Ashkenazi’s & European Royals: The Fall off Rome Repeats Today

According to every available piece of annotated history, Roman, The Roman Empire, was founded by twin brothers, Romulus and Remus in the 6th century BC.  Twin brothers, they were part of mythology whose father was the god of Mars.  Because the birth was not of their mother’s husband, Amulius, he ordered his servants to leave them at the foot of the Palatine Hill whereupon they were suckled by a she-wolf until found by shepherds.  Romulus killed his brother over a conflict and shortly after founded Rome.  

This is asserted to be both Mythology and Reality.  There is no alternate account as to the rise of Rome.  Nor is there any account that Mythological beings do NOT still exist, albeit in alternate forms.

In mythology, the gods and humankind worked together to slay the giants and monsters which dwelled upon earth.  During this time they were considered the forces of “disorder and destruction”.  Roman mythology was written in prose and passed down through millenniums to be considered the basis of ancient history.  And no one has countered this history.

Mars, the father of Romulus and Remus, was considered the god of War and the guardian of agriculture.  The Western Roman Empire fell in the 4th century AD after large swathes of immigrant Goths, a Germanic Tribe, infiltrated the empire causing a loss of controlled subjugation via a cultural transformation.   Other contributing conditions for the Fall included a ‘Pandemic plague’ and ‘climate change’.

During the 5th century, Rome was at war with the Visgoths, and Attila the Hun before a Germanic warrior, Odoacer, conquered Rome creating its Fall in 476 AD and divvying up the spoils amongst themselves.  Rome and its Western Empire thus became Germanic during the Dark Ages.  While Eastern Roman Empire thrived under the Greek Byzantines until being conquered by the Muslims during the days of Mohammed.

The Empires of this era encompassed most of Europe, The Middle East and North Africa.

By the 9th century, Charlemagne ruled over Rome as the Holy Roman Empire via Pope Leo III who was of Greek and Arab descent.   Since the 8th century Popes had subjugated Emperor’s authority and were the defacto rulers.

Until King James of the 17th century, Popes ruled over Emperors;  they could anoint them, depose them, and assassinate them.  They had ALL the Authority and Power.   During The 22 Crusade Battles, The Knights Templar were the military wing of the Pope.   The Templar Knight’s headquarters was the kingdom of Jerusalem wherein they were charged with protection of the Christians in Palestine.

The Knights captured Jerusalem from the descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s ‘other son’ via Hagar.  In 1307, Pope Clement V with the backing of King Phillip IV, of France, ordered the Templars to be assassinated.   The reason?   Debt.  France was heavily indebted to the Templar Knights and could not repay.   DEBT.

Today, every President with one exception could trace their Royal lineage to the Kingdoms of Spain, Britain, and France which represented all of Europe.   These kingdoms were continually linked via marriage in order to assure they would not be conquered.   The Ashkenazi’s trace their ancestral roots to various Germanic tribes including the Goths and the Huns, ie, the Roman Empire “after” The Fall.

The Romans assimilated into the Germanic Empire or migrated to northwestern Europe.  Today’s Ashkenazi’s are not Hebrew Jews, they are the ancestors of the Germanic tribes and include;   Soros, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Morgan, etc…   During Rome’s rule under the Germanic Tribes, the charging of interest on loans was allowed, later the Catholic and Arabic churches considered charging interest ‘sinful’.   Therefore, the Catholic Germanics of Rome converted to Judaism and built the Banking Empire.   Usury interest at the time was 20% to 30%.

All of this explains the cycle we face today as the Germanic Ashkenazi’s align with the ancient European royals in their fete for conquering, disorder, chaos and Authoritarian control.   The Fall of the Islamic Ottoman Empire via WWI gave them back their European Empire.  And the Arabs were allocated a small desolate arena of sand.

It was 1938 when Saudi Arabia discovered oil, and the Royal Powers that be – The Germanic Rockefellers – took control.   The Rockefeller Empire ordered US Taxpayers to fund the Saudi pipeline via the New Deal to the tune of $30 million and another $25 million to build a railroad.   Aramco was thus ordered to develop the oil for Standard Oil owned by the Rockefellers.    For this privilege at the hands of Taxpayers, Eleanor Roosevelt was given a solid gold crown bedecked with jewels.  Taxpayers were given – NOTHING.

Rockefeller required an additional $165 million which he demanded from Roosevelt only to be declined.   Hiring a planted government official to secure a Roosevelt deal, the $165 million was coerced and fed thru the War Fund by FDR to Rockefeller – illegally.

When Japan began making inroads into the oil business, Rockefeller raged over the potential competition and incited them thru a slew of sanctions to initiate Japan’s WWII.

As the Fall of Rome was initiated via a ‘pandemic, climate change, and cultural immigration’, at the hands of the Germanic Tribes so is the US today – via CoVid, climate change and unfettered ‘illegal immigration’ from culturally deficient peoples.   Only the Germanic tribes are the Rockefeller, Rothschild, & Soros Ashkenazi’s.   The Royals and Ashkenazi’s are the US presidents working in alliance to extend their control and create what they have termed ‘A Global Empire’.

The CIA, Mossad and MI6 are the Knights Templar utilizing the IMF and World Bank as their usury debt bankers under orders of the newly installed corrupt Pope Francis who has the Authority to call for assassinations while leveling Palestine – not for Christians, but for the Royal secular’s who seek even greater profits of Middle East oil for themselves.

ALL while using Taxpayers to FUND their projects and deplete themselves into the peasant class of society in order to re-initiate monarchial Rulers.

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