Elon Musk Pledge: World Food Program Flops

The Elon Musk CHALLENGE!   World Food Program must prove $6 billion will save lives and show transparent use of funds.   In a natural world, WFP would be salivating!   But they aren’t.   WHY?


Founded in 1961, the World Food Program has yet to end food poverty or starvation – anywhere.   Despite a 2019 record budget of $8 billion, 60 years of budgets, have done little to nothing.   IN FACT, they don’t even promote themselves as a food benefactor and instead have morphed into:   “WFP offers technical assistance and development aid, such as building capacity for emergency preparedness and response, managing supply chains and logistics, promoting social safety programs, and strengthening resilience against climate change.”

At least now we know exactly who to blame for the Supply Chain Debacle!

IN 2018, the Center For Global Development ranked WFP LAST in a study of 450 aid programmes.

According to their website, an internal audit report dated 2020-2021 for Mali states: “Based on the results of the audit, the Office of Internal Audit has come to an overall conclusion of ineffective/unsatisfactory.”   For Columbia: “major improvement needed.”   The remaining countries ALL needed improvement. In the REAL World – the corporation would be bankrupt and all officers in prison.

This is what $8 billion bought.

So Musk’s challenge is wholly legitimate.

The 2019 Financial Statements – audited internally – reveal an accumulation of assets totaling $9.435 billion.   Liabilities $3.565 billion which includes 1. Deferred revenue of $1.48 billion, benefits of $1.27 billion, and a $60 million loan with an annual cost of $1.7 million.  Distribution of their food costs 37% of the value of the food, while pre and post delivery losses represent over 11% of the value.

Why would they have a loan when they are sitting on $7.9 billion short term assets?    They budgeted and requested over $12 billion in 2019, but spent $7.75.   Despite having $3.2 billion of readily accessible food to distribute – they only distributed $2.3 billion. WHY? Nearly 1/3 is sitting in a warehouse?   Or wasted? Or confiscated? Expenses are NOT detailed and Transparency is nonexistent.


It isn’t about whether Elon Musk will hold to his pledge – it is whether the World Food Program is willing to COME CLEAN!

3 thoughts on “Elon Musk Pledge: World Food Program Flops

  1. Hi

    There is no way in hell they are gonna end food poverty with billions of free dollars being handed to them each year. I would imagine most of the money has disappeared into bank accounts of the receivers and the givers….

    Yep,,, Ain’t gonna happen. (lol)


  2. aahhh,the UN,one of my favorite bitches!! i was hoping trump would have sent in seal team six to plant charges in that building and level it to the ground and push it off the island and into the bay! all the UN is and ever was is a giant clinton foundation,hell all these foundation are the same shit,the Rockefeller foundation,the ford foundation,they’re all thieves and deviates!! talking our money and running through the FOUNDATION and right back into their pockets,they want money,money buys power!

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