Merkel: Indoctrinate the Youth!

Chemnitz, Germany:   “…after a week of far-right protests. Family Minister Franziska Giffey arrived to speak to civil society representatives about the need for better political education.”  ~Courtesy

What is wrong with this?

  1.   In Germany, a Family Minister is appointed to determine how a family should raise their children.
  2.  “Better Political Education” – means teaching the youth one thought process, because they obviously don’t have one that aligns with the Family Minister, aka, Merkel.

Last weekend, a German man was fatally stabbed at a festival by two men, one an Iraqi, the other a Syrian.  Others were injured.   But the media is up in arms because the ethnicity of the two doing the stabbing was revealed and thus sparked protests that have ignited the need for the Family Minister to intervene and suggest that all schools now be required to offer political education correctness as a part of their curriculum…

It is worthy to note that the victims were in their thirties and the perpetrators in their twenties…

The aim of the Family Ministry is to “introduce programs in schools where children learn to practice democratic processes.” 

Given that most of the 2 million refugees Merkel ushered into Germany are beyond school age, this measure aims to indoctrinate the young while continuing the scathing white-washing of the crimes committed by the refugees against the German people.

Of course, these and other suggestions were brought by select groups, like trade unions, who feel that Neo Nazi’s are really the problem and the ‘alt-right’ needs to back off and act more respectable. The idea is that if children are programmed to accept violent deaths by immigrants, then there won’t be any problem because everyone will just be tolerant and happy!

According to a ‘study commissioned by the Merkel government last year, the reason that Chemnitz and Saxony lean toward a right way of thinking is simply a holdover of their communist background… when the Soviet Union ruled, between 1949 and 1990.  While today’s venues refer to it as a ‘socialist period’, it was most definitely Communist in reality.

Given that Merkel was raised a communist and participated in the Communist Party wouldn’t that mean she leans toward the alt right – according to her own study?  Perhaps the study forgot that piece of information.

Apparently, the ‘study’ went further to suggest that these eastern Germans have an ‘exaggerated need for harmony, order and purity’  all of which provoke nationalized and ideological thinking which must be expunged at all costs so that chaos and immorality and collective thinking can take over.

Overall, Saxony has a problem – according to the study, because they are not in their left mind…

Interestingly, it would appear that it is Merkel who is pushing Germany further and further into a Communist rule of order wherein the state dictates everything, and the people are peasants to be led like cows.

In order to combat this orderly alt right thinking, Merkel, albeit thru her crystal family planner, has decided that curriculum for children must be inclusive of political framing so that everyone will vote accordingly.  Oddly,the fact that the Iraqi and Syrian were never a part of the German school system given they were asylum seekers, somehow alludes Merke.  And somehow, the victims are not the issue, the issue is that the German people of Saxony refused to ‘accept it’ and protested.

Instead of the media concern for the stabbing, they have reinvented the events to investigate the ‘hooligans who gave the Hitler salute at the protests’…  because that bears more scrutiny.

Simultaneously, Sweden is attempting to quash reports of yet another fire involving some 10 vehicles, set by immigrants, despite the Swedish government vowing to take action after last week’s 80 vehicle fire… er, by disenfranchised Muslim immigrants… who continue to run the streets within a vein of chaos reminiscent of Mad Maxx.

Of course, the real problem is that the citizens just aren’t thinking right about the assaults, rapes, destruction, burglaries, and extant criminal activity.  The citizens need to settle down and accept the fact that sweet little Sweden is now slated to become a third world country within the next 2 to 3 years – according to the UN.

The solution is to numb those affected rather than stop those perpetrating the crimes…  Interesting logic.  But isn’t that rather parallel to the policies within the Obama Administration, aka Swamp?  Minority rules?   Change the entire structure of a classroom to accommodate the one student who is miffed about the rankings of the other 39.

The re-Communism of Germany is taking form and shape, at the behest of Merkel and her subordinates, at the whims of her Masters, Soros and Rothschild.  Again, the question rises, why?  Why would she sell out her country?  IS it her Communist upbringing that fuels her loyalty?

It is interesting to remember that Soros described his time as a young Nazi collaborator as his most enjoyable in life –   His father sold him to the Nazi’s in order to protect him from Auschwitz and death because Soros was an Ashkenazi Jew.   Could Merkel consider her Communist regime time as her happiest as well? Is this the ultimate link between them?

While Soros was sold to the Nazi’s at the ripe age of 13, Merkel was brought up a Communist from the beginning.  Could this be the ‘education propaganda’ that they both envision as the greatest gift?

As Germany grapples with attempting in integrate it’s refugee’s, and re-educate them along with their own citizens, according to their version and vision of propaganda politics, their lead is most definitely at risk of spiraling all of Europe down the Rabbit Hole where insanity reigns, and where there is no more Light – at all.

Wake up…  Alice is still asleep beneath the tree…

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  1. The German and international press have been quick to label the Chemnitz protesters at best ‘far-right’, at worst ‘neo-Nazi’. It was interesting however to study the Daily Mail’s coverage. Its reporter was honest enough to admit that there were only ‘handfuls’ of skinheads and PEGIDA supporters (PEGIDA is overtly anti-Islamic). As usual, the Mail included excellent photography, and the photos show quite clearly that the vast majority of those protesting were ordinary citizens of Chemnitz. Saxony has been out of the Communist orbit for less than thirty years. Many former East Germans are still struggling to adjust to the reality of competition in a unified Germany. To foist migrants on the Saxons was unforgivable.

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