PIANO MUSIC: Soothes My Soul

I adore just about anything with Piano, but when it is paired with a virtuoso violinist, the music consumes me!   Like dueling pianos or the rift between a man and a woman.   It takes ahold of my soul.   I love the ‘Build”.   And sends me back to God. Of course I have my preferences;   Debussy certainly.   Not a fan of Baroque.   And while I love the story of Mozart, I am not a fan of his music.   I know I might offend some, but it is simply a personal preference and nothing more.

Being a Debussy fan, other artists that conspire to the consume the same would include; Brian Craine, Michelle McLaughlin.   And of course Chad Lawson.   They – Understand.

Oddly, Debussy’s given name was Achille – as in Achilles Heal of lore. I don’t think there is a one of his pieces I don’t adore.   They just resonate!

I have been a believer that music heals all wounds since a child.   In old world charm, musicians sought to find the eternal soul, the child.

I first heard Elijah on the streets of Arizona.   A military veteran – a young man – a man who seemed steeped in values and ethics – was playing and I ventured to gather his information.   His story is self taught.   His story is a need to release what he saw and was privy to… And – this – is how he succeeds!

He – deserves – applause.

I truly hope you are well my friend…

It seems we are losing Art.   It is becoming some Woke illusion of nothingness and creative minds are clouding, greying.   Where are YOU?

Music helps bring me to a place of rock.   SO I thank you my friends.   It is a truly sad time in history.   May the Lord Bless Me and Save Me and Hold my Soul.   In God’s Name I Pray.

2 thoughts on “PIANO MUSIC: Soothes My Soul

  1. Ms. Glass … your departure today from the usual distressing inquiries into the insanity and greed gnashing its teeth on all sides of us was oh so welcome and the tenor of your comments resonated sublime. Thank you!

    You astutely, eloquently observed, “It seems we are losing Art. It is becoming some Woke illusion of nothingness and creative minds are clouding, greying.”

    For me, listening to and appreciating great music engenders humility, reflection and a conviction of one’s smallness in the presence of the divine, yet simultaneously of one’s divinity as God’s creation. These are each a perspective or quality almost all self-centered, arrogant, God-denying Leftist, collectivist ranters and finger-waggers seem quite incapable of grasping and summoning into their souls. Hasn’t art, including musical art, often struggled mightily and even been at “death’s door” during repressive totalitarian regimes?

    It IS truly a sad time in history. Expanding on your kind sentiments, “May the Lord Bless us and Save us and Hold our Souls.”

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