The Second Coming OF Christ – A Green Screen of The Second Coming

Serge Monast was an investigative journalist who posited various conspiracy theories during his career.   In 1994 Monast proposed a theory he called, Project Blue Beam, in which the Illuminati, the Poynter Institute, and NASA would collude to create a fake second coming of Christ.   The means would be similar to the CIA green-screen studios which were heavily used during the bombing destruction of Syria.   The media successfully used these videos and photographs to engage a global hypnosis.  Every “Fact checker”, including The Poynter Institute’s very own “Myth Detector’ have called Monast’s conspiracy FALSE.   The scenario described by Serge Monast claims the Antichrist will come before humanity like a vision or allusion and use epidemics as the means for establishing control over humans in the third, final phase – WWIII.  

Personally, this would be one of the most egregious conspiracies one could effect:

Intrigued/obsessed by the concept of conspiracies, Monast claims his protégé was William Guy Carr, and yet, conspiracies have been the mainstay of history for EVERY civilization!   Kings and Queens were obsessed with their supposed assassins who plotted vigorously to “Coup” the current Monarchy.

Guy Carr, Monast and Hersh seem to have created a legacy platform of  the New World Order that spans anywhere from 200 years ago to 2000+ years ago – all in the Making.  For your research!.   Quite a heady trinity, they have caused a myriad of vengeance including the death of Monast at the age of 51 of a heart attack.

Literally, every conspiracy we think we have invented today – has existed for the last 40-50 years.   Our esteemed ‘beatniks’, ‘Bolsheviks’ were tasked with adhering to the mantra that Capitalist goons were wholly responsible.   Pope Benedict has made his view known in a liturgy of thoughts published as of his death.   In these sermons, Pope Benedict reveals the Satanic cult that co-erced his supposed abdication – which he claims was not ‘Legal’ – meaning Francis ascendancy to Pope is False.

Francis is thus a fakery- an allusion.   And the Media is SILENT!

So, what about the WWIII Allusion?

As of the past 2-3 months, various far-left Generals, or retired nobodies, have alluded to the FACT that the US will be at war with China as of 2025.   So Be prepared for nuclear annihilation…   Here is what we recommend for your medicine cabinet while your skin peels away from your bones…

It would appear the Play has Three Acts.

WWI, WWII and WWIII – which we get to experience in the very near future.   Said war is alluded to be between Russia and China vs The EU and US.   Certainly, other countries will pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Rothschild.   But, the Protocols would allude WWIII is the Last Stand.   Choosing wisely is a value choice.

Project Blue Beam – would thus be yet another conspiracy – come true.   Preluded via our CIA through the Media, and then argued as a conspiracy of propaganda to confuse.   Along the line of intrigue established via CS Lewis…   ‘you may die and go into dirt for millennium… you may die and be lifted to a glorious Heaven, you may be slithered into Hell where you will be tormented for eternity.


SO>   Project Blue Beam came to be an annoyance of the Poynter Institute for its reference to the New World Order.   Poynter was not soft in their offensive!   And MONEY Talked.

The basic premise that elevated Serge Monast from obscure conspiracy theorist to public enemy worthy of assassination was the comparisons that became obvious in Hollywood.   Comparisons to allusions and theories, and propaganda that was being parlayed into phenomenal heights.   “The creation of a false Second Coming of Christ via a CIA/green-screen Hollywood allusion.”   Not unlike the supposed allusion if “The Bay of Pigs” discussed by esteemed journalist – Sy Herst, was in fact a CIA green-screen – what are they capable of NOW?

According to Monast – that would be the allusion of the Second Coming of Christ that would in actuality be – The Anti-Christ!  AND Perhaps Billions would believe the allusion and thus convert to the anti-religion-New-Religion- of Atheism under the guise of Jew -who is a non Jew as defined over 2000 years ago!

Thus WWIII would be between these two belief systems.

It would challenge everything we are thought to believe today – and rechallenge us into a new realm.   Who you support and who you deny will become the equivalent of right and wrong – or black and white – there is only ONE choice.

THE Balloon Stage Play has taken on the kicks and robes and crowns of something from a Hollywood drama of Kings and Queens 1840.   The purpose?  To  distract – as usual – the Distraction?


China is being delisted while every US Defense Organization, Legal Organization, Banking Cartel,  has established their monarchial rule of every civilization – Within CHINA.   For the newbies – this means we have invited China to destroy the US.  And not unlike WWI and WWII – the Industrialists who create war – play the monetary sides of – BOTH.

For Ukraine – that would translate to ISRAEL.   For Syria that would translate to USAID.   For Yemen – for Iran – for Iraq, for Israel, Serbia, every eastern front across the globe willing to align with US Propaganda – will be – aligned!   Translate to Turkey, Malta, Serbia, Belarus, and other eastern nations making their own choices….

Monast’s crystal ball predictions were most definitively NOT in our best interests and have challenged some in their belief in GOD.   Conspiracy is in itself a construct that has only most recently gained the attention of the ‘possessed’.   Why?   Because it has power.   And that Power has the potential to undermine the Dark Power that vies for Control

I write.   I do not engage.   I watch.   I process.   And then – it all begins – again….

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    • The second coming of the Messiah is real – but the human species that desires death and chaos is focused on global power – China is not controlling America the Cabalists et al are and anyone who does NOT bend to their will is punished. Xi Jinping refused to allow Cabalist control over China – Putin refused to allow control over Russia – Saddam refused Syria – Ayatollah refused Iran – …

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