FOOD SHORTAGES: Mitigating The Future

Mitigating the possible food shortages in the near future requires more than just hoarding – It means keeping yourself safe against the ‘unvirtuous’.   It means learning self preservation.   It means growing a vegetable garden.   It means learning homeopathic and ancient medicines.   It means coordinating with family & neighbors to share. It means securing your home!

The largest food & grocery distributors have collaborated in the announcement that a further price spike will be instituted this March and another this summer.   Agriculture has warned that a shortage of Potash and Fertilizer will result in a much smaller crop output this Autumn.

To further the depth of the collaboration to price Americans out of the food market, in 2019, Pacific Agra Products Inc. filed a class action lawsuit against the largest meat producers claiming price fixing, conspiracy, fraud, and manipulating shortages.


Since 2015, while meat prices climbed steadily, spiking 50% this year, cattle prices were pushed lower.   Cattle Ranchers were forced to sell low while the distributors raked in huge profits.

It also coincides with Bill Gate’s mandate that Americans should shy away from meat and eat plant based highly processed muck-ruck slop which is low in nutrient value.

Obviously, this slop will create disease, a new pandemic of nutrition, and death.   Because everything Gates touches is about death.   Without exception.

Just look at the protein China is serving the Olympic Athletes and imagine that on your plate every single day and night?   All while preserving the nutrient rich and protein rich foods for the Pyramid of Elites. This is what these Cartel Cabalists envision – but that doesn’t mean their vision will materialize unless we do absolutely – nothing.

In this Topsy-Turvy world, Google and Facebook have actually provided us with the means to have advance knowledge of the next Act in the Stage Play.   Thus we are empowered.   While that wasn’t necessarily their game plan – it is reality. And thus, we have the advantage.   If we choose to use it properly.

So.   Scarcities of electronics, appliances, chips, cars, clothing, shoes, etc… will be meaningless as the squeeze is employed where it hurts most – Food.

Germany and other European countries know that following the UK and US Cabalist Cartel is not in their best interest any longer.   The game got too BIG.

Potash, an essential ingredient in fertilizer for maximum crop production, was just removed from Europe.   Belarus was the supplier.   But Sanctions by the EU cut Belarus from its supply chain thru Lithuania en route to the EU.   Belarus now sends this Potash thru Russia to its buyers.   And the EU – the EU Sanctions – are suddenly worthless. Much like their stupidity in denying the Nord Stream II gas supply while telling their freezing peasants to do – jumping-jacks!

Freeze and starve your citizens in order to preserve your personal arrogant self – will annihilate the EU.

I wonder where Merkel is living these days?   Where is Theresa May?

While Donald Trump is given the thumper award by the Liberals and Progressives – despite the aggrandized plethora of demonizing, he is the EverReady Battery wherein Merkel and May have left their citizens to die a slow and painful death.

The requested jury trial by Pacific Agra would seem to have stalled.   It was filed in Minneapolis – so the outcome and progression is not ‘favorable’.   Which references back to my original point…   The Courts are NOT Constitutional.   We can no longer have any faith in their competence or legality.  

JBS is now selling PLANT BASED Artificial Food.   Their Board is lead by John Boehner of the US House, and Dean Hollis of Conagra, parlaying all things culture and black while having ZERO blacks in Leadership positions or on the Board. IN FACT – they have no women in these positions – at all!   Despite espousing their grande “Equity and CoVid” spoof.

For The Record; John Boehner is rife with controversies that reveal his inherent and prolific ‘neoconservative’ Cabalist ideologies.   While Dean Hollis is just another lifelong squeeze Board Member who is paid to do nothing, be nothing, and serve the Cabalist Regime.

I wonder how these people can function on a daily basis waking each morning knowing they are corrupt, aligned with fraud, manipulation, depopulation, disease and death…and – complete unessential on earth?


We need to PREPARE.  

While this may seem a bit odd: First & Foremost – have FUN!   DO everything you have ever wanted to do- laugh – help a neighbor – enjoy the sky – the waters – and the forests!   Experience everything this world has to offer and appreciate the gift! I truly believe this is paramount!

Secondly – Educate yourself in nutrition – tinctures – medicine – and maintain appropriate ‘stockpiles’ for at one year.

Thirdly – Energy.   While electric generators or gas generators are subject to once common supplies – that will become scarce – wood stockpiles and matches are not.

Fourth – know thy neighbors and who you can trust.   Plant a local garden of veggies and greens. For example; any variety of onions and leeks are very good sources of antibiotics and immune boosters.   Beets eradicate high blood pressure…

IF you have a Well – BRAVO! Make sure it is clean and in working condition. HOWEVER.   Your well is dependent on electricity. If power goes out so does your well.   No Water.

It takes a village in these times – NOT to raise a child – but to secure a village…

4 thoughts on “FOOD SHORTAGES: Mitigating The Future

  1. All true. Starve the peons along with poisoning them & make $ doing it. It’s been happening for decades. We have come to the fork in the road. This one has two signs.


    Choose wisely.

  2. The commies who would destroy their countries are afraid of their own destruction…dying. That is why it only takes the lowest life forms to push an agenda of destruction, starvation and slavery. The encompasses the left.

    Another type of raging inflation or perhaps it is deflation is going on in packaging. You might be paying the same price but the packages are smaller. The scumbags behind the food disruptions, gates, schwab, fauci and soros have a lot to answer for…and that answer is a reckoning with the hangman…IMHO.

    Throw in the apprehensive trend toward colder weather, which could last decades, and you have the makings for a severe depopulation event worldwide. Death by cold, starvation, big pharma drugs, mRNA injections and war over some silly nonsense that the war mongers dream up.

  3. you left one thing out Helena,we must be ready to fight when the time comes,i don’t believe this is going to end peacefully. if the fighting ever starts,be ready to clean house,these people are a cancer that we must cut out if we are to survive.

  4. As always, an excellent and timely post. We the people have not moved fast enough to protect ourselves or our progeny. Keep up the good work in sharing the truth – sharing your article – thanks.

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