EPSTEIN: The Banking Collapse of SVB – a SPIN OF Distraction

The MSM is diverting attention from the Epstein story wherein Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan are trying to quash a class action lawsuit brought by victims of Epstein.   The claim is the banks knowingly profited from Epstein’s dirty money by funding his sex trafficking operations.   Participating in the finance of illicit illegal activity before, during and after Epstein’s conviction, the banks are claiming they were deaf, dumb, and ignorant.  The Quash Did Not Work.

In 2014, while registered as a ‘sex offender’, Epstein opened his own Virgin Island bank, Southern Country International, which was likely the clearinghouse for his transactions given the bank, although registered, never operated as a business.  However, after Epstein’s death, $12.9 million was transferred to the bank from Epstein’s estate.  Two weeks later the money was gone.

In addition to the class-action sexual predator suit, the government of the Virgin Islands has opened a legal action against the Epstein estate.

Listed on Epstein’s application to open Southern International were two references, Jes Staley of Barclays, and Andrew Farkas, a real estate tycoon who happened to own a marina at Saint Thomas.  Destinations from Farkas Marina are listed to include;  France, Italy, Mexico, St. Maarten and Panama.  Hubs for sex and child trafficking.   It bears noting that Ghislaine claims she had her pilot license for a ‘personal use submarine’.

JP Morgan CEO is also under the Epstein microscope.  Jamie Dimon, billionaire CEO, is giving testimony and has thrown under the bus, Jes Staley.  Staley was formerly an executive at JP Morgan during the Epstein years and is currently an executive at Barclays.   He denies knowing anything about anything. The thieves are showing their loyalty.

Farkas funds The Fresh Air Fund.  Fresh Air is a youth camp and/or summer holiday offered to underprivileged children.   They offer accommodation via Friendly Towns or SleepAway Camp serving children ages 6 to 16. Friendly Towns is comprised of ‘host families’ who offer their homes for a summer holiday.   With Benefits?

Epstein’s brother Mark made the fatal mistake of coming out of obscurity to make the statement that Trump and Bannon were part of the Epstein conglomerate.   Of course, all that accomplished was to herald more indepth research into Mr. Mark:

Mark Epstein went from selling tee-shirts to founding a modeling agency.   The agency never signed a model, but that wasn’t its purpose.  Like the EU agency that was accused of sending their 12-13 year old recruits to re-education perp camps – including the infamous Epstein Island, Mark’s agency was a parallel organization.   By all accounts it appears Polina was likely in charge of the Eastern European recruitment in contrast to Ghislaine being given the UK and US market.

Ultimately Mark Epstein bought an apartment complex in Manhattan.   By all accounts the building was frequently used by Mr. Jeff, his models, friends, and associates, for his various extravaganza meetings and ‘fetes’.  Rags to riches to rags and riches, Mark Epstein followed in his brother’s nefarious footsteps with apparent glee!   Thus anything he states in regard to Trump is completely ravaged.

When examining the complex of industries, businesses, and clientele, Epstein had the market cornered;   a brother with a modeling agency that never hired a ‘model’, a bank that was ignorant and never read the newspaper, a marina for international transportation of ‘goods’, connections to local supply chains for young children in upstate New York and the NE, and a bank that was self-reporting and regulated for the transfer of funds.  

Everything in that ‘business model’ remains intact except for Epstein who is either dead or reimagined with a bit of facial re-construction.

While the lawsuits by the women and the government of the Virgin Islands may or may not result in any actual criminal conviction by a corrupt government, the American Citizens are NOT of the same mindset.   And that mindset is a PR catastrophe.

Bringing justice to the Children assaulted should be the priority.    Epstein’s previously released client list is making rounds again given the lawsuits.  Flight logs are again scrutinized.   And background research on associates is heightened.   James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, has released video data.   A new LIST is slated to be released.   But the difference is the additional information regarding the players that has come to light.   Which opens a more dense Pandora’s Box.   That would include such vocal buffoons and Maxine and Schiffless.

One begins to wonder if the tech bank collapse was a distraction…   The top execs all cashed out and were able to retain their profits and give bonuses to the employees before running for Federal Cover!   Granted, a largess distraction, however, blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline was no small distraction either.   Nor was the Norfolk sabotage derailing of a train carrying toxic chemicals.   The stakes are HIGH, and the players would seemingly have no limit to their Death and Chaos Madness.

Even in death, Epstein has the power to take out most of Congress and the UK Parliament derailing their schematic for Agenda 2030, Great RESET, New World Order, Communism for ALL Peasantry system of government and society.   More To COME!    

3 thoughts on “EPSTEIN: The Banking Collapse of SVB – a SPIN OF Distraction

  1. So Virgin Islands is pursuing the law suite against the banks? I thought that the AG was fired as soon as she started it.

  2. “Bringing justice to the Children assaulted should be the priority. ”

    I agree but this pales when compared to the slab jab now forced on children.

    And how do we “know” Epstein’s” dead? Government cronies say so? That 12 million would keep someone with a new identity in pretty decent clothes. Conspiracy theory?

    Keep an eye on that SVB thingy. Even if done on purpose it could spiral out of control. And the next thing you know, bank runs,,, and the next thing you know, bank holiday,,, and the next thing you know, Bail in.

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