Build Back Better? Beat Them at Their Own Game!

Biden’s Build Back Better plan will destroy daycares across the country.   Raising regulations, increasing worker pay by nearly 140%, and mandating a cap for certain families will annihilate the industry.   The cost will be so prohibitive that someone in the family, dad or mom, will not be able to afford to work.   The spiral in lost income affects everything else from housing, to a car, to food choices, to restaurants and date nights.  

And between CoVid mandates and lockdowns, and lost income, Big Pharma is ready and waiting with their new and approved elixor for “depression’. Drooling with anticipation!

Currently, the average pay for a daycare worker is roughly $13 an hour. Biden’s plan would raise that hourly to over $30.   Suddenly the annual bill for child care goes from $15,000 to $42,000. Who gets hit hardest?   Single Parents!

Who comprise single parents in the US?  

25% of US households are run by a single parent.   86% of them are women. 45% have a high school degree – or less.   Four million of those single households are black, 3.25 million are Hispanic.   The Democrat Plan is to solidify and expand welfare and destroy single parent households from ever getting the opportunity to rise out of poverty.  BOOM!

In essence, middle class will be defused and redefined in terms of one income reducing their spending ability by roughly 50%.   The shortage of employees that is already prevalent will become catastrophic. And poverty levels will explode.

The Great Depression will look like Paradise.

The New York Times has stipulated that of the 800,000 who died ‘with’ CoVid in the US, 541,000 were ‘older people’ – 68%.   Of course, it bears mentioning that the 800,000 figure is an estimate and includes a host of comorbidities. Including heart disease which has apparently stymied all medical and science experts as to why there was a massive increase in 2021….

It isn’t just the middle class, the poor, and the poverty stricken that are being weeded out, it is the old.

In France, a person who is unvaccinated is prohibited from all public places, including Hospitals.   That’s right.   If you have cancer, forget treatment unless you are vaccinated. In an auto accident, too bad unless you are vaccinated.   Have a broken bone?   RIOTS.

You betcha people are depressed.   But even more so – they are angry.   I don’t think Pfizer has worked out an anger vaccine – just yet. But I imagine they will surely provide a monthly depression vaccine sometime soon. And the market in the US will likely be huge as poverty rises exponentially.

If you look at this picture, it has an uncanny resemblance to The Great RESET of sustainability Marxism.

You will be happy because you will be thoroughly and completely medicated.   You won’t own a home, because the price will be prohibitive.   A second car will no longer be affordable given someone stays home with the kids.   And a reduction of population will be secured.

The Grinches.

There are solutions.

Homeschooling is NOT what it used to be.   It has evolved significantly to include co-ops, sports centers, and art and music centers.   The materials typically cost roughly $500 per year, and children tend to learn more efficiently and quickly graduating from High School by age 16.   Within the co-op, a parent teaches one day per week, and rotates.   This same evolution can be fine tuned to child care allowing for a household to retain the majority of a second income.

The ultimate fallout?   Public schools and daycares will shutter faster than the speed of light.

Another benefit?   Property taxes will tumble given nearly 70% is for schools and based on ‘enrollment numbers’.   And that Big Pharma anti-depressant?   No longer necessary.

Regarding the vaccine mandate?

Red States are already seeing an influx as families move away from the untenable restrictions imposed by the unholy Marxists.   Businesses will choose sides.   And in the immediate aftermath, a schism will develop.   And consumerism will prevail.

The vast majority of people prefer NOT to be regulated, controlled and imprisoned. Much of what people perceive is based on manipulated propaganda.   Moving to an open red state will relieve that mind banter as truth becomes more popular.

The Bidenites and Clintonites and Obamaites failed because they used evil to put forth their agenda.   The Banking Cartel failed because information was internet ‘open’ and the truth was revealed.   And Gates and his Bloomberg cronies?   The only people they have left to deceive are African – because they hate black people and have been diligently trying to eliminate that population in order to control the continent for 2 decades. Which is why they have been doubling down on buying up huge tracts of African land.  Anticipation…

Land Grabs.   With the assistance of corrupt politicians, the land grab marketeers bought huge amounts of Africa’s most fertile land for penny’s per hectare.   The result was to enslave the Africans that were removed from the land where they squatted making a meager income, and offer them slave labor wage.

THESE Truths remain.   And evil will be brought to its knees.  GOD Bless!


8 thoughts on “Build Back Better? Beat Them at Their Own Game!

  1. i noticed the CEO’s of these corrupt corporations are doing away with their criminal vaccine mandates,gee.i wonder why?? the stupid idiots went along with the brandon build back better band wagon,now that they ran their companies into the ground along with the country as a whole,they lift the mandates!! maybe they feel the noose tightening around their throats! these people are psychopaths,they do nothing for anyone but themselves,I HOPE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT!! i say no mercy at all,like they like to say,LET’S MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF EVERYONE OF THEM!! STRING THEM UP BY THEIR ANKLES LIKE MUSSOLINI,let them hang there,and that’s being kind to them considering the HUGE amount of people old and young,that they murdered!as far as the american education system goes,it’s beyond repair,fire everyone of the teacher and start over,re-screen them,pick out the good ones,get rid of the aids and the thousands of mini-buses,school administrators who make huge amounts of money and do nothing but subvert and break up families,maybe then we won’t be taxed out of our homes to pay for our kids to be turned into communist and perverts.sorry about the rant but they have pissed me off beyond belief!!

    • Alex,

      U.S. behind-the-scenes policy has not changed
      from what it was on-stage before September 11th.

      1) The U.S. had promoted and encouraged Most
      Favored Trade Status for China.

      2) Pesident Clinton had boldly committed treason,
      by using the U.S. Commerce Department for China’s
      benefit, giving America’s most sensitive military
      technology to China (( much of it via Israel )).

      [[ Recall the conveniently grounded
      U.S. spy plane, from which China
      extracted TOP SECRET hardware and
      documents; an on-purpose ruse to
      give China needed technology and
      information. And recall U.S.
      merchant Loral Space and
      Communications UN-PUNISHED transfer
      of U.S. missile guidance technology
      to China, to repair her too-frequent
      failures at launching satellites,
      and the list goes on… ]]

      3) U.S. corporations have BUILT CHINA’S domestic
      economy, by both investing there and by
      sending America’s manufacturing base to there.

      4) U.S. military has repeatedly aided China’s
      military by holding we-are-your-friend
      conferences and tours for PLO officers.

      Bottom line: The Zionists in control of
      federal agencies have been handing over U.S.
      know-how – and U.S. treasure – for a certain

      Death of the West for BRUTALITARIAN Communism.


    • Alex >> “sorry about the rant but they have pissed me off beyond belief!!”
      Why be sorry? I’m have total empathy for your anger and frustration … and applaud the solution option a la Mussolini. And your teacher-related comments are so appropriate. If my kids were still school age, I’d be home schooling them big time. I yearn for The Great Reset, only MY reset is for more rationality, more appreciation and respect for facts, more freedoms with concomitant responsibilities, more maturity in our populace, a whole lot less participation in and adulation of social media, fewer whiners, a complete moratorium on any new stupid, illogical regulations and bills out of Congress, MUCH fewer politicians at all levels … these just for starters.

      • Personally, all my boys and their friends are incredibly productive and relatively successful. NONE of them exhibit this kind of attitude we see thru the media lens. Which makes me wonder if in fact it is a very small minority that has been given so much press coverage that people are led to believe it is vast. Just like if you ask these same edulopers what percentage of the US population is black – most will tell you it is 50%-65%… because that is how ‘the media’ frames it.

    • Think even Bigger. The Scam included these CEO’s – that’s why they left. They made their profits and now those companies are run by the same mental acumen lizards like Kamal and Bliden – they were specifically ‘chosen’ for their lack of brain cells. Just look who they think will be the 2024 candidate. Same.

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