US NO Longer a Viable Democracy Claim – The Marxists

It is so annoying when random journalists from say Australia or the UK make derogatory comments about the failure of democracy amongst all Americans under the Biden Handler regime.   As though hiding in the quarantine camps, beaten by police, pulled from their homes, and fined for walking on the street, makes Australians democratic…   Somewhere over the rainbow perhaps. Or watching outright brawls ensue in the UK Parliament as they scream or chant or curse loudly – is democratic decorum.  But Deflection HAS become a modus operandi – albeit a failed agenda.

Such is the monstrosity of Critical Thinking evoked by Graham Hryce in invoking the thoughts of Barbara Walter, supposed CIA consultant touting her latest book!    Yes. Really.   She is selling her book by demonizing Trump.   The source of this noncritical thinking ‘journalist’ in agreement with Walter is that the January 6th protest was the impetus for the forthcoming US civil war.   But then, the author of the book, How Civil Wars Start, is a Clintonite puppet whose career has been financed by the Carnegie Foundation – a vast liberal institution dedicated to the Sustainable Development of depopulation thru subversion.

Walter’s Book pronounces the classic book deals which require vast media attention. Therefore her circuit includes the Washington Post, CNN, Huffington Post, etc…etc…etc.  BLAH

So what’s the point?

If indeed, democrat affiliate Walter is claiming that since Biden took the presidency status and civil war is imminent, who then would be the source instrumental?   The Handlers of course.   The Handlers who have moved the US from a power-bloc to the brink of disaster in less than a year.   The Handlers who did so purposefully in order to take control. The Handlers who are so cowardly they hind behind dementia riddled persons to be their scapegoat. Their caste sheep.

How can any persons respect for such lizard mentality be garnered?

But NOT according to Walter.  ]

The POINT – is to implicate President Trump in the incitement of a riot and insurrection so as to take him out of the political fire storm permanently.   End – point.

That would mean that Hryce, an Australian journalist, is being whipped within the fray to instigate this false premise.   On a Russian media platform no less.  Which begs the question – has Putin already been couped?

Instead of recreating Clinton opinions, Hryce would be better served to speak from a platform of truth.  Not ever going to happen.

But then, there is always an ulterior motive.

Hillary Clinton is ‘rumored’ to be staging a 2024 presidential campaign.   Likely as the savior of America as Biden Handlers devolve the US into an abysmal decadence of moral, ethical, and value Hell.   Hillaria … is truly obsessed with her failures.   Reading her 2016 acceptance speech with tears in her eyes, is further degrading of the person.   And does NOT create sympathy. Instead, it is cringe.

While Trump is playing caddy in not making a definitive announcement as whether he will be the running power, I tend to think Melania has a say in this that would not be positive.   Given the abject disgust with which they treated her, I would hardily agree that Trump has no intention of running.   However, I would envision most certainly, a candidate has already been chosen by the Trump faction – independent of the corrupted GOP.

I imagine such candidate is younger.   Grounded.   And knows the flogging that will ensue. And so, it is far too early to make this person subject to the relentless Marxist attacks.   So Trump is taking the flogs.

Hryce further claims in his article that Trump is, or could be, held responsible for any confrontation initiated by and thru NATO and Russia in Ukraine.   Yes. Really!   And history is written by the Lizards.  It would serve Russia, and other countries well, to know who is their base, instead of pretending – which has become a boring bore of idiocy and will garner a zero WIN.

How do these people become lizards?   What brain malfunction of critical theory and thinking independently would supplant their entire being?   How cowardly are the sheep?

Does Australia have a spine?   According to the likes of Hyrce, that answer would be no.   A truly sad commentary of humanity, not lost on those who still subscribe to philosophy, knowledge, and world view.   But then, Australia was colonized by the British penal system.   Something Hryce apparently does not digest.   Or understand in his research.

IN conclusion, writing a hit piece on Trump simply solidifies the author’s blackmail and derision for one purpose.   And it ain’t Democracy.   But it does reveal an innate weakness and debilitating succumbing to the blackmail rule of law. And Mr Graham Hyrce would appear to be a pathetic toy soldier of the Clintonite Cabal that views itself as the ultimate savior of mankind – in 2024.

A terribly sad waste of intellect, critical thinking, or the basic perseverance of humanity from the source of compassion. Heil Hitler sir Hyrce. I am so sad it appears you have sold your soul. For what gain?   Your Children’s? For what loss?   A better question…

It is a sad commentary that you write Mr. Hryce, just not for the reasons you espouse.   

6 thoughts on “US NO Longer a Viable Democracy Claim – The Marxists

  1. When limited to viewing the DC Swamp, yes, it would appear that the US is more Marxist and less democratic. But this is what the commies want everyone to believe…the 20% wagging the tail of the 80%.

    I still believe that deep in the bowels of the US, the commies are fighting a losing battle as communism always loses because by nature it is highly destructive, without merit and serves no significant purpose beyond the arrogance of its leaders.

  2. It seems many are conflating freedom and demockracy as if being able to select from already chosen candidates is somehow freedom.

    ” Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and MURDERS itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” John Adams.

    Which is why they chose a Republic and even that will suicide itself because it is a form of demockracy. How can one represent seven hundred and thirty three thousand (700,033) people?!! Gimmie a break!

    And today we don’t even call the nation a republic,,, its now always a demockracy. All because we elect a few people in government we are FREE!!! Hell,,, even Hitler was elected. As bad as he allegedly was he never come close to our elected governments of today.

    And Trump,,, the father of the warped speed vaxx, bragging about how fast the US came up with the killer vaxx, apparently ignoring VAERS where 20,244 have died and 3,297 babies have aborted due to the safe and effective injection,,, as of Dec 10,,, in only 11 months. And according to a Harvard study that number is maybe 1% of the actual. If you add the number of Social Security useless eaters sacrificed (46,000) it comes up to 66,244 lives. More than the entire Viet Nam war debacle.

    Mr. Trump suggests everyone take it to win the covid battle apparently ignoring how many vaxxed are coming ill with diseases as his vaxx destroys the immune system. Many more will die because the degraded immune system cannot fight off infections. Of course he says it should not be mandated but I don’t remember too much of what candidate Trump said that President Trump did.

    Seen him bragging about it on Bill O’Reilly,,, another has been.

    I am beginning ti think that the best government is no government. I see very little what any government does other than tax, fine, war,and limit freedom.

  3. Alex,

    “ We know they are lying, they know
    they are lying, they know we know
    they are lying, we know they know
    we know they are lying, but, they are
    still lying. ”
    -Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn


    • P.S.

      -don’t know the origin of this, re
      the never-ending follies in anti-
      individual collectivism ( out of
      the Soviet Union ) :

      “We pretend to work
      and they pretend to
      pay us.”

    • That was funny! Reminded me of my dad in Berlin: spooks from all over the world would gather for a party. Everyone was a spook – everyone knew everyone was a spook – and everyone pretended they didn’t know everyone was a spook – so my dad chose to dress in the garb portrayed by spooks aka a long black cape, black fedora, sunglasses and riding crop – so no one would know he was a spook…

  4. do you remember the soap opera that started i believe in the sixties called as the world turns,then i believe it was the cast of saturday night live did a spot called as the stomach turns,that’s about where i’m at with all these people. trumps on TV,STILL blowing his horn about how great these so called vaccines are,saying it’s the unvaccined that are dying,BULLSHIT!! the numbers don’t lie! if he is planning on running in 2024,he’s got to sing a different tune on these clot shoots or he hasn’t a chance on winning.i agree with him on the election in 2020,IT WAS STOLEN FROM HIM,but enough about the poison shots already,his time would be better spent trying to help the men being tortured everyday in that washington hellhole they call a jail!

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