Biological Weapon or Bat: The CoVid Legacy

The US ‘Intel” has decided that the unleashing of the CoVid ‘Virus’ was not biological warfare and did not involve an altered virus, instead it was simply a bad bat.   WHY?  

There are in place International Laws and US Laws on the use of biological weapons and the course of action a government must take should such a release be determined.

18 US Code 175 states: “Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains, or possesses any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for use as a weapon, or knowingly assists a foreign state or any organization to do so, or attempts, threatens, or conspires to do the same, shall be fined ($2,000,000) under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both.”

It isn’t simply to protect our partner ‘China”:   The phrase that makes it impossible for any US Intel to assert the virus was in fact a biological weapon is – ‘knowingly assists’.

NIH knowingly assisted.   The CDC and WHO – assisted. Scientists at Fort Dietrich – knowingly assisted.   As such they would be subject to laws within the US, International Laws, and Treason.   The assist could extend to members of Congress, members of the media, and laboratory scientists.

The law further defines a biologic weapon as one that is not created for ‘bona-fide research or other peaceful purposes’.   Given CoVid would not fit either of these – it would thus fall under the absolute definition of biologically created warfare for the purpose of inducing sickness and death.

The media portrayal of China as our new number one enemy is disinformation at its height.   China and the CCP are fully entrenched in nearly every NGO aligned with Bill Gates and Soros. Therefore the terrorist/biologic warfare determination would also extend to them.

Which is why it has to be dismissed.

The Biden administration ‘Intel’ have postured the following statement: “The global scientific community lacks clinical samples or a complete understanding of epidemiological data from the earliest Covid-19 cases.”

How exactly is that even possible?   The laboratory at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre uploaded a genome sequence on the open platform December 2019.   The very first US samples were sent to laboratories in February 2020 and matched on the Open Platform for viral genomes.  Thus CoVid was BORN.

In FACT, CNN reported that 200,000 samples were collected in 2019, and the leftist Business Insider corroborated that statement October 2021.   Obviously, once again, “Intel” hasn’t gotten its story straight – and looks like a FOOL.

“The CDC is an advertising agency for pharmaceutical companies. The agency does what it is supposed to do – promote and advance the interests of its stakeholders.” ~anonymous post.

According to the CDC, the definition of a biologic weapons attack would be defined as:   “Suspicious outbreaks can be grouped into four main categories, depending on the nature of the suspicions they provoke. They may be thought to be the result of covert biological attack by another nation, criminal or terrorist attack, covert attack by a nation on a subnational group within its borders, or escape of a biological agent from a facility developing prohibited weapons.”

In the event there is any suspicion, a team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, per the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention is required to conduct an investigation subject to Protocols in place since their inception – 1972.  But They Haven’t.

Instead they continue to pursue Russia regarding the false poisoning incident submitted by the antagonist Navalny who is peeved because he was promised kingship when Russia is ‘couped’.

China denies the leak theory based on their own concerns for criminal proceedings. However, in the unlikely event that an international independent body would actually investigate and find China complicit, the entire fallout of those complicit in this engineered event would be blown apart. And that would expand to ALL governments which are duly aware of exactly what has been perpetrated.

So China will be protected.

3 thoughts on “Biological Weapon or Bat: The CoVid Legacy

  1. Sorry…no covid or bat stuff is gonna be let loose upon the world if they want to extinguish humanity. There is no way they can control a wild bio-virus that could get too wild and turn on its masters. Much to risky and uncontrollable.

    No, if you want to depopulate the planet you devise a scare tactic, like a using a fake bio-virus, that will create the fear of death causing people to demand the only solution…a life protecting injection. And what did we get just like magic? A new experimental, completely untested (they used faked trials) mRNA spike protein gene therapy injection and billions have flocked to the injection sites. This is how you have control of a murdering substance. You inject it into the people you want to be rid of.

    And what do you suppose is really inside those vials? The very bio-weapon that is being used to destroy humanity before humanity wakes up to the fact it is doomed to be terminated thanks to megalomaniacs like gates, fauci and bourla.

  2. Hi

    The virus is non existent, never been purified by anyone. Yes the Chinese sent a contrived sequence. Translated contrived equals computer generated. It’s a psyop put forth by the intelligence agencies of the world powers.

    Yes, people are getting sick,,, flu, colds, pneumonia, TB, etc being labeled covid. Which, by the way, is why they claimed the flu disappeared last year for the first time ever. This year, expecting a die off, they say the flu will be a “Super Flu” and get your flu shot aka covid shot now!

    When you go to the hospital the regimen is sedated with a tube shoved down your throat,,, an IV pouring in remdesivir and in 3-5 days you succumb to hospital pneumonia. They get all sorts of bonuses and you get the cooler.

    After all the lies,,, all the numbers padding,,, all the incentives,,, all the threats, how anyone cannot understand this is NOT about a virus is a complete mystery to me.

    Just look at Australia if you want to know where this is headed. About a thousand deaths labeled covid in almost two years and they just built a camp that can hold several thousand incorrigible pure blooded humans. They are training their army to hunt down and give the shots at gunpoint. This over a their alleged disease ‘they’ claim 99.87% will recover with over 50% of those never knowing they had it.

    They are flat out telling you this has nothing to do with any disease and everything to do with taking the shot which IS the bio-weapon. Yeah,,, be sure to take the boosters as well,,, be the first on your block to keel over with a clot!
    The VAERS count is now at 17,619 deaths. Approximately 250-300 per week. (reported) Just a mite above the 50 it took them to stop the swine flu vaxxes back in the day.

    Safe and effective….. uh huh.


  3. it’s amazing how quickly our top scientist and doctors were so fast in jumping on the money train with china,i’m sure people from the 20’s50’s even into the 60’s did the same thing only on a smaller scale,but the people doing these crimes came out of school in the 60’s and 70’s,right after johnson’s massive so called civil rights program. the young people are coming out of college today, ready to destroy the country.why would someone send their kid to one of these schools is beyond me,pay thousands of dollars so your kid comes home calling you a pig.

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