DeSantis & Abbot – The Legality of Illegal Immigrant ‘Redistribution”

When Illegals cross into the EU they are immediately put into refuge camps – most of which have deplorable conditions and experience rape, lack of food, and crises.   Many of these camps have been burnt to the ground by these illegals.   In the Queen’s Court of Australia – illegals are denied entry to the mainland completely.   Canada has a strict vetting system for ANY entry.   Yet the US is somehow the boogeyman because crossing our border illegally is a crime.

The latest hypocritical denouncement is making headlines as DeSantis ‘flies’ illegals that are flooding Florida to ‘sanctuary states’.     The basis being used to define these actions as criminally illegal are under the heading, ‘human trafficking’.   The legal definition of human trafficking according to the Department of Justice is:

The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

Busing illegal migrants to another city where they are allowed to vacate the bus and are now under their own recognizance – does not even remotely align with the DOJ definition.

In addition, the point becomes even more moot given the Biden Handlers bussed immigrants all over the country in 2021 – most of whom – disappeared.   Children were sent to dubious facilities – without an account of whether they were being sold into sex trafficking.

There are no written records of these ‘deliverances’ – or their subsequent acclimation.   And in fact, when Martha’s Vineyard collected the migrants from it’s streets and sent them to a military base jail – THAT would be coercion and false imprisonment.   It would also field the liberal response, “we don’t have the facilities to take care of them”…  

Because, NO city has the facilities to manage an influx of 2 million illegals.  AND THAT IS THE POINT.

But the liberals were caught in a trap – albeit self imposed.   And as such have completely eviscerated any legal complaint against Abbot or DeSantis.   Otherwise, DC Mayor, Chicago Mayor, Martha’s Vineyard Mayer, and the Biden Handlers in the WH would all be also subject to criminal prosecution.

Throughout 2021, the Biden Handlers were bussing immigrants all over the country at night in an attempt to evade the media queries.   Where were the criminal charges?

When illegals were dropped off in DC near Kamala Harris’ property, she used security detail wearing weapons to threaten the migrants from ‘touching her wall’.    That would be illegal.

Some liberal media outlets have declared that all the immigrants are seeking asylum from communist countries.   But the US is now closely aligned with Communism – so that argument falls deaf and dumb.   Even more fraudulent, is the fact that the vast majority are not fleeing communism – but instead are being recruited by force and coercion via the Podesta/Soros regime.

The True Human Traffickers.

The liberals claim is that the US has a shortage of agriculture workers due to a sudden rise of ‘excessive deaths’ for ‘unknown reason’ and thus illegals can fill those positions.   But that aligns with ‘involuntary servitude’…   These same liberals didn’t ask the illegals to work the fields. They didn’t give them work permits.   They didn’t offer them training or a choice.

It is ‘estimated’ that Canada has between 41,000 and 200,000 illegal immigrants.   It is estimated that there are over 11.5 million illegals in the US – over 15 times that of Canada.   So maybe we should share those illegals with our Queensland Canada?   Canada’s population is roughly 12% of the US – allowing for 1.4 million US illegal immigrants to be deposited in Canada via humanitarian equality.

According to statistics – 67% of all illegal immigrants to the US come from Mexico and Central America.   The next largest segment, 15% come from Asia.     Given Mexico is NOT a communist country – 50% of all illegals can legally be shipped back to Mexico.

Soros demands “Open Borders” . But no country advocates for a policy of zero control – not even Germany, Soros favorite grandchild.   Instead, Germany built camps within barbed wire or cement walls.   The number of those who actually became acclimated to the culture and language took years of jailed sequester and reached a mark of just 10%.

The democrats have lost this busing issue.  

Various Democrat NGO’s argue that illegals don’t pose a hardship on sanctuary cities via increased crime.   Really?   The largest Sanctuary cities in the US include: NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Diego.     How are those crime stats stacking?

NYC crime up 60% in one year.   LA crime stats are actually worse than NYC.   Chicago bends to 55-60 shootings every weekend and Lightfoot snorts.

According to a 2021 law enforcement report for NYC the demographics by race for crime is:   Perpetrator – 52% black, 29% Hispanic, 20% white and 11% Asian. For perceptive, the racial demographics of NYC are:   62% white, 15.4% Black and 8.6% Asian.

While the actual number of illegals residing in NYC is unknown, the Grand and Glorious Wizards have determined the number to be 500,000.   The population of NYC is 8.4 million – thus illegals represent 6% of the total population.   I suppose in that regard – the illegal immigrants are NOT the greatest concern – and we should instead concentrate on the HUGLEY disproportionate number of crimes committed by Blacks.

Another Liberal faux pas.

In other words – it isn’t about Mexicans coming to the US – it is about the illegals who are not vetted, who commit heinous crimes without repercussion or consequence, and the complete lack of an Operating – Justice System!   Whether it be crime or borders, the statistics provided by the Liberal DOJ reveal the true implosion of the American Culture.

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