Abdul el Sayed: Business Roundtable Groom

It is pretty much accepted that Obama and Macron were groomee’s of Soros and his cabal of world Engineers. And while the election for US President is years in the making, grooming is built on patience, and methodical preparation and staging.

Enter Abdul El-Sayed.

Young, suave, and meticulous, his life is an edited log of reality.   He presents himself as a GQ coverboy to sway the women, while boasting a prestigious education at Oxford, funded by Paul Soros, in order to sway the male intellectuals. His youth will garner him the University swoons, and his medical degree will give him a presence of aloof knowledge.

He is more fine tuned than a Stradivarius. He holds his hand at his jacket button in the fashion of a 1940’s Omar Shariff, a brethren in their shared Egyptian heritage.   He is Muslim, his supports the Muslim Brotherhood, advocates for Sharia Law, and yet, when he opens his mouth, he says absolutely – nothing. A short-coming they have three years to more finely tune.

He talks of ideals and a perfect world, peace and the environment with an underlying religious tone to his suave.  Soft spoken, he emits a charm that could sway – if we did not know from whence he received his tutelage.  And therein lies the key:

He has announced his campaign for governor of Michigan in the 2018 election cycle. He talks about the failing health system, the devastation of spiraling college debt, an infrastructure that is poisoning our children, and the chipping away of jobs… it sounds like, talks like – Hillary. It just doesn’t look like.  He is more like a Macron in the Hollywood GQ staging.

He was captain of his football, lacrosse, and wrestling teams in High School… in other words, he is genetically modified with a super cell structure created, pruned, and staged, by Soros.

Outside of his drippy bio that read much like a Romance Novel, what is wrong with Mr. Abduhl outside of the obvious? Where are the inconsistences, the holes that lazy modicrums and IT geeks have failed to fill?

  1. His father, Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed, grew up in Egypt within a poor family,. His father and his illiterate mother who spoke no English, came to the US, got some sort of job(???) and went to college (for free???), wherein his father obtained a doctorate degree in Engineering…   What? And his illiterate mother obtained her doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner.
  2. So we have two young Egyptian refugees emigrating to the US around 33 years ago, or 1984. They have no money, no education, speak no English and one is illiterate. Somehow they both obtain doctorate degrees.  And no one questions this?
  3. Abdul went to a high school where he is being touted as the captain of everything with the moistest of everything – but that particular school was apparently shuttered in 2015, making records – difficult to obtain.  Sound like Obama?
  4. There is no mention of his siblings although he is cited as being the ‘eldest’.  The eldest of whom?  
  5. The county where Abdul grew up is 92% white and Catholic. Neither the County where he grew up nor the county where he lived with his grandparents, Jan and Judy Johnson, had any Muslim population according to the census bureau.
  6. Abdul spoke alongside Billy Clinton at his commencement address wherein Billy lauded his political future.  This was a Medical commencement…

While most of the above is about details and holes and the ineptitude of strategists to accomplish the task of filling such holes before the launching, my attorney is a firm believer in the notion that there are no coincidences. And facts should support a tier of information – if they don’t the entire tier is sitting on quicksand.

Aside from the suffocating quicksand, there are other brambles in the jungle worth noting:

  1. Abdul was appointed into his first role in politics by Detroit mayor, Mike Duggan, who happened to be CEO of Detroit Medical Center when it was sold to Vanguard Health Systems.
  2. Vanguard Health Systems was acquired by Tenet Healthcare, whose CEO is Trevor Fetter.
  3. Mr. Fetter happens to be a member of the Business Roundtable. And that’s where the circle broadens exponentially, because now we usher in the Rothschilds, Milners, Rhodes, and more recently, the Bush’s, the Romney’s, and – the Clintons.   All diligently working together within the same circle of the Roundtable.

The Business Roundtable, named for the Knights of the Roundtable in the court of King Arthur, is a membership only institution of elite businessmen who gather together to plan the days agenda for the world. Initially formed by the Rothschilds, the Milners and the Rhodes in 1909, they were instrumental in the creation of The Federal Reserve. As in; ‘if you control the money you control the world’.  But controlling the money means controlling the rulers who oversee the money – Merkel, Schultz, Trudeau, Junker, Obama, etc..

 Abdul’s education was bought and paid for by “Rhodes Scholarships”, through the Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation.

The preemptive purpose of Milner’s Kindergarten (the precursor to The Business Roundtable) was British Imperialism. The United States was admitted into the elite circle only after WWI. South Africa was parlayed for their diamond mines. The Middle East for oil. The Federal Reserve for money. Rhodes for education. And the Milner insurance industry for global control. They created The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and The Council on Foreign Relations.

A composite of Democrats and Republicans, they have groomed and appointed US Presidents since the early 1900’s, most likely beginning with FDR.   Certainly the grooming is much more significant now than then, and the control much more demonstrative.

Abdul speaks from a vacant platform of niceties without substance. He has yet to be politically educated in rhetoric, and he has yet to be made wealthy. I imagine both of these shortfalls will be addressed over the next 3 years. He is supported by radical Muslim anarchist, Linda Sarsour, who advocates genital mutilation.   He is also backed by Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters… and stood alongside Bill Clinton at his commencement address.

For a recent Medical Doctor, Rhodes Scholar graduate, who has had little to no experience doing much of anything, he has gathered quite an interesting cabal of supporters.  His gubernatorial run is a sort of ‘pre-launch’ to see what garbage will be thrown at him so that it can been cleaned squeaky white before a potential Presidential run can be created.  It will also provide him with some substantive experience (Supposedly).

It should not be lost that the Business Roundtable and the Roman Empire have many parallel characteristics and thus the significance is important to render.  Important is what contributed to the Fall of the Roman Empire.   Military warring and spending, government corruption, loss of value structure and immigration of warrior tribes.  Sound familiar?

Footnote: The story of Lancelot and the original Arthurian Roundtable was created in about 1150 by a French writer/poet, Chretien de Troyes.   Contrary to Hollywood, it was a Celtic folklore tale, not history.
































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