Christian Expectations of God: In Politics

I was recently reading a Christian blog that vilified rump as a settling of morality, as a means to accomplish an end for the greater good, and it bothered me. Why? Because it centers a blame for the world’s ails on ‘a man’. And justifies doing so by making comparisons to Jesus. The blog was written by a young person, a person of ideology and that winsome hope that has yet to be bedraggled by reality, life and age.

No, Trump is not Jesus. He never aspired to be Jesus. Nor did he laud upon himself such a prideful arrogance. The world is not as it was two thousand years ago. The sun doesn’t set the same. The waters don’t rise the same. And mankind has – changed.

And still, young ideological, youthful, invigorating Christians believe that our President must represent Jesus, or else be considered a failure like every other failed President. But Jesus was not a politician. He was not a ruler of fleshly man.   He was/is the representation of divinity in perfection, something that no man can ever attain.

And so, when we judge our President based on a comparison of how he acts, looks, reacts, and analyzes within the context of – Jesus – no man can possibly succeed. It is a doomed failure.

And yet, our ideological youth have yet to mature to this theological, Biblical, and philosophical realization.

This isn’t to deny our youth the right to their ideology, I remember it quite well, I was an adamant believer in all things passive, good, peaceful, and loving… And then, life unfolded; my father was a soldier of war, my brother a victim of soldier hatred, my sister a victim of a bigamist, brothers that followed atheism, and me, a victim of stupidity…

Such is Real Life.

And so, when we target a solitary man, a Trump, a Putin, a Merkel, a Manafort, a Flynn… we have actually become the very hypocrite that we abhor. Jesus is not who we should compare any man to when judging or evaluating or analyzing. Jesus was beyond any and all of us and when we attempt to create a checklist, we have become the Pharisee’s he so decried as false.

And so Evan, take heart, don’t lose your innocence, continue your ideology, we love every ounce of it, but know that wisdom is an evolution of age, of heart, and of years of toil, trials, and pitted journeys that reap mountains of tears, caverns of grief, and amazing abundances of miracles of joy.

Trump isn’t a target. He should not be compared to Jesus, to His sandals, to His walk, to His Kings and rulers. Life is an evolution of time. We don’t walk in the sand. We don’t journey by camel or donkey. These are the things of children – of the things of the past. And sweet Evan, these are the things within the looking glass. Not to be forgotten. They are simply lessons, as are all the stories of the Bible. Lessons that will abide every aspect of life then and now.

And so when you desire to create a Jesus in our President, remember, he is a mere mortal man, like you, and it is the expectations of something supremely divine and Godlike that is the Pharisee.

Keep writing. Keep thinking. Keep growing. You have a beautiful mind.

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