G-20 Summit – A National Enquirer Blitz!

The G-20 Summit is fast approaching and apparently the media is somewhat biased and polarized in their representation of what is and could be a major disruption…   German media seem to be focused on the fact that Trump refuses to play by their rules, and as such has decided to blackout and silence Commerce Secretary, Ross, as he made opening comments. I believe that’s called ‘censorship’. Instead, Germany’s government sponsored and Soros owned media outlets are rallying behind Merkel as the Goddess who knows all and all should bow.  Hail to the Queen!

However, other media outlets are reporting about a potentially different ‘disruption’. Massive protests have been called by left-wing anarchists determined to create chaos, damage, and mayhem requiring the deployment of over 20,000 German police equipped in riot gear.

Labeling themselves The Welcome to Hell March, their chosen name pretty much speaks to their agenda and dictum.

The protests are being headed mostly by immigrants demanding free and unhampered migration without consequence or possible ‘ejection’ throughout all of Europe. But apparently this sort of ‘disruption doesn’t even deserve a mention by Der Spiegel or DW as they instead choose to focus on the possibility that this very prestigious meeting is devolving into a fiasco… at the hands of Trump.

WOW! I guess Trump wields quite a bit of magical power given the massive abilities/blame that are/is routinely piled onto his shoulders.

The Problem? This so called, “prestigious” event, has been marred by violence and protests nearly every year since it’s initial formation with massive arrests, massive damage, and absolutely nothing noteworthy in accomplishments. In fact, if you look up G20 Summit you will find a list of members, invitees, member data, member leaders, member members… and that’s about it. It’s a Big Giant Party that does absolutely – nothing.

And those not invited are left at the curb. None too happy.

Der Spiegel advocates for Frau Merkel who sees the world as a globalized community all working together for the better good… except for those other 170 odd countries who aren’t invited… Whose better good? On the other side of Merkel they parlay the bad, bad Trump who doesn’t seem to have much common ground with the image of Merkel… and therefore is – a saboteur! Sounds like Inspector Clouseau! AHA!

Given that the G-20 really is just a good ole boys club, given that it accomplishes absolutely nothing, given that it is a qusi meeting with 17 country heads and 2 EU Commission heads, (why G-20?), given that it is a petrie dish for violent, extremists, and far-left anarchists, seems to me to be a rather largess miffy waste of time, energy and dollars.

What they do accomplish is the garnering of a lot of media attention and a lot of protestors. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a worthless ambition.

However, imagine being a business owner in the host city trying to fend off the fueled and firey protesters who simply want to torch your business because you happen to be located on the wrong street on the wrong day in the wrong city?   I don’t suppose they are none to enthused by the annual prospect.

The police even know the name of the ‘veteran anarchist’ who will lead the destruction and has every year, Andreas Blechschmidt. Despite his incitement and destructive anarchy he is allowed to vent his mind, his will, his mayhem – untethered.  Yet Germany will jail parents who attempt to homeschool their own children – treasonous!  That’s fair…

The police expect to catch and release upwards of 400 angry violent protestors, much like the catch and release scenario played at fishing lodges across the US. Stock a pond with fish, make fishermen pay thousands for the thrill of catching a stock fish and then set it free…

Sounds like the G-20 Summit frenzy to me. Because basically, that’s exactly what the German police intend to do.

Local residents are fleeing the city of Hamburg in anticipation of havoc. Businesses are told to buck up and just take their beating. And anyone stupid enough to leave their car on the street can expect it to be torched while police watch. Gee, sounds like a fun event! Makes sense to do it every single year…

Meanwhile, De Blasio thinks the Summit is an opportune time for him to don his hippie wig, and join the protesters in opposing Trump, Putin, Xi and Erdogan.  He’d like to actually crash the Summit, but then alas, he wasn’t invited.

And so, we are left with a Summit that is all about Trump bashing, protests, and cheers to globalist Socialist, Merkel. A fan club wherein actual economic issues are tabled for a National Enquirer style blitz.