Stock Markets, Housing Debt – Don’t Get Caught in the TRAP!

The Stock Market Beating is a massive re-allocation.   And ALL The King’s Horses Told ALL The King’s Men what Not to Buy Ever Again!

Just as everyone got whipped into a frenzy, Ukraine’s president, Zelensky, suddenly puts the breaks on and declares, “Hey why is everyone so panicked?   Russia isn’t going to attack us, there is no imminent invasion…”   WHO declares the emergency status of CoVid is over despite Fauci claiming it will ‘never end’.   And the Border vaccine mandate for truckers crossing between the US and Canada was suddenly lifted, as in ‘void’.

The FBI has released its crime stats for 2020 with 17% of jurisdictions ‘not reporting’.   So like everything else in this brooha of science and facts – they ‘estimate’.   Murder rose almost 30% and aggravated assault rose roughly 12% – ‘guesstimate’.   Of course none of the violence in the big city chaos fires and lootings and destruction are counted in the statistic because no one was technically arrested – they all walked.  Therefore the numbers are ridiculously LOW.

Even worse is the statement that robbery declined.   Given California, New York, Minneapolis, etc… the hubs of robbery were given a pass for each individual involved if the theft of less than $900 – they don’t count in the FBI statistic any longer…   So the statistics that used to be quantitative math have now been eclipsed by fake numbers.  And comparing them to past statistics is a feeble exercise in infidelity…

Hillary has gone into hiding given the polls, businesses, media, and just about everybody from every party scoffs at the idea of a reboot 2024 as ridiculous.  She is as past tense as shoulder pads.

Even Obama is being ridiculed as “Biden’s First Lady”.   Could it be because Psaki and Kamaltoes accidentally declared that they report to Obama? And Obama doesn’t want the legacy of breaking the back of America?   Dastardly.

Or are they running scared given that Newt Gingrich statement that once the Republicans take control, there will be a whole lot of people going to gitmo-Jail?

On a Dime – The World Turns.

Switching to The Economist, the purveyor of crystal ball predictions, they assert that Europe would be just fine without Putin’s gas transit… Odd, as a bon voyage gift, Germany’s Merkel gave out flyers detailing what citizens should do in the event gas is no more.   Apparently people were given such anecdotal advice, the flyers were ultimately trashed – and burned for fuel.   “Do jumping-jacks”, “Wear multiple layers of woolies”, Hug your dog”… I’m sure they were all greatly comforted by this advice.

One year ago EU natural gas was 16.23 euros per megawatt.   Today it advanced as high as 96.9, down from its extreme high of 180.27. And with the exception of Lithium, commodities were down.   But that is down from their highs – and still reflects a one year surcharge of 100% to 200% increase – just during the Handler Administration.

Of course none of the inflated commodities are included in the value of inflation which is still pegged at a measly 6-7%.

So what the heck just happened?   In the end, what all this fear mongering appears to have accomplished is a selloff of certain tech stocks that left the smaller investors sitting on huge losses, while the Hedge Funds – reallocated and made massive gains.  SURPRISE!

The biggest gainers today were ‘retail’ and China Evergrande, you remember, the debt dividend defaulted worthless Evergrande.

Lest we be Alarmed, Markets are on the edge of a supercharged technology that could defeat the purpose of trading shares.

AI is being exclaimed as a game changer in market intelligence predictions.   But if everybody has the same AI intelligence, technically, no one will profit or lose because AI will be the per second predictor – a continually circular band wagon.

Imagine your hedge fund stock data is uploaded to a frequency of percentages and every AI trade is initiated simultaneously on a minute by minute basis.   Traders become obsolete.   Wall Street is unnecessary.   The Commodities market operates on a shoestring of employees.   And there is no more tremendous gains – it is only increments.

It is interesting that as all the founder CEO’s of the major tech industry were excommunicated and replaced by puppets, the stocks of their companies have been radically hit 15% to 20%+.   A planned event.   Thus timing dictated that Hedge Funds should bail.   It will be some time before their investment share changes are made public, but given they all follow the same top ten – we shouldn’t be surprised.

It is somewhat aligned with real estate.

We have watched real estate prices climb 50% or more over the last 2 years.   There will be a planned 20% correction before they swoop down for vulture buys.  People will freak and sell low.    The last vestige before the Great RESET>   Those most heavily mortgaged will have the worst pain. Don’t a victim of debt.  

And those without real estate will be cattled into 200 sq foot Company Town apartments and trailers.  If you don’t understand the plan, The Great RESET, you won’t properly secure your wealth.   Pay Attention.

DC Protest Patriots! Fighting For America!

Left in solitary.   No daylight for 23-24 hours.   Pleading for help.   No court.  No trial.   No family.    Food is a luxury.   Medical attention denied.  Tortured.   Broken.    Kicked.  Beaten.   Verbally assaulted.  Theft.   No hygiene.   Raw sewage floods regularly.   Mold.   A devastated soul.

Uyghurs in China?   Guantanamo terrorist Detainees?

NO.   DC Department of Corrections holding American citizens whose only crime was attending a protest in DC and being granted a police escort through our Nation’s Capitol.  Ten months of pure unadulterated HELL.  Lawyers are rarely permitted to see these clients.   And The Constitution is eradicated.   Just – Like – That.

Where is Amnesty International?   Where is the United Nations High Commission For Human Rights?   Civil Rights Defenders?   Where have all the good guys gone?

Who runs the DC Department of Corrections?

It comes under the auspices and oversight of the Deputy City Administrator/ Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice.  The Director is Quincey L. Booth.   He was ‘appointed’ by mayor Muriel Bowser.   According to Booth’s bio, “prior to being appointed Director by Mayor Muriel Bowser, Mr. Booth served as Management Support Deputy Director for DCDOC. During his two year tenure in this role, Mr. Booth implemented an organizational realignment for his division and expanded key functions including EEO, Diversity and Policy.”

Yes, you read that right – the sum total of his bio is that he implemented ‘diversity organization’.

Oddly, his bio as referenced on the DOC website would appear to be his only Google algorithm.   Either he doesn’t really exist, or his entire history of existence has otherwise been erased…  Why?

FYI:   Other languages on the website include:  Chinese, Amharic, Korean, Spanish and French.   I’m sure these languages are representative of Washington DC and America.  Their partner organization is the FBI.

According to their “Open Government Material” page, most of their latest reports are dated 2014 thru 2018 – with the exception of a head count which was last reported in September.  Their last Open Government Report is dated 2014 and discusses their value of transparency, timeliness, and accountability…  The entire report is 2 pages and highlights their new Social Media activation on Facebook, Tumbler and a Twitter Page!   How exciting!

Their last Performance Plan was submitted in 2014.  And the last time they updated on Facebook was May 5th when discussing their ‘beautification plan’.  So WHO is overseeing this shoddy outfit that has not properly submit its reports for seven years?   I doubt it is Booth or the Mayor.  I doubt it is FBI.   Washington effectively succumbed to a Coup and the unwitting are unable to employ ‘Critical Thinking”  given they are too stupified by Critical Race “THEORY” – Theory – Not Fact…

The link to the DC Code of Laws – is down.  Odd…

According to Director Booth’s proclamations into DC DOC Law, hygiene and personal care attendants shall be provided to ALL inmates.   DC Law stipulates via PP 4160.3, lawyers shall have access to their client in-person without previous approval, as well as on the telephone and all correspondence shall be ‘uncensored’.   Attorney access is allowed 24/7.   This stipulation was signed by Quincey Booth in 2016.   In accordance with the Vienna Convention.  I think he has forgotten…

Both Quincey Booth and the DOC warden, Wada Patten, were found in contempt of court by the federal court which called for an investigation into the jail by the Department of Justice…   That would be – Merrick Garland.

But AG Garland is too busy right now to attend to much of anything given he is defending his use of  partner in crime – the FBI, to intimidate, harass and arrest parents for attending their child’s School Board Meeting!   Not only are the DC Protestors domestic Terrorists in the eyes of our esteemed government, but ALL parents who challenge CRT and Mask Mandates are as well.

Garland is NOT too busy to threaten Facebook for not enough – censorship. Much like the mentor of our US government, the CCP.   In China if you are deemed to have crossed the line of free speech in any manner according to the CCP, you are simply erased.  Your phone is turned off, your bank accounts cancelled, you credit cancelled, and perhaps your family sent for ‘re-education’.

The UN Human Rights has adamantly told the CCP to be nicey nicer and not do such dastardly deeds.   All while nominating Chinese members to their ‘human rights council’.

These are the Garland Handlers.

Garland’s grandparents were Russian Jews who fled Russia at the onset of the Bolshevik Revolution.   He was raised in a well-to-do family and sent to Harvard.  Rising in the ranks of the shadow Cabal, Garland became a speechwriter for Congressman Mikva – who served as White House counsel to Bill Clinton.   Four Republicans confirmed  Garland’s appointment under Clinton;  McCain, Susan Collins, Imhof, and Orrin Hatch.  Clinton Power is an atmospheric vacuum.

Despite being called to investigate the DC Prison, Garland has made no viable efforts toward that cause.   But his stance in School Boards against parents is pretty damning and will likely not find him an ally for the DC prisoners.   The Clinton pressure has vast arms of blackmail, suicided victims, and threats beyond imagination.  And anyone who attempts to reinaugurate freedom – is an enemy of the state.

For those familiar with the movie, “White Squall”, a ship and his crew are “All For One, and One For All”.   Meaning – even if it is revealed Trump is NOT the savior he portends, he has accomplished a unity of The People.   One For All.   I support the DC prisoners!  I support the Parents!   And I support Unity against the purveyors of evil whatever hat they wear…

IF nothing else, this perverse dystopia has revealed this evil is not defined by sex, color, creed, or religion.   But Secularism appears to be a Common Core.

ARE YOU ANGRY YET?   All the Big Tech giants that have asserted their monopolies have doubled their profits during the shutdown that caused hundreds of bankruptcies amidst major companies and thousands of small business shutterings.  

IF you Don’t Join The Fight You Can’t Win The Battle.