LOVE’S Missive in a Loveless World

Sometimes I wonder whether in all the men I’ve known, have I ever known and shared ‘love’.? I think maybe twice – but then as I look back at the person that was me, I doubt if I knew. And just went along.   A lifetime looking back.   I had a lot of fun!   And wouldn’t want any of that to be absent.   But somehow, I missed, that one true love! That perfect union.   And it made me feel my life was worthless.

Worthless in the sense that I had failed the ultimate purpose for which God placed us on this Earth – the union of one man and one woman. The rejoining of the Yin and Yang, of the divided soul that was One in God.   And I failed. I don’t get another chance.

I believe this joining is akin to the Buddhist ultimate Enlightenment. For the basis is achieving the severed parts of God.   We just have a propensity to say it all wrong – and we become confused…in our rightness.

I believe all religions are Babel.

AND – I believe that this earth is inhabited by evil and good.   And we can’t WIN if we don’t join the fight.

~Happy Valentines Day…   

13 thoughts on “LOVE’S Missive in a Loveless World

  1. You are an interesting woman, very interesting. Life is a shit storm, though. A person can love an imagined visage as they can an attitude. Do you drink too much, as I do?

  2. Best advice I read that somebody gave to a woman seeking answers to her love life, couldn’t find someone to make her happy. She was told to find someone she could make happy, the other way around. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what your situation is).

    • The problem with psychoanalysis is that the doc comes from the premise that he is a knowing all sorcerer. When in fact he knows little. Typically my ‘failure’ is that I am the ‘perfect’ helper and so when I leave the person is better for the time. But I am not. I was my dad’s co-pilot and truly loved that place – a synopsis 🥸

  3. I sense angst, and a sense of loneliness.
    First, on good and evil, the Bible says “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”-Proverbs 15:4 …That’s the big lie of the Star Wars franchise. There is no “balance”. God allowed evil for his purposes and in the end for our own good, in ways he knows perfectly, and sometimes we can figure out or he reveals to us. Like in that verse.

    Take the chapters about the Great Whore in Revelation chapters 17 and 18. It says very clearly that GOD puts it in the heart of those ten kings to “destroy the whore”. And these are the ten kings that “share power for a short time” with the Beast himself! They will think they’re destroying the nation they hate, that they along with the other “kings of the earth”, were made rich for the abundance of her riches. The description of the Whore matches

    I still think that at some near future point, things are lining up for that, for the Whore to be destroyed. But think about it! This passage tells us that GOD is IN CONTROL!!

    And in the rest of the story, the Beast meets his end at Armageddon, and in Daniel it says “He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”. Kind of what the current evildoers of the political class have waiting for them. Jezebel (aka Clinton) lost what she thought was her birthright, snatched out of her hands by Orange Man. And looks like she’ll give it another go.

    But watch out, Tulsi Gabbard just might give her the same comeuppance she dished out to Kamala Harris.

    Anyway, God is in control. Find someone Helena, to introduce you to a congregation of Bible-believing, foot-stomping people that know they’re going to heaven because they received the message of the grace of God in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Be skeptical if you must, just put it to the test. Not talking about “religion’. It’s the way, the truth and the life, and with Him you can have a freedom that nobody can take from you.

    God is my rock, what can they do to me?

  4. I wrote this short story about ‘love’, though it is not mentioned in the title. If you have had love in your life, or have love in your life, it can be blissful, as you would expect, but it can also be destructive should things not go according to plan. My life has been tarnished in this regard, and I have had to live most of my adult life under a cloud of loneliness as a result. I decided to throw a lifeline to the character, Bill, in my story. I am afraid no-one has thrown a lifeline my way. It has not been easy …

  5. You can experience the feeling of love, a close value-emotion bonding, as a result of your own thinking-believing process. particularly if imagination and pictorial images are employed rather than words, look,,for example at Dr.Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief. Nick Arriza may also be helpful I love you.

    • To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes. – Bruce Lipton

  6. i spent 34 years of my life trying to please a psychotic nut,i should have divorced her 15 minutes after we were married,live and learn!!

  7. Not another chance? Hmmm, me thinks thine heart has lost faith in your creator. 1 Corinthians 13:4 -13 will straighten you out.I understand your fainting heart but your faith has lost some of the luster it once held. I hope you rethink your conclusion to this lost love dilemma. To receive love we must generously give until it hurts all the way to the cross! Fair thee well maiden Helena. Your never to old to find what has been lost. B

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