GLOBAL DEBT vs Global GDP – The Distraction Number

While the world loves to focus on US debt, which is a catastrophic mess, we are NOT alone.   Since 1994, China’s debt burden has risen 300%+ – much of which is tied to loans with low income countries. While the terms of the loans are relevant, they are opaque.   Likely those terms would be rooted in resources. Confiscating resources is a form of colonization.   Africa has a tendency to default on loans.   As does the new and improved western ally, Ukraine, which stands in sovereign debt default today.   What this ‘blackmail’ allows is akin to the gobbling of corporations, more politely called ‘mergers and acquisitions’.   However, when it is the hostile takeover over countries, it is called Annexation.

AND the only means of repair is The Great RESET.

The term is frequently used to describe Russia’s 2014 ‘annexation of Crimea’.   The realities beg clarification.

The number of coups and attempted coups of sovereign nations across the globe over the past two decades is of paramount importance in navigating the ‘information propaganda channeling’.  

For it’s eternity of existence, National Endowment of Democracy has/is/was the PowerPoint initiator of all things – coup, or Revolution.   These coup agendas expanded over the Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.   Few countries came away unscathed.   The blackmail was relatively simple, ‘abide by our takeover or watch your country be annihilated’.  

China’s coups were more stealth – involving an outstretched hand of money toward a corrupted government.   The West’s were much more inclined toward War.   But both achieved the desired results of ‘colonization’  for the purpose of globalization.

But then, as is the western ‘affiliates’ nom-de-pleu’, promises were worthless and broken easily, the false reality began to wilt, fade, and wither like the Wicked Witch of


The one nation that refused to be engorged was/is Russia.   Their history, despite propaganda journalism, has NOT been a coup demonstrative.   In fact, the WWII partitioner’s including Germany, the Brits, and US took a healthy chunk of Russian territory and established western internal governments. Despite Russia’s WWII alliance, they acquiesced at the behest of Gorbechev and lost massive volumes of land and equity.

And a weak Gorbachev claimed  their pinky swear promises archived in memorandums for History – as his fait accompli!

A Marxist/Leninist, Gorbachev is over 90 years old and still politically active albeit in a Western Propaganda means. Oddly, Gorbachev supported the Marxist ideology of Obama while discrediting the nationalist ideology of Putin. In other words he was a globalist corrupted by the Cabal Cult and a traitor to his country. He fought to destroy Russia.

Why all the ‘positive’ focus on Russia?   Easy Answer – Russia has YET to cave to the Cabalists.   And few countries are resisting.   Lest we forget, Russia is the ONLY country to forbid the activities of Soros and the Rothschild monarchy within its borders.

We in the US have been asleep at the wheel to be sure.   Even still, many fail to be prodded awake.  But the  EU certainly helped precipitate the run of the rail of the Marxist agenda.

We are in the grips of a globalist collapse of ‘debt’ and the only thing the Cabalist Cult can come up with as deterrence is War – Inflation – Depopulation – and Death from a biologic Toxin.  

Instead of an intellectual, rational deterrence, these supposed geniuses of global evolution rely on the basic fixation of Cain and Abel as their source of combative intelligentsia.   As such they reveal their primitive lack of true evolutionary brain power.   And their inability to rule anything higher than a camal.

There is no finesse. No strategic military acumen.   In fact, they put in power the LEAST to attempt to elevate themselves above.   Which makes them the second least!

What an accomplishment! Perhaps they should write home to mummy and daddy that they successfully beat a dementia riddled D student of greed and ethical depravity…

And in so doing have missed the entire legacy they strive to foment –

The minions they blackmail will be remembered as the deviants.   And they, the Cult Mafia, will be remembered as the purveyors of everything ‘evil’.   Although, perhaps their commitment to evil is their ‘good’ and revered.

But to most men – legacy, whether born of truth or fiction, is a paramount desire.

China’s debt is a prime example:   their motive was colonization.   But if the economy has been completely eradicated, the resources of the colonized debt ridden country has no value.   And thus the investment of debt is now worthless. Therein lies China’s debacle.

Within the war torn divisiveness – the fundamental crisis is ‘debt’.   Global Debt.

Insurmountable debt that could collapse every country’s currency across the globe.

Years ago, a male friend told me that if he knew he was dying he would max every credit card he could while making sure his assets were renamed.   Essentially, this is what our globalists are doing today. ONLY the assets – have no value in a globe where there are no consumers.

In this, these Cabalists reveal their inferior mental intellect.   And instead reveal a proclivity toward brutality – a caveman acumen.   The Lizard effect.   And ALL The Soros Humpty Dumpty’s couldn’t put back together ANY Men.

GLOBAL DEBT NOW STANDS AT $250 Trillion – Global GDP stands at half that number…The Distraction!

FYI:  Ukraine was required by the IMF to create a productive resource lineage.   Zelensky did NOTHING.  And Ukraine Defaulted on their entire Sovereign DEBT.   Poeple are Unhappy…

4 thoughts on “GLOBAL DEBT vs Global GDP – The Distraction Number

  1. Assets always go up and down in value while debt remains static. Sure, interest rates may vary, but not the loan amount until it is paid down. And there is no way that government is going to pay down debts.

  2. i think they’re waiting till they get enough people with the shot,then they are going to start their next step in depopulation,i have a feeling it’s tied into 5-g some how . i guess we’ll find out soon enough,STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOTS AT ALL COSTS!!!!

  3. Hi

    Of course you are absolutely correct where the global debt is concerned. It’s gonna be a mess. I don’t think people realize haw bad it could/will be when it crashes. The beginning of the crash will be when the FED raises rates.

  4. Hi

    Putin is now with the WEF which means e is a WEF stooge. He has allowed a WEF office to open in Moscow. Russia is now implementing mandatory injections and has a more or less vaxx passes. I think it is ‘highly possible’ the Ukraine war drums are a diversion to drown the covaids scam. That’s my take.


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