Kenye West… Thanks!

Kanye West’s good’bye, is more important than we can imagine.  And most likely is predicated upon protecting his family amidst a phlegm of wicked threats.   In the end, when your life and your children and spouse are at stake, it would seem a fair choice, albeit one that is not without little earthquakes.

The Liberals have been quite forthright in their threats to bodily harm, harm to one’s spouse – one’s children – even the house pets.   All the while there is a bizarre justification that has no basis in reality.

To me, it looks quite evident that Kenye West may have been threatened, his family a potential target, and he is now forced to accept the defeat in presence, but not in heart.  I think his eyes betray that – as well.  I seem to see a sadness.

What this does unveil is that no one is safe.  The powers consider your presence, your pebble, a grit of sand in the sea.   And not worth a tenth of a – penny.  It is this knowledge that will ultimately unravel the evil as those caught in the web try to extricate themselves only to find their death is imminent, their usefulness – no more.  Murder by Suicide.

The UK is infamous for their ‘murder by suicide’ mantle that MI6 so adeptly created.  If a person is a nuisance, then one merely needed to make the proper requisition, and their life would be evaporated.  No one minded.   It was simply a part of the hierarchy.

Until, it wasn’t.

And the world turned upside down.  And everything that was topsy – became – turvy.

Most plots/coups are designed based upon a previous military intelligence design.  The formula is a computer program, the only allusive factor being human emotion.  It is therefore paramount to find the candidates who have the least amount of emotion.  Which might translate to compassion, love, heart, and mercy.

And thus, the spit from the human machine is a man who is developed in mind, but lacks any sort of body.  He thinks he wants, but he has pushed away for two decades!

His light hearted chemistry has been usurped by a panel of dark Pharisees who judge and incriminate and dispose.

I find it very sad that Kenye West may have been threatened to the point that he must choose the threat, or his family.

But, I agree with his choice.  And am sorry the media has been so fierce and hurtful.


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