MSM Word Manipulation: A Game of The Economist Semantics…

NEW ECONOMIST HEADLINE:   “Last week 199,000 Americans filed for initial unemployment benefits down 71,000 from the previous week and the lowest number since 1969…”    Somehow we are supposed to believe The Economist which is the Force Progenitor of ALL things Fake, Propaganda and False.

Too Many Issues:   Pre-CoVid the unemployment rate in the Trump Administration was 3.5%.   It currently stands at 4.6%.   ALL amidst a massive decry of ‘labor shortage’.   Which in a scientifically mathematical world would not be possible.   So does that mean science doesn’t exist? Or mathematics?   Does it mean that Alice in Wonderland has employed the Queen?   Or is it simply the ‘New Reality’ as espoused by the UN, WHO, Gates, CDC, and every blackmailed relic in- between?  WHAT THE HEK?

Amidst the Media claiming people are starving…   How can these two diametrically opposed stats co-exist?

It would mean over 1% of the US population is not even trying to claim unemployment benefits and have resolved to retirement, and or, found the luxury of offshore tax evasions.  It would mean, some severely funny-number manipulation of economic agendas.   It would mean that the majority of persons don’t understand the basic premise of employment statistics.   Or maybe, the elite global Tribal/Cabalists are intellectually – deprived.   As in deficient.

Wouldn’t that be a relic?

What if – these benign elitists that espouse their world dominance and control, are actually in line with the intellectual evolution of an amoeba?   And the illusion is that they are somehow alien dominant.   Illusion. And we could beat them in 1.5 minutes should we actually – try?   What if, the actual illusion is that they are evolved from an aemoeba?   And that human evolution claims we are all the same – a tree is a sheep, a pig is a blade of grass, a human is a wave in the ocean?

How insulting would it be to discover that the average IQ of the Ruling Elite is roughly 95.   And all those above that range just didn’t give a hoot… But then in terms of averages, the average IQ in the US is algorithm, calculated to be , drum-roll… 98.   Of course, we would need to understand that the pollsters, in making this determination, interviewed perhaps 600 people out of a population of 330 million, to make this absurd determination that is COMPLETELY and WHOLLY meaningless.

Just sayin’.

What it DOES accomplish is to give the overall population a feeling of ineptitude or worthlessness in having any impact.   Which is likely the ENTIRE purpose of the IQ determination in the first place!

We are told we can not judge or pre-judge based on a psychological profile, but we can make a global determination of IQ based on a math model that supposedly determines an analyses that represents a US sample size of .018%.   With a deviation of 3%-6%.


But in the REAL World – those are the Real Numbers.   WOKE.

The Translation would say that we need to tighten the cinch on our horse’s belly and kick out the bloated air.   ‘Cause, that air is – smog.


I believe in God. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.   I believe the Holy Spirit is in the womb.   And I believe that we can NOT prevail unless God is with us.   SO.   For those who stand on the wetlands, the grasses, the hay, and can’t cross over, I say your breathes are numbered.   And it takes so little to refute your number, and so much ego to be protected.   It means letting go of self and accepting the battle.   It means understanding the source of evil – and good.   It means being able to support the argument with verifiable fact and evidence.

Neither of which – exist.

And it means – Being Willing To Battle.   Not for the Rothschilds. Not for the Rockefeller financial gain. Not for the Morgans, the Chases, the droll money horders bored with life.   It means taking a stance.   It means holding one’s head high!   It means have a purpose of Good. And of the deliverance of Evil.

There is NO higher calling.



3 thoughts on “MSM Word Manipulation: A Game of The Economist Semantics…

  1. Words, numbers, meanings and propaganda, all easily manipulated to support some wretched agenda that basically enslaves mankind. There is absolutely no truth coming from the news media, big tech or any government agency. And there never will be.

  2. they’ve been playing that same old numbers game since the 60’s,as soon as the elite first started coming out in public. people don’t realize that the unemployment rates drop off because peoples claims ran out,presto,lower numbers!! the biggest reason for our decline is loss of faith,piss poor school systems who keeps throwing money at a problem without really taking the time or effort on finding out why the system sucks,and lastly everyone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions,it’s always someone else who’s at fault.

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