Rittenhouse & Sandmann; Much Applause!

Rittenhouse & Sandmann, emerging as possible powerhouses of the Conservative Youth!   These 2 are likely the biggest phenomena that the conservatives could deploy.  They are incredibly steadfast.   Deflecting the massive assault of blows by the media and ridiculed democrats.   They represent – One Nation In God…:

PUNISHING the unvaccinated.  

  • Unvaccinated not allowed to participate in society
  • Unvaccinated not allowed to travel
  • Unvaccinated must vaccinate before any medical procedure
  • Unvaccinated LOCKED – DOWN
  • Unvaccinated must pay a daily fine
  • Unvaccinated morally accountable for everything…

Vaccinated and unvaccinated are equally likely to transmit CoVid.   The only Omicron patients so far are all vaccinated.   There is no way to distinguish between ANY CoVid variants… according to WHO and the CDC.   The CoVid pill is less than 30% effective.   Case counts are not that much different than the annual flu – according to the CDC.

And today Biden suggested that he plans to target Medicare and Medicaid for vaccination while declaring that he will vaccinate the WORLD! Sounds a bit megalomaniac…

I just watched the 2021 James Bond thriller and somehow it seems that the evil Spectre is alive and well in the Biden Handlers.   Surveillance.   A mysterious villain armed with a dangerous technology:     a weapon containing nanobots that infect like a virus upon touch and are coded to an individual’s DNA, rendering it lethal to the target and their relatives but harmless to others.   I don’t know – sounds a little too close to be a coincidence…

And Bond must save the entire world from this heinous psychotic madman before he destroys mankind.

In the movie, M’s final quote is, “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” ~ Jack London, The Call Of The Wild!

In other words, sitting around doing nothing as Spectre releases the CoVid vaccine on all mankind is NOT a time to simply exist, it is a time to LIVE and make proper use of your time.

The hospital, medical community vaccination hype has an evolution in the World Economic Forum’s ‘Sustainable Goals’.   They predict/envision a 2030 world wherein most hospitals, doctors, nurses and staffing will no longer exist.   Where medicine will be administered via a teleconference with a robot and prescriptions will medicate a person into nanosphere – where No Man Has Gone Before…  

Collapsing hospitals is a part of the Agenda. Which is why hospitals mandate a vaccine that is refused by essential staff.  Sending them into the screaming red zone of deficits, and bankruptcies…

Doctors are thus encouraging a death sentence to their future ‘viability’.   Medical schools are devoid of students.   And nursing will be a defunct industry.   Given hospitals are on board, that would mean their demise is well known to their executives – and most doctors.   A long term sellout.

Retail is floundering amidst vaccination and mask mandates.   Yet their executives and boards could seemingly care less that their shortages and expenses are going to become exponential.   Shoppers will table their purchases, and no matter how much they increase their prices, it will NOT cover the loss in sales.

Retail is toasted.

Restaurant chains have instituted vaccine and mask mandates, further skewing their massive labor shortage, resulting in inflated prices which will top out only to tank the business.   The executives?   Resign and live in Florida where mandates don’t exist.

Like Pelosi.   Pelosi has virtually abandoned her California home for her new acquisition in ‘mandate free Florida’.   Obviously California is one step in the grave of economic viability.   Pelosi bought a $25 million beach front property daring Climate Change to stomp its BigFoot on her property… Like Obama.

Funny How That Works…

If the East Coast is spared, that means the west coast is – not.  

Historically, the west coast is much more vincible.   Yet, still, much of East Coast Langley moved to Colorado over the last decade.   Situating themselves within the barricade of the Rocky Mountains, they were the initial breakthrough inflation in Colorado homes.

Technically, it makes sense, it is logical, given the coastlines are the most vulnerable target.   Given that, the elite notables have chosen the east coast as their sanctity.   It’s like watching the squirrels to determine the weather.   They know well before any idiotic weather’person’.   And often make them a mockery of stupidity.  Anywho, the squirrels are moving – east.

Somehow, these Agents of the Cabal seem to be devoid of some powerful attributes of the human soul;   Resilience.   Compassion.   Perseverance.   Steadfastness.     Heart.

You see. Kyle Rittenhouse was more important than we can imagine.   A boy.   A boy with heart.   A boy with courage.   And a boy with a faith.   ALL things that are opposed by the Cabalists.   And they underestimated Rittenhouses’ morality, ethics, and resilience.

He and Sandman could become a very powerful force.   I find them quite interesting.

Both Rittenhouse and Sandman did great harm to the public image of the Cabalists.   And that image is imperative to the propaganda.   Inadvertently, these two courageous boys could become the saviors.   A largess job to be sure.  But for now – I think I will put my 2-cents on them.

To run a ranch takes many a good and loyal men.   To run a world takes good men with heart.   A rare combination.   Because heart defines everything else.   That is necessary.  And it would seem, our world is adrift of that one singular concept.   The true utopia.

Should the Gestapo win in this short term, I intend to refuse.  In the meantime, “Peace and Sanctity to Rittenhouse and Sandman!”