UN = Global Regulator/Police

The UN believes that migration ‘slows the aging process’.  But it’s not a fountain of youth, it’s a bizarre demographic concept that only the UN could create.

Because two thirds of the global population over 60 reside in under-developed countries, the UN believes that migrating the younger generation to developed countries will slow the aging process…   Of course, they admit that ultimately these young migrants will age to being over 60.

Who writes this stuff?

In the meantime, the UN states that these young migrants will buy houses, buy cars, contribute to capitalism and consumerism, and be a great lift to the developed world’s societies.   Per Dr. Phil – “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”   Because right now about 95% or more of immigrants in the EU and US are on welfare which simply drains society.

In addition, what happens to the countries that have lost their youth and now are supposed to survive with only their aged?   With no one to support them and with the loss of manpower, wages, and welfare contributors, those countries populations will simply die and leave a vast vacant country.

What the UN proposes is so immature in their evaluation one wonders the intellectual capacity of these members.   Undeterred, in 1982, the UN prepared a ’62 point ‘Vienna International Plan of Action on Aging’.   In 1991 they drafted 18 Entitlements for older people and in 1999 they created International Old People’s Day. And the Piece de Resistance, in 2002 they held a conference in Madrid where they created a new and improved resolution in which the well-being of older people was ‘recommended’.

I wonder how much this is costing… all these plans and conferences and recommendations?

I looked up the 4 day excursion/conference in Madrid and found that the UN didn’t do much of anything in 2002 so maybe that explains their obsession with aging.   Over the course of a year they held five conferences. By contrast, in 2005 they jetted about for 28 conferences to New York, Geneva, Paris, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, and the Grenadines where they discussed ‘decolonization’.  Grenada is a Commonwealth of Queen Elizabeth II.

By 2006, the UN was holding 52 conferences having elevated their significance and authority to such ideologies as world tourism, human rights, migration, climate control, regulating the internet, disarmament and so on.

Suffice it to say, the UN has grown into a global governance of everything without ever asking The People if they want this international police system.   Under Ban Ki Moon, the number of high ranking officials increased by 47% in New York and 27% elsewhere. The Secretary-General is the chief administrative officer of the United Nations. Although the Secretary-General is “appointed by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Security Council,” Article 101 of the U.N. Charter grants him authority to appoint U.N. staff

In other words, it’s a good ole boys club that has no transparency, a huge budget paid for by member states (US picks up about 25% of the tab), and acts as the world’s Globalist Government without any People ever voting for ‘anyone’.  They are not required to reveal salaries and travel expenses, and pensions like normal bodies of government, they operate without any accountability, and we’ve been duped into accepting this massive power without even a peep…


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