Since 1950 the deaths from cancer in the US have tripled.   The National Cancer Institute research budget for 2022 is $6.56 billion.   The American Cancer Society has an annual budget of roughly $1 billion and is sitting on Net Assets totaling $1.23 billion with investments approaching $850 million. Most of the thousands of Cancer Research organizations focus on treatment, diagnosis and cure.   How’s That Working Fer Ya? Not one scientist or researcher has ever cured any cancer. And the number of people diagnosed with cancer remains a static figure. So cure and prevention can be tossed.

Roughly 3-4 months ago, Pfizer zoomed in on cancer and out of the CoVid market.   Biden has declared war on cancer and has pledged to reduce the current 630,000 annual deaths in half.   In so doing he has established a new agency under the NIH umbrella “Advanced Research Projects Agency” that will focus on cancer.   The budget? $6.5 billion for the next 3 years.

The one vaccine that was to prevent a cancer was the HPV vaccine released in 2006.   It was determined that this type of cancer is a virus and thus could be prevented with a jab. The vaccine is administered to young teens and has serious adverse reactive events including;   fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and a blood circulation disorder.   The number of annual cases of HPV remains – static.

Over 70 years of spending on ‘cancer’ has not provided a whole lot of options:

Prevention – $1 trillion in research has concluded – get an early diagnosis…

Treatment –  1) chemo was first introduced post WWII using ‘German’ expertise.   It has thus been in use for 65 years. There are now four different intravenous chemo drugs – however most oncologists put all four into a cocktail that literally decimates every aspect of your Body and Brain.   There are lower dose chemo pills that have the same reduced effect on one’s quality of life – expanded over 7 years of use.   2)   Radiation – first introduced to help treat cancer in 1901 – 120 years ago.   3)   Immunotherapy. Despite it being hailed as the new cancer cure, immunotherapy was first used in 1891 – 131 years ago.   The concept is that cancer attacks because a person’s immune system is vulnerable.   And thus instead of bolstering a persons natural immunity, Big Pharma has their toxic version – after the fact.

Side effects of the Pharma immunotherapy include:    High blood pressure, trouble breathing, muscle and joint aches, heart palpitations, organ inflammation etc…   And THESE are not even considered the ‘severe reactions’.

In 2008, Dr. Bradstreet began treating his local community cancer patients with GcMAF at $15 per shot.  Based on a naturally found protein in the human body which he found was deficient in cancer patients.   Having great success, Bradstreet expanded into the market.   His downfall.   In 2015, he was found suicided – all his notes, and vials, and reams of research were confiscated by the FDA and sold to GlaxoSK and an Israeli drug Pharma.

Both of these Pharma attempted to recreate Bradstreet’s naturally born cure into a patentable reconstructed cure.   Oddly, these reconstructed cures – failed.   The process was shelved because you cannot patent something that is naturally occurring in the human body.   As in – without a patent there was No MONEY. And cancer remains the great enigma.

SO why the sudden media propaganda for Pharma and Biden to find the CURE after 130 years of Pharma failure?

It is twofold:   1)   a side effect of the CoVid vaccine is cancer.   The trigger will exponentiate the numbers in the next few years –   2)   the nth degree will result in a Big Pharma exponential profit margin.

But cure will never really be a Pharma or Biden deliverance.   Biden didn’t promise a cure – he stated he would halve the deaths.   He didn’t say the deaths based on what year… nor did he provide specifics such as prolonging cancer vs literal.   That being said, if cancer deaths spike to a million, halving those deaths would result in an actual reduction of 17%.  If cancer deaths double – the Biden effect will be zero.

Or perhaps he will simply remove the goal posts completely as he did with the Jobs Market BENCHMARK Re-adjustments which equated to a whopping 800% differential compared to ADP.

Why?   Why the focus? Because the democrats now understand that within the created chaos, they need created positives in order to recreate the coming elections.   And cancer is as good a deflection as can be harnessed while still giving the elites huge profit gains.

Apparently the War between Russia & Ukraine did not parlay as they anticipated.   Hefty defense profits began to disappear as the rhetoric became more and more revealed.   The Cabalist Industrialists shifted focus back to disease.  Something they can control 100%.

Despite the failed WAR to materialize, these Industrialists of doom and morbid hatred of all things human, devised two new profit sectors within Pharma yet to be unleashed:   NEW HIV mutant found in EU can escalate AIDS!   And.   Cancer Deaths Are Skyrocketing!

All deaths as released by the CDC are algorithmic based.   That means that CoVid, Flu, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc… are best guesstimates.   Given that Ouija Board methodology, it becomes quite easy to alter the data.

AND , in the end, all this brouhaha over curing this, reducing that, increasing whatever, has absolutely nothing to do with reality and everything to do with maintaining Power & Control.

7 thoughts on “CANCER DEATH Statistics WILL BE HALVED BY BIDEN….

  1. Cancer treatment is another of the biggest hoaxes ever devised by big pharma and its shill, the medical mafia. After 50 years and $10’s of billions spent on mostly useless research, there has been rather minimal cures for cancer and very little progress. Even the majority of doctors when asked if they would accept cancer treatments like radiation and chemo for themselves flat out say NO WAY.

    I expect by 2030 there will have been millions of new cancer cases, mostly caused by mRNA spike protein injections. Another windfall for big pharma as they supposedly invent new cancer drugs which are nothing more than older drugs rebranded. These sell for exorbitant prices, of course. Along with the the drugs needed to care for the sick and mentally ill also caused by poison mRNA injections and the accompanying nonsense like lockdowns and masks, the profits will be over a $trillion in the next decade.

    But I firmly believe you get cancer from within, and it is not transmitted by a fake virus. It is caused by some kind of imbalance inside your body and therefore can be remedied by returning your body to balance. I think there are dozens of cancer cures that cost little and are little known as big pharma and the medical monster (AMA) have squashed all non-drug remedies. Big pharma is now a communist dictator regime, aided and abetted by doctors and many corrupt government agencies seeking full control over the world through the use of its poison drugs, vaccines and now mRNA injections.

  2. Hi

    “Since 1950 the deaths from cancer in the US have tripled. ”

    Since 1950 vaccinations in have more than tripled.


  3. Concur. Diagnosis of cancer 2015. Radiation then chemo, hospitalized, almost died. Infectious disease doctor intervened & gave me massive steroid doses. Recovered in 2 days. Pulmonary doctor I saw first off refused to allow chemo to resume.

    Went on immunotherapy in 2017. It’s been effective as such. But, the doctors from Johns Hopkins say I’m only in the 5 percentile it helps. As were I’m a poster child of sorts & they are not sure why.

    Currently on 6 month checks, no sign of recurrence as yet. All & all my body has been to Hell & back multiple times. Many times I’ve said— the treatment is worse than the disease.

    Excellent analysis.

  4. i don’t believe anything the FDA,CDC or any other alphabet soup named organization says,they lied before the scamdemic and they’re really pouring it on now. let them flap their chops,the sheeple will listen and the rest of us can decide for ourselves.i work for a drug company,i have a good idea how they operate.these communist managed to destroy all that is good in the world,when people finally get that though their heads maybe we all can put a stop to it,once and for all!

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