten into the Bible as an ‘interpretation’ 900 years after its first writing.   Aligning with the concept of a New World Order.   This LIE was created for the purpose of confusing what is obvious within The Word.   The purpose of which is to conflate and ridicule The Bible for its conflictions.

As we are facing the Satanic NWO of today, they use this altered text to create a culteral Jewish ascendancy that does NOT exist.   They use it to create a distracted evil – based on geographics, ie Russia, Iran, Turkey.   And the diabolical Power of Satan wins when reality is obscured.

In essence this means that those who believe in Christ and God are descendants of Israel – those who don’t – are NOT!   It has nothing to do with culture or religion, and everything to do with belief!

Pronouncing those who live on territory today as evil because of their land – is a deception of Satan. Those whose hearts are of evil are who God will destroy.   Quoting Ezekiel 38 and 39 to assert condemnation of nations and all the people within is a ploy and embraces that which is unGodly.   Do NOT be so deceived! This is Satan’s cruel and seditious rabbit hole so as to harden hearts from the truth and cause a person to Fall from grace within the sins of arrogance, spite, greed and malevolence.


Catholic Church – Child Predators

The Catholic Church is embroiled in a pit of fire surrounding the ongoing, heinously sinful child sexual abuse that has permeated the Church for likely centuries.   This past weekend Pope Francis held a televised live broadcast in which the discussion of this rampant egregious deed was discussed.  And yet, the entire event came across more like an infomercial than a real self-evaluation repentant matter with constructive solutions.

1)   Survivors of abuse were ‘disallowed’ from entering the conference – it was a closed door event.

2)   Senior Cardinal Marx announced that files on abusers were destroyed.

3)   Pope Francis was aware of the atrocities and did virtually nothing to bring justice against his house of criminals.

How do these truthisms bring belief, faith, or hope that the Vatican is really serious about doing anything? Instead, it makes the entire conference look like a sham, a flim-flam media posture event.

Francis was installed as Pope, March 2013.  Over the last few decades there have been 2600 accusations against Priests in the US alone.  All of these allegations were transcribed, the offender was named, and a file created.   It would appear, the Church destroyed many files, meaning each successive Pope was aware of the allegation, and instead of bringing justice, they sought to destroy the evidence.  No evidence – no allegation – Priest cleared.

The conference was attended by just 200 participants…  mostly Bishops.    But in 2018, six Dioceses in Pennsylvania found these same Bishops were guilty of covering up evidence of Priests abusing upwards of 1,000 children.  So in essence, Pope Francis is putting these same morally convicted wolves in charge of guarding the chicken coup.  Obviously it has worked well in the past…

But even that knowledge doesn’t break the surface of corruption that was plagued the Church for ‘decades’, I would think it is more likely centuries.   In the late 2000’s, Pope Benedict XVI sanctioned Cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC for abuse allegations.  Two of the allegations remain ‘sealed’ from the public, others were destroyed.  And despite, the statement by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano that he instructed Pope Francis about the sanctions and allegations in 2013, Pope Francis turned a blind eye and repealed the sanctions.  Why?  If Pope Francis really wanted ‘justice for the children’ as he commanded the Bishops at the conference in Rome, why then did he repeal the sanctions of abuse on his own Archbishop?

But it is worse.  The Vatican and multiple Bishops received reports of McCarricks ‘transgressions’ for decades before anything was done at all.

The history of the abuse within the church was not even addressed by the media until the 1980’s, within the auspices of the Franklin Scandal, and the UK Jimmy Savile sensational story.  In both instances, pedophilia, abuse, was asserted against numerous high profile persons in the US and UK, including entertainment and sports figures, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and anyone with a lot of money to spend.

Like the Catholic Church pedophilia scandals, neither of these two scandals provided justice in any form whatsoever to the victims.  And in most instances, the victims were actually further victimized.  No one went to jail.  No one was sanctioned.   The stories were so high profile, so backed with $$$$ that to this day, one person was charged, Jimmy Savile.

To think that a conference of a handful of corrupt Bishops presided by a corrupt Pope would yield anything different, is like slapping Weinstein on the wrist and demanding that he write 500 times, “I will not ever do that again…”  With his fingers crossed behind his back.   “Pinky swear.”

Some media outlets tend to blame the Priesthood’s rule of chastity as their defense and justification.  And while their manhood might be difficult to subjugate, child abuse is not a normal evolution.   Pedophilia, is not a normal evolution.   A Priest, a Bishop enter the Church promising to uphold chastity as a part of their dedication.   If they don’t believe this is acceptable, there are numerous alternate religions that espouse Christianity that do not adhere to this particular conviction.  They have – a Choice.

One of Pope Francis most revered authoritarians was Romano Guardini, who wrote extensively of Christian Socialism.   Guardini embraced such philosopher’s as Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, who advocated Atheism.  Under his pre-Pope name, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, Pope Francis was not bereft of drudge and accusations, including his purported facilitation of the kidnapping of two Jesuit Priests during Argentina’s Dirty War.  These Priests were then subjected to horrific torture. Complaints were filed.  And despite one of the Priests coming forward and claiming the Bergoglio was indeed complicit, and not only reluctant to help, but allegedly involved, the case was – dismissed.


Money talks.

And so, this is the Pope. This is the Francis who claims that – now – suddenly – the children deserve justice.   This is the person, the man, the power vacuum that wields the whip of Catholic Doctrine and by default, core religiosity.  He sits behind the gated, walled, city of the Vatican that is guarded by the most elite soldiers in the world, equipped with infinite guns and ammo, to protect the men and their wealth who have confiscated their bounty over centuries in the form of art, real estate, stocks, and gold.  All the while telling the sheep what is real, what is truth, what is history, and what is – sin.

While living – the Dream.

Sexual abuse of children is a part of that dream.   It is a part of the history of valuing self above the law – even, the law of God.