BIG PHARMA Med Statistics = ED, Weight Gain and Death, According To Science

According to Johns Hopkins, roughly 18% of the US population in total has had CoVid.   Including children.   IF we extract those under the age of 18, the percentage is 22% of the US population.   When using the death toll based on the Faucism of 6% ‘due to’ vs with, the number of deaths has reached 830,000 x 6% = 50,000 rounded.   That would equate to a US death rate of .015% from the actual coronavirus. Over the course of two years – 25,000 per year.   Not exactly Pandemic numbers.

By contrast, the ‘reported’ VAERS is now over 23,000 vaccine deaths and over 1 million injuries including permanent disability.   Nearly matching the CoVid deaths – so far and assuming VAERS is not manipulating those numbers.

But it isn’t actually just John Hopkins creating these very scientific algorithm numbers – Wikipedia is apparently also a source!   If that wasn’t a good laugh, the New York Times is also a source of ‘data’.   A newspaper.   Exactly how a newspaper would be privy to create scientific data is at least – questionable – if not – ABSURD.

The CoVid “Pill” introduced by Pfizer has a Trial of just over 1700 persons – NOT conducted in the US although Trial results are not available yet and won’t be forever.   Realistically.   So the trial results released by Pfizer are based on guestimates…

With the PCR test shelved as of 2021, it is likely the number of cases will decline radically to support the theory espoused by the Rothschild Rag The Economist.   Which is to say, ‘America has passed a Turning Point”… Despite this global statement by the purveyors of truth and propaganda, Moderna was apparently NOT in on the memo and has declared boosters will be required – forever.

The Merck and Pfizer Pills which have radical death sentences attached to them are NOT approved or authorized or anythinged by WHO.   Odd. I mean, how did a pill that was tested on a total of 1700 people in foreign countries – supposedly, that has provided NO trial results even on those 1700 get authorized by the Fauci’s?

In the answer, I am brought to a very interesting article provided to me that relays exactly what Psychosis means.   How it operates. And how it takes control despite being a minority.

While Dr. Malone has been quite demonstrative and enlightening in his analysis, an article written by Brandon Smith for Bob Livingston’s , Personal Liberty Media Group, is quite thorough in its capture on how psychosis and narcissism rule in our global coup.

I cannot convey how many times I have asked the walls of my house, “How can they do this?”   Or, “What mind can accept their evil?”

In the article, Smith argues that, “There is definitely some overlap among the various types, but in general, close to 10 percent of human beings exhibit dangerous and mostly inherent psychological malfunctions that are often not treatable.”

Ten Percent is a phenomenal number!

A sociopath is described as a person who has no remorse, guilt, or emotional attachments.   They can be high functioning – but they are NOT curable.

I used to describe my ex-husband as having switches in his brain that were logged off permanently.

But sociopaths and psychopaths share one common trait – they are manipulative and engage others only for personal gain .   Because ALL others are beneath them in their ‘view’ of themselves.

Immediate history provides interesting examples: Genghis Khan, Nero, Herod, Caesar, and moving forward – Mao, Stalin, and of course – Hitler.   But it is theorized that Hitler’s psychosis was ‘pharma induced’.   His physician had implemented a concoction that would be nothing compared to what Pharma has done to Americans today!

Bragging the number of medications the average American ‘consumes’ daily, MOST US citizens have absolutely no idea the side effects these medications induce.   For example, a medication that is supposed to treat high blood pressure has the following side effects:   leg cramps, ED, constant urination, gout, foot pain, fatigue, asthma, depression, insomnia, constipation, irregular heart beat, swollen ankles, head-ache, dizziness, light headedness, anemia, nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, heart problems, stuffy nose, excessive hair growth, fluid retention, irregular heartbeat, swelling around the eyes, … oh – and death.

One Medication.

But it is FDA approved – therefore the public at large assumes it is safe and effective without doing a speck of research.

The narrative used by the pharma-medical community is ‘assessing the value vs the underlying disease’.  This was used every single day in the intercoms that pervaded us in stores and malls, and on our radios.    Personally, I think I would just buy myself some beets – the consumption of which reduces high blood pressure – and gasp – without ANY side effects.

The ‘average’ US citizen (which would include babies thru 18) use 4 prescriptions daily.   An Addiction!   Those 4 prescriptions may require they be taken twice daily.   And yet, somehow – nothing is cured, health has not gotten significantly better in the past 100 years of Pharma, and the number of meds continues to increase exponentially.


Why do educated people fall prey to this Big Pharma Disease?

ALL blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, hypertension drugs, chemo, antihistamines, anti-reflux, opioids, and high cholesterol drugs cause ED.   3500+ meds cause excessive weight gain.  

But hey – it’s just Science.

US Health Care Crisis – Socialized Medicine?

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act is anything but – affordable.

Another year and another hike in our out of pocket will take effect November 1st. What kind of increase? A mere 42.5%…cough – wheeze, for me!

While Obama touts that millions more are now covered, whoopdeedo what he doesn’t say is that it doesn’t really matter because deductibles have gone so high no one can use the insurance unless it is for catastrophic purposes. Remember the good ole days when deductibles were $500? Well those good ole days were just ten years ago. And while my individual deductible is now $5700, it is better than what the mandated younger generation is forced to buy with deductibles or max-out-of-pocket as high as $10,000 and $12,600. Which is about $12,599 more than they have in savings.

Even the socialist medicine provider, Kaiser, has followed suit and ramped up its out of pocket $$$$. While the insurer has a plan with no deductible, it has a co-insurance of 30% up to the max out of pocket – $12,600 per person, hello that’s worse than a deductible. But at least their out of network is non-existent, while others cite max as high as $25,400 per person. So if something happens to you in another state, or out of your control to pick and choose because you are say – unconscious, you are royally in the hospital dog-house.

But that’s only the beginning. The other bite is the insurers closing their doors completely. Kentucky’s Health Cooperative is going out of business leaving 51,000 without insurance. Health Republic Insurance of New York went out of business dropping 150,000. CoOpportunity Health in Iowa and Nebraska dropped out. Louisianna Health Coop and Nevada Health dropped out. And by drop-out, what that means is belly up, kaput, nilch, nada, bankrupt! Lost jobs. Poof! Why? Because the money promised them in subsidies from the Federal government never appeared. Instead they were given 10cents on the dollar of promised $$, and they couldn’t make it work.

WINHealth in Wyoming is going nada. As is Colorado’s nonprofit Coop and Oregon’s as well. Humana was recently gorged by Aetna after Coventry Health went into the Aetna pool. Aetna and Humana both have a one star rating when I looked them up, so they should be a great match. Cigna and Anthem are proposing a merger. Consumer Affairs rated Cigna and Anthem – one star. So much for quality of care. But these companies aren’t alone. United Health got a one star. AARP Health got a one star rating.

And while the companies have the audacity to state that such mergers will offer customers more affordable care, I have yet to see or hear of one company lowering their premium or deductible. Ever.

In 2014, according to the IRS, some 7.5 million individuals paid the annual fine rather than get health insurance. The fine was the greater of 1% of household income or $285 for a family. But that is far less than the average cost of health insurance which runs more to the tune of 9%-10% of wages. According to the CDC, there are still 35.7 million uninsured. So if only 7.5 of them paid the fine, that means 28.2 million – didn’t.  Why?

Well, then there are hardship exemptions that qualify you to NOT pay the fee/penalty, including; death of a family member, homelessness (do they file tax returns?), victim of domestic violence (that would account for 12 million per year), facing eviction or foreclosure (Foreclosures in 2014 were 1.1 million), received a shutoff notice from a utility company, experienced a fire, flood or other natural disaster, filed for bankruptcy (just under 1 million in 2014), you had substantial medical debt, increased expenses due to caring for an ill, aged, or disabled family member, and here’s the best – your insurance plan was canceled and you just don’t feel you can afford another one.  BINGO!

Is this the prelude to socialized medicine?

In 2014, 24% of the federal budget was allocated to pay for healthcare. Yet in countries with socialized medicine, such as France, Germany, and the UK, healthcare spending amounts to just 16% to 18% of the total budget. How is that possible and covers EVERYONE?

The number of people in the US covered by Medicare and Medicaid is now about 93 million, 22% of the population. If the Federal Budget is 3.8 trillion in 2015 and 24% goes to healthcare thats – $912 billion. If we were to socialize 100% of the population which stands at 319 million healthcare costs would be $3.13 trillion or 82% of the budget. To cover the additional $2.1 trillion someone has to pay. Given 45% of the population even pays taxes, that would mean 143.5 million people would cover the cost of healthcare, amounting to a per person annual average cost – $21,800. Of course a sliding scale would have to be introduced because only 26.6% of wage earners make over $50,000, only 7.4% of US wage earners make over $100,000, and 1% make over $250,000. At current costs, there simply isn’t enough earning power to go around. In addition, the minute, the second those top wage earners get whiff, money will vanish – finding rest in the Bahamas, Morocco, or wherever it can flee and find less taxing power.

In France, the cost per capita of healthcare is roughly $4900. That’s 22% of the cost in the US. So, is the solution to socialize, or is it to cut costs?