CoVid: Vaccines, Cases, Tests, Trials, Data, Deaths – Safe & Effective

FDA AUTHORIZATION OF ANY VACCINE:   “As long as no serious harms from the vaccines are discovered, they’ll maintain authorization until the pandemic is over. At that point, the pharmaceutical companies will decide if they want to seek FDA approval.” 

The Pandemic has been over for a year yet Biden extended the Public Health Emergency for another three months.   Is that legal?   The last two variants were determined to be as risky as the flu.   People presented with a variety of symptoms that seem compatible with any other nominal condition such as the Common Cold –

The CDC and HHS still declare that vaccines are “safe and effective”.   Despite the ‘serious harms’ that are essentially ignored – including the harm of – death.

Hospitals have confirmed that 85% of admissions ‘with’ CoVid are among the vaccinated.   These infections are labeled ‘Breakthrough’ cases because the vaccine didn’t work. Neither did the boosters which are now recommended every 2 months.

With the PCR Test tabled, the means for testing is largely via home test kits.   Abbott’s BinaxNOW is ‘authorized’. The test is based on identifying igG antibodies. Despite the one study being done on this product having been concluded in January 2022 – no results of the study have been published.

IgG antibodies are the most common and reflect viruses, bacteria and fungi. Clinically, igG antibody detection is used for the serologic immunity to hepatitis, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. A positive test result would indicate you have had these diseases and/or CoVid or been vaccinated ~ according to the CDC.   It does NOT determine if someone is currently infected.

In other words, the BinaNOW home test does NOT test for CoVid.

The CUE Test is based on molecular diagnostics.   “Positive results indicate the presence of viral RNA, but clinical correlation with past medical history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status.”   In fact, other viruses or even a bacterial infection could produce a positive result ~ according to the FDA.   They are no more reliable than the PCR test which was finally quashed by Fauci December 2022.

In other words, molecular tests are just as flawed as the PCR.

The CDC is currently claiming that there are over 101 million accumulated cases since the inception of the disease. The ‘case’ counts have been highest among Hispanics, and lowest among Whites and Asians.   The percentage of deaths via ‘cases’ is determined to be .99%.

PLAYING WITH NUMERS:   By contrast, the ‘death rate’ for flu is NOT based on cases – but on total population.   If one were to extrapolate death rates by population for Covid = .3%.

We are awakening to the Reveal.   The Reveal is not a gender assignment, it is a manipulation assignment.   Despite Scientists coming forward by the thousands, despite the Vax Deaths labeled Sudden Death, despite numerous authorities exposing the clots, cancers, heart disease, lung disease and complete disability of those receiving the Vax, our esteemed Medical authorities choose to ignore DATA.

TWITTER FILES:   Musk opined that the Twitter dump implicating at the very least – Fauci – was forthcoming.   Yet it is still in edit.

The revelations that the data truths were purposefully quashed would upend the entire health industry in America – much less the world.   It does not mean we are without the ability to cure viruses and bacterial infections which have existed for multiple centuries.   Cures are well trialed and tested when coming from a millennium of centuries – as opposed to the inane CDC and FDA trials imposed on a spattering of persons without qualifications of: previous diseases, current disease, age, sex, genetics, weight, prescription consumption, lifestyle, diet, air quality, etc…  And trialed on a total of a couple hundred approved persons.

We have always had an alternative.

But the Rockefeller Institute was quite oblique in their massive campaign to discredit everything we knew in favor of their Big Pharma business model in 1918. Doctors not toting the line of Rockefeller were harassed, discredited, shamed and branded quackery.   EXACTLY what is happening today.

What it does reveal is an interesting cyclical, intellectual, and strategic ploy that is a continuum – as though they haven’t any other weapon…   As though they haven’t the capabilities to evolve.   As though there is a singular dynamic.   As though the entire simulation comes from a – computer.

2 thoughts on “CoVid: Vaccines, Cases, Tests, Trials, Data, Deaths – Safe & Effective

  1. The hardest thing to me,,, and appears impossible,,, is to convince people the ‘virus’ is a fake used to create the plandemic and fear. Many now believe pretty much everything was faked but sadly,,, the ‘virus’ is real.

    As you point out,,, they done very little testing and what tests they did… failed and the PCR and other ‘tests’ cannot determine anything. And you add slyly “as though the entire simulation comes from a – computer.”. Talk about over the target!

    In fact the entire virology thing is [ imho ] a hoax. When they can’t figure out what’s wrong,,, the medical witch doctors and PhD’s claim a ‘virus’ when in reality it is probably a poison of some sort from a variety of industrial environmental sources. After all, doctors and ‘government experts’ like Dr. Rachel Levine and Dr. Fauci are expected to know all. So, they come up with a new ‘virus’ and claim to be fervently working for a cure… but a cure always seems to evade them,,, like cancer. Notice they always come up with something to reduce symptoms but never a cure. Cha Ching!

    The smoking gun for me was the disappearance of the flu and colds,,, the insane push for everyone and everything (pets, animals, plants and rocks) to be force injected with the poison (not) vaccine. Today they are claiming to be putting the (not) vaccine in our food supply even though the data shows it’s the ‘vaccinated’ suddenly dying. IMHO this is a demonstrates a clear cut intentional democide.

    Aids/HIV was the test ‘virus’ to see how people would react to a deadly ‘virus’. It was their medicine AZT doing the killing as HIV is another one of their fake ‘viruses’. You hear very little about it today as they stopped the use of AZT and came out with what they call a vaccine. No doubt it would appear the vaccine worked as the number of deaths decreased when they stopped AZT.

  2. I have never been tested for COVID. However, my daughters extorted me into getting vaccinated if I wanted to see my grandchildren. I was suspicious of COVID testing and the mRNA vaccine effectiveness from the get-go when I saw that the vaccination card had 4 lines for boosters. I give blood through the ARC. (9-gallon hero doner, O+ CMV Negative). They test the blood for COVID antibodies. It is recorded as Positive + for the antibodies. As such, I either had the virus, asymptomatically or the vaccine worked for me. I’ll not have another booster.

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