Hillary’s Tax Fraud – oops

Hillary Clinton going after Trump’s taxes is like a gator going after a rhino… and getting a horn in the groin. Ouch.

Clinton is now accused of possible fraud in the Clinton Foundation tax returns. No longer are we concerned with the lies and lacking ethics, the hypocrisy or the vandalism of funds marked for charity, we are discussing potential Fraud. Yum!

It isn’t just a little teeny fraud that could be misguided, it is a largess fraud that looks a lot like – well, fraud as in Shitake Mushrooms! “…contribution disclosures from the Clinton Foundation don’t match up with individual donors’ records. In addition, the foundation is not in compliance with some state laws regarding fundraising registration, disclosure requirements, and auditing rules.”

So her dissertation about Trump’s non-disclosure tax returns by admitting disclosure of a backlog of 33 years of their own, doesn’t quite add when looking at the infamous, Foundation, that doesn’t Found much of anything except lots of Travel for the Clinton entourage. And while I would relish auditing Trump’s return, it ain’t gonna happen cause he is hiding something. That’s an obvious. We can speculate until the Amazon dries up and we won’t know, so no point in going there.

Instead, we can focus on the required disclosures of the Clinton Foundation 990 return and the blatant discrepancies!  YUM!

But this isn’t the first time the Foundation tax returns have come under scrutiny for possible fraud and fraudulent deception, it has been the the point of discussion for over 16 years. Price Waterhouse came under scrutiny for filings and amended filings and misfilings and false audits and fake initiatives that never occurred dating back to the early 2000’s! And still, there has been no IRS investigation or Federal investigation to resolve these discrepancies and criminal acts.  Imagine that?

No one is above the law!” That was Hillary speaking about everyone – but Hillary.

And yet the Benghazi email fiasco continues ad nauseum. The Foundation Fraud continues ad nauseum. And she takes the stage to scream about the demon Trump who is hiding something in his tax returns. Huh…

When making accusations, it is a common legal tactic to bring to light those offenses for which you are not complicit… so as to defer the attention to the defensive offender. Hillary has been out of the law field for too long and has apparently lost her mojo. Because now the attention has riveted right back at her, her devious nature, her Foundation Fraud and in the end, it leaves Trump free to be – non-transparent.  Dang Nabbit!

Not good PR. Not good for the campaign that has raised nearly $262 million to hide and devide and find devious deceptive dervish ways of conflicting and confusing the public at large. I’d fire the lot because Hillary, you are very high maintenance, and they just can’t keep up.

So, where’s Huma?

He’s right by Hillary’s side, albeit somewhat less in the spotlight given her recent faux pas statements in which she states that Hillary is often confused… as in mentally flocked.

Hillary’s taxes? Having “Consulting Income” of over $32.35 million and claiming that 25% of their home (that’s ¼ for the math disadvantaged) was used “exclusively’ for business – the supposed square footage of which is about 5200 which means that 1300 sq feet is just – for business use the return is less than authentic. I wonder if business use of the home includes the master bedroom?

Ouch. Low blow. Ouch again.

Not to mention their very ‘generous’ donations to charity in the amount of $22,700 which represents a massive .06% of income – that’s .0006 – for the math disadvantaged! That means that if you were the average guy and made say – $50,000 in income you would donate to charity $30 per year.   Go Clinton…wewhooo… The Balance of their beneficial charity went to themselves in the form of their foundation in the form of travel and security and such essentials.

So before Ms Hillary sits back and applauds herself for releasing a tax return that shows a miserly, capitalist bent on defrauding the charitable, the poor, and the middle class, I think I would back off demonizing Trump.

Just a thought –