CoVid 2022: After the Flawed And Faulted PCR Debacle – Cases Will Crash!

Bill Gates has announced that once the Omicron variant passes its peak CoVid will just be a distant memory given natural immunity.   WHO says boosters are causing ‘harm’.   Israel is grappling with 4-5 boosters.   CDC says changing the way CoVid cases and deaths are counted going forward will match the 6% that Fauci previously noted in paragraph 2075 in fine print.   Still, Fauci declares CoVid NEVER going away.  

How will the CoVid case count die a sudden death?   Easy.   The home tests and the lab tests were predominantly done using the PCR-spike protein amalgamation.   That test version was tabled by the CDC, aka Fauci, as of 12/31. The reason given? It was seriously flawed, according to the CDC, because it couldn’t differentiate between any variants, the common cold, – or the Flu.

You know, the same flu that magically disappeared last season recording a whopping 2400 cases.   But now the Flu is back and the CDC wants everyone over the age of 5 to get a double flu shot.   No explanation. “Just do it”!

Meanwhile there are no tests available because they all got yanked from the shelves when PCR was eliminated.   And for some odd reason, none of the manufacturers had bothered to make any other test.

Why?   Because they don’t know how.   Because the virus has never been wholly sequentially genomed.

Biden and Kamaltoes have promised one billion new tests from somewhere to be delivered sometime – soon.

In the meantime the CDC and Faucism declared that the clothe facemasks everyone has been wearing for the past 2 years are useless.   Last year, Fauci and the CDC forbid any individual from buying an N95 mask because they were needed exclusively for the medical professionals.   Given 40% of our ‘medical professionals’ are no longer employed, I guess they have enough masks to share?

So guess who makes the N-95 masks?   Well, according to the masks worn by Pelosi and Congress, they are stamped ‘made in China’!   According to an article Sept. 24, 2020 — Up to 70% of N95 masks certified in China do not meet U.S. standards for effectiveness, the nonprofit patient safety organization ECRI warned this week.

Oh but it gets worse.  

The CDC reports that 60 percent of the KN95 masks (a version of N95 masks made in China) in the U.S. are fake, for example.

The most common pitfall scenarios include:

  • Documents are altered so mask models appear to comply with a particular standard, but they do not.
  • Certification marks are counterfeit.
  • Manufacturers’ names, logos, and model numbers are counterfeit.

Remember China pushing counterfeit jeans, counterfeit purses, counterfeit pharma? 

Oddly, the entire medical community would appear to know that the masks required throughout state mandates – never worked.  Making the mandate – a FRAUD.

In the meantime, Johns Hopkins has announced this creepy technology called ‘theragrippers’.   It is a microscopic metal device the size of a speck of sand covered in a paraffin wax that was inspired by the ‘parasitic worm’.  The device can be inserted via a nose swab, attach to the colon and release a substance, aka drug, without the patient ever knowing they were contaminated/cured.

The New Tests have avoided all regulatory processes, trials, checks and balances, and efficacy:   FDA Authorizes Roche and Siemens At-Home Tests, Which Went Through New Biden Administration Accelerated Review Program; Will Bring Tens of Millions of New Tests Per Month to the U.S.

One of the New Tests is made in Korea. It was submitted on December 24th when everyone was on vacation, and somehow still was FDA authorized by January 4th. Test results are not generated thru an app, as previously, and it is up to the ‘individual’ to report the results to healthcare facilities – which will never happen!

These tests use a method called chromatography developed in the 1900’s.   According to the singular study of this method in conjunction with the death spiral – Remdesivir, it has shown ‘efficacy’ in MERS.   Remdesivir is used in the treatment of Ebola, the same Ebola that doctors now say is plaguing China.

So there you have it – cases will decline rapidly as there is no laboratory reporting mechanism and the flawed PCR spike is not factored in testing.  

All the lords and ladies of the totalitarian rule will bow down and hail Biden’s grand success in finally eliminating the C-Virus and somehow will likely find a way to assert that the virus was caused by President Trump.   The Project Veritas DARPA revelation will never make MSM and history will be – rewritten.

Or, perhaps this revelation will be asserted ‘AFTER’ Biden and Harris are removed from office for abject utter incompetence amidst delusional dementia and a new President will be inserted as chosen by the still in control democrat and Rhino Congress before the third world 2022 election monitored by Sudan and China.

In the meantime… the CDC will advise Bill Gates … to advise…   WHO to declare that forthwith, all flu vaccines contain a modified variant of the CoVid virus making the flu vaccine a quivrulent including the stagnant same quadruvents: H3N2, H1N1, Yamagata and Victoria.

Given the flu vaccine contains the same quadruvents for the last 8-10 years, your immune system is bored.   Think of them as ‘forever boosters’!

SO!   We now have a flawed test, PCR, removed after 2 years of use, knowing that it was flawed as per its creator, Kary Mullis.   We have home tests based on that same ‘faulted’ PCR yanked from the shelves.   We have a variant that is the only dominant that is less than a typical flu.   We have masks that have purportedly done absolutely nothing for 2 years to be replaced by fake China masks that do nothing.   And we have a ‘new home test’ that may be infected/thwarted with this creepy theragripper that can insert ANY biologic into our system without us ever knowing.  

AND we are supposed to TRUST THE SCIENCE…

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  1. I would sure like to know if Dr. gates has any degree or previous employment in the medical field. He simply doesn’t. This bum is purely agenda-minded and opinionated and should be totally ignored. And I refuse to use Microsuck.

  2. Hi

    Also about the PCR…

    How can we tell if we’re infectious or not? Fauci confirmed that the PCR can only tell you there’s a presence or absence of viral fragments, not whether it’s an active infection, or whether you’re actually infectious.

    Why so many Covid at hospitals?

    The CARES Act is paying bonus payments to hospitals and doctors whenever you have a diagnosis of Covid.

    The center for Medicare and Medicaid is waiving patient rights. (Ain’t that nice!)

    Hospitals get a payment if you offer a free Covid test in the emergency Room.

    You get a boost payment if you have a diagnosis of Covid

    You get another boost payment if you are admitted with covid.

    You get another boost payment if you go on remdesivir.

    You get another bonus payment if you are put on a mechanical ventilator.

    Another 20% bonus if the diagnosis on your death certificate says Covid even though you may not have died from Covid.

    More bonus payments for Coronors are available.


    Man,,, This has got to be the biggest scam/con in human history! And I’ll bet they get away with it.


  3. “Bill Gates has announced that once the Omicron variant passes its peak CoVid will just be a distant memory given natural immunity.”

    As usual the sociopath lies. The reason a research tool – PCR – is being misused as a test is for the precise reason that the fake pandemic will see no end, where booster after booster increases the numbers of those murdered or maimed by the mRNA poisons*….

    At the bottom of each odd numbered page of Life Technologies’ handbook, it explicitly clarifies…

    “For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures”

    So how is it that PCR will identify a positive result for COVID-19 when such a pathogen doesn’t exist, you ask? Simple, rtPCR has a built-in error called homologs…

    “5′ nuclease assay specificity

    Assay specificity is the degree that the assay includes signal from the target and excludes signal from non-target in the results. Specificity is arguably the most important aspect of any assay. The greatest threat to assay specificity for 5′ nuclease assays is homologs. Homologs are genes similar in sequence to that of the target, but they are not the intended target of the assay. Homologs are extremely common within species and across related species.”

    That means every time a positive result is obtained under rtPCR, in fact it’s a homolog that’s detected, a similar nucleotide sequence to that of the target medium being tested. That’s why people who are well are being ‘tested’, turning medical science on its head when only the ill are to be tested. However, if only the ill were being ‘tested’ with PCR, there would be no fake pandemic to speak of.

    It should also be directed to readers’ attention that viruses don’t exist,** which identifies the Marxist co-option of our institutions that tells us that there’s a vaccine for the common cold, when no such vaccine exists, even assuming that viruses exist…

    “There are no vaccines for the common cold.”


    “The common cold: a review of the literature

    Although the term “common cold” tends to imply that there is a single cause for the illness, it is, in fact, caused by anyone of a large number of antigenetically distinct viruses (Table 1) .

    Table 1
    Viruses associated with the common cold

    Virus Percentage of cases (%)
    Rhinovirus 30–50
    Coronavirus 10–15
    Influenza virus 5–15
    Respiratory syncytial virus 5
    Parainfluenza virus 5
    Adenovirus 600,000 Americans suffering adverse effects. However, those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, because only 1% of adverse effects are reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)…

    “Former FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler has estimated that VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] reports currently represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events.”

    That means, to date, over 800,000 Americans have been murdered, with another 60 million Americans suffering adverse effects.

    ** To date, not one virus’ genetic code has been sourced intact from the lipid envelope it originally came from. Instead fragments of RNA (or DNA) are jerry rigged with sequencing technology to fill in the missing pieces of the genome. The critical problem here is that the only way to know one is correctly sequencing a new genome is to already be in the possession of the complete genome to act as the ‘template’, otherwise one is working in the dark.

    “The amplification of DNA by means of the PCR technique
    requires the prior knowledge of the composition (i.e. the sequence)
    of that DNA. A DNA can only be multiplied with the
    PCR technique if short, artificially produced DNA strands
    (called primers) are bound to the beginning and the end of
    the DNA, which exactly correspond to the sequence of the
    beginning and the end of the DNA to be multiplied. Primers
    are a small set of nucleotides (24 to 30 bases in length) that
    are attached at the beginning and at the end of the DNA and
    delineate the area that will be amplified. In other words, the
    prerequisite for using the PCR is to know exactly what is going
    to be amplified.

    Once the above information is understood, it is easy to realize
    that the PCR method cannot detect or identify any unknown
    sequences or any unknown viruses. Only the prior determination
    of the sequence of a virus makes it possible for scientists to
    develop a specific PCR test designed to detect the given genetic
    sequence that belongs to a virus. In other words, the PCR test
    requires the preparation of a genetic “template”.” — Dr. Stefan Lanka

    *** New vaccines actually require between ten to fifteen-years to develop, but mRNA delivery technology (as opposed to the inoculation itself, meaning the contents of the inoculation) was already in-place in 2019, and the three trial phases that cumulatively equal at least nine years, could be shortened to five years. But no less than five years.

    • The following is footnote #1 for my comment above…

      * Currently, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) records over 8,000 murdered by the jabs, and another 600,000 suffering adverse effects. Since only 1% for any adverse event is recorded at VAERS, then over 800,000 have been murdered, and 60 million suffering less than lethal effects.

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