ISRAEL Has Lost The Propaganda War = A Price on Netanyahu’s Head

Germany’s Baerbock,  “ceasefire would leave Israel unable to defend itself against Hamas.”  The most advanced military in the world would be defenseless against a brigade that has no uniforms, little weaponry, and sporadic training.  An interesting admission.   A military that has been equipping itself with every advanced capability for decades needs more weapons to super-dooper destroy Hamas – via the US depleted arsenal.

So, how does one identify a Hamas member of the Qassam Brigade?  Social media attempts to detail any male person as Hamas, and possibly children, given their advanced training.   So far, the only pictures of Hamas have been men wearing sandals, tee-shirts, and trousers.  When Israel claims to have killed a Hamas member, how do they know?   Do they have ID cards in their pockets, ‘I am Hamas’?

The propaganda is rife, but it is horrifically sloppy.  

An X post by a Pro-Israel male continues to upload stories of atrocities purportedly committed by Hamas.   Most recently, the story was a funeral of a twelve year old girl at the kibbutz in Be’eri, not far from the “Rave Trance Festival”.   The Times of Israel, grieved over the brutal slaying of such a young girl at the hands of ‘barbarian Palestinians’ with the caption “ALL MUST DIE”.

Attending the funeral was a survivor of the same assault, Yasmin Porat.

Porat gave an interview of her eyewitness account October 15th.   Within the unedited version of the interview, Perot describes a much different picture of the siege at the Kibbutz that took the lives of 112.  According to her account, Israeli forces fired indiscriminately into the house where she and others were being held by Palestinians.   When she and one Palestinian emerged, the last alive, and she cried for a cease fire she saw her friends dead on the ground.   She and her captor were allowed to leave the house whereupon a tank fired two mortars into the house blowing up the house, the bodies inside, and reducing the scene to ashes.

Hannibal Directive.  Israel last utilized this highly controversial directive in their fighting against Gaza in 2014.   The Directive is basically akin to ‘carpet bombing’ wherein civilians and other military personnel will be eradicated along with any enemy.  It allows soldiers to fire at escape routes, ie, the Festival roadways, cars, etc…   It is an unwritten Directive employed by the Israeli military at command.  Created in 1986 during Israel’s war with Lebanon, it was considered the equivalent of a cyanide tablet – better dead than a hostage.

In 2006, Israel brokered a prisoner exchange in which 1000 Palestinians were exchanged for one Israeli soldier.   The media humiliated Israel’s PM Olmert’s decision as weak.  As such Netanyahu expanded the Directive to allow for the complete civilian and military razing by IDF commanders.   Such was the other PR disaster in which Israel deployed Apache Helicopters to blow up everyone at the Rave with ground troops opening fire at anyone trying to ‘escape’.

These accounts have been reported by various Israeli media outlets, some edited, some not.   By contrast, the PR released by Netanyahu declares beheadings of babies, rape, torture, etc… without any evidence.   Doctored video’s, cropped photos and video’s, and even asserting bodies of Palestinians brutally marred and tortured – were in fact Israelis.    Netanyahu’s propaganda campaign is LOSING.

But the journalists came out of the woodwork.   They dug deeper.  Even the ‘tunnel system’ exposed in a doctored and edited video is suspect… measuring 5 meters?   Hardly a tunnel.   More like a bomb shelter.  In the 12th century, the Knights Templar built a vast tunnel system under Palestine one of which opened into a port city for the safe transport of treasures.   Some of these tunnels have been discovered by archeologists, but there are likely many more that remain undiscovered except by – perhaps Hamas.

The employment of tunnels for military use has been a tactic of nearly every battle – including the tunnel salt mines of Ukraine.   The fact that the IDF cannot seem to locate any other than the small bomb shelter beneath the hospital is an embarrassment, not an achievement.

To Date, the IDF has killed 44 journalists and 88 UN Peacekeepers.   To date, Israel has deployed some 500,000 soldiers to kill 25,000 Hamas members – and failed miserably.   Instead, babies, children, animals, and women make up the vast majority of those murdered.   In defense, the justification is ‘they voted for Hamas’ therefore they are just as viable a target for death.

But it isn’t just Baerbock refusing to support a ‘ceasefire’, it is every day citizens across the US and EU who openly declare that every death is justified – including premature babies, because it is Hamas fault.   The same Hamas installed by Netanyahu in 2014 to counter the PLO.

A deal brokered by Qatar for the release of some hostages is nearing its final announcement.   So far, the deal seems to include the release of 50 Israelis over a 4 day period.   While Netanyahu holds over 4,000 Palestinian prisoners, their release has yet to be officially stated.  However, the BRICS are unified in calling for a complete ceasefire, and Saudi Arabia is calling for a total sanction on any exports to Israel.

The UN, South Africa, and many Middle Eastern countries are calling for Israel to be held ‘accountable’ for war crimes.

But the damage done will live a long time with Israel’s blatant campaign for genocide, and their ignorantly sloppy propaganda campaign of covering for atrocities committed against their own civilians under the guise of the Hannibal Directive.  Israelis are angry.  Not at Hamas – but at Netanyahu’s command to kill Israelis.

6 thoughts on “ISRAEL Has Lost The Propaganda War = A Price on Netanyahu’s Head

  1. Nie bez powodu narody sredniowiecznej Europy i pozniej pozbuwali sie narodowosci Zydowkiej, tam gdzie sie pojawiali zaczynali anektowac powoli i systematycznie system Finansowy, Prawniczy czy Lekarski,poprzez Microporzyczki doprowadzali do ruiny rodzime narody, a Kiedy juz osiagneli stosowny status organizowali rewolucje. czy jest cos bardziej ochydnego od ,,Pokoilenia Zmijowego”?

    • Translation:
      It is not without reason that the nations of medieval Europe and later got rid of the Jewish nationality, wherever they appeared, they began to slowly and systematically annex the financial, legal and medical systems, through micro-borders they led to the ruin of the native nations, and once they achieved the appropriate status, they organized revolutions. Is there anything more disgusting than the Death Room?

  2. you underestimate Israel’s determination to live without Hamas. I don’t think they are phased one bit by condemnation from the communist voices of the world.

  3. Israel has not only lost the propaganda war but the actual David versus Goliath war fought against some 25,000 Hamas gorilla fighters. But the biggest losers of all are Zionist Neocons occupying influential positions in the US and throughout the western world…in government, media, think tanks, universities, entertainment and business The genocide in Palestine has awakened people around the world to the war crimes that have been committed in Palestine by the Israeli government with the full backing of Zionist Neocons in the West.

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