Poland’s Judicial Independence

Poland is at the center of controversy given their government is not pro-Merkel, pro-Juncker, pro-Soros, and the press has seen fit to make sure they appear to be radical and totalitarian. Could a coup be in the works as Poland refuses to tow the line?

The most recent headline splayed by left media sources including the New York Times declares that Poland has lost it’s ‘last bastion of independence’ because it is allowing the government to hand pick supreme court justices…

What is glaringly odd about this cry is that US Supreme Court Justices are hand-picked by the incoming government/President.   Which would mean that the US has lost the ‘last bastion of independence’ criteria invoked by Mainstream media pundits?

But the true evidence that Poland has become a bastion of suppression is the fact that they don’t want to be forced by the EU into accepting hundreds of thousands of quota migrants.   And the Socialists have decried that all EU countries must abide by the rules or be banished.

The headlines boast a ‘wave of criticism and protests’ against the measure being implemented. The EU wants Poland to have a panel of judges appoint the Supreme Court Justices. The hypocrisy seems to have alluded the media as the decry foul!

In the UK, justices are appointed by the Queen and are lauded the titles, Lord and Lady, for life given their royal status over the law…   A Commission is established that is made up of the President and Deputy President of the Court, and a member from each Judicial Appointments Commission. All of these Lords, Lordesses, Lady’s and Masters then get together and nominate really old new Lords and Lady’s.

They are then required to wear those quite lovely white wigs and black robes as they are still in mourning for the death of King Charles II in 1685…

In Germany, it is equally convoluted. Half of the judges are elected by the Bundestag and the other half by the Bundesrat. Both the Bundestag and Bundesrat are legislative bodies of the parliament, or government. The judges get to wear scarlet robes with a white ascot. The elections take place in secret, and the people have no knowledge or say in the process.

Of course, all of these methods of appointment are considered far superior to what Poland wants to do, and therefore worthy of criticism and protest.

Hungary has entered the fray and is backing the rule of law within Poland as opposed to the Socialist takeover by the EU. Hungary is also adamantly opposed to the migrant quota and has been threatened with sanctions and banishment from the EU for their disrespect of the Socialist regime.

The real protest isn’t that Poland and Hungary have a judicial system that is in opposition to the rule of political appointments, which we can see is actually relatively the same, the real protest is that these governments won’t bow to the EU Commission and do as they are told. It is a control mechanism gone awry.

Each country within the EU is linked by a rope with a noose at the end. If the rope frays, the noose is threatened and may become worthless to hold and choke the airways into submission.   Switzerland, Norway and Iceland chose sovereignty. The UK is fighting, and Hungary and Poland are considering independence. As more frays occur, the financial strain threatens destabilization of a worthless union, The EU Commission agents, and a competitive demand/supply market capitalization threatens monopolies and set pricing.

What is evolving is the abolition of the absolute tyranny that the monarchist EU Commission has created. And the unraveling scares the shitake mushrooms out of them as their reign is exposed for what it is – The Wizard of Oz, a little man behind a flamboyant curtain shouting platitudes through a megaphone while setting off smoke bombs.  POOF.


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