Police Violence – a racial story?

Police violence. Racial statistics.  Poverty – and chaos.  Who is to blame?  What is to blame? 

In 2015 there have been 2 police officers that died in the line of duty in Maryland. There have been 200 homicides in Baltimore so far this year. The cause of deaths; shooting victim, stabbing victim, double homicide, homicide-suicide, triple shooting. Of the 200, there was one by police – Freddie Gray.

How come no one is protesting the 199 homicides?

More stats: of the 60 unarmed shootings by police this year in the US, 24 were black men, representing 40%. So who are the other 36? A total of 585 people were shot and killed by police this year – 525 armed. According to the Washington Post, most of those killed were white or Hispanic. Where is that uproar?

Statistics are a powerful thing, when used carelessly, they can fuel chaos rather than provide valuable and needed information. And while ‘profiling’ receives a bad name, it is a valuable tool used by all law enforcement agencies.  Mainstream media join the bandwagon and create a chart which details the rate of blacks killed by police vs whites – per 100,000. But if the blacks represent only 13% of the US population then the chart is misleading. Of course it is, but the truth doesn’t always make for the better – story.

A better chart would be the profile of who is committing the violent crimes – compared to who is being killed.

According to the FBI, in 2013 52% of all murders were committed by blacks who represent 13% of the population. Of the victim to offender ratio; 62% of violent crimes were blacks against blacks. Of all violent crimes between 2012 and 2013, whites were the victims 63% of the time and the offender 42% of the time.

There is a disparity. But we can analyze statistics all day and regroup, play with the numbers, point fingers and do more reports. We can have our government create a team or committee to evaluate all the numbers and maybe produce a report in 2020. But what is accomplished?

A much more valuable statistic should be – why? Does poverty create killers?

If you recall, it was our esteemed government’s representative, Marie Harf, who claimed the reason ISIS exists is because of poverty. That all these folks need is a good job and then they won’t terrorize any longer, was her conclusion.

With a murder rate in the US of roughly 15,000 to 16,000 per year, maybe Marie Harf should get on the ball and create jobs for those in poverty in the US… According to the Census Bureau, the poverty rate for those between the ages of 18 and 64 was 13.6% in 2013, which translates to roughly 42.5 million.

What makes for poverty?

The argument of late is the statistics on Asians. They have the highest median income in the US, the lowest crime rate, the highest marriage rate, and the highest education rate. The bottom line? Education and family create the perfect anti-poverty statistic. In the early years, education is the product of family – the respect begins at the beginning. And sorry Hillary, mandatory Preschool will NOT foster higher education. Period.

Mandatory Kindergarten has absolutely no impact on higher education stats. Both are precursors to the state raising your children, indoctrinating your children with state mandated morality and ethics, and with state mandated ideals. The Fall of Family is the common correlation that has contributed to poverty which in turn contributes to crime. If we attack the root of the problem instead of adding to the misery with entitlements, we have a chance to knock down the poverty, the crime, and the profiling. But if all we do is spout numbers and percentages, we have done nothing.

Who is responsible to ‘do’ something about poverty? The government. That’s their job. Who is responsible to re-create a viable family unit? The people. That’s their job. Making it a race issue only infuses hatred, creates a false blame, and does absolutely nothing to resolve the problem.

You want to point the finger?  Destroying a city will not create wealth…  and as we stand by, Baltimore is basically one step away from Martial Law and they don’t even know it.  Just Saying –