Sadiq Khan – London a Beacon of Islam

Sadiq Khan, elected London’s mayor May 2016, has been quite a verbal orator when it comes to denouncing Candidate Trump and President Trump. He made no bones about his public support of Hillary Clinton, stating that he knew she would be the victor.   Sometimes, when a politician opens his/her mouth to deride the accomplishments of another, it opens the Pandora Box and all the diseases are released.

And so, during his tenure as mayor, exactly what has Khan accomplished? While running for mayor, the following were his platform points:

  1. He was anti-Brexit
  2. He promised that he would provide 50,000 new homes his first year, 50% in affordable housing wards.
  3. He would freeze all rail fares for Londoners.
  4. He said he would impose a daily fee on higher polluting vehicles entering London.
  5. Encourage businesses to stay and more to come to London as an open city.
  6. Promised to stop neighborhood police from being fired.
  7. Rent freezes.

How many affordable homes has he provided? None. In fact, he has now declared that the funds that are stipulated for the project, 3.15 billion euro, will be disbursed sometime before 2021. Problem? The mayoral term is 4 years, he could be out in 2020… Problem? His promise was ONE year. But it isn’t his fault – it is the fault of all the greedy developers…

Obviously BREXIT occurred.

After he was elected he declared that he changed his mind about rent control.

The daily fee on high polluting vehicles?  Shhhh.  Not possible.

He altered his promise with respect to railway fee freezes and redefined what that would look like – it would apply to single and pay-as-you go fees. Most Londoners buy travel cards which won’t be respected in the freeze.

In fact, he has actually done very little to nothing during his nearly one year tenure with the exception of pronouncing himself a feminist and participating in an LGBT parade. Which shows he has all the same real political capabilities as a Trudeau or a Macron.

What Sadiq Khan has done is attempt to demean President Trump by claiming he would love to ‘educate him on Islam and its compatibility with western values”. It would appear that this education in Islam might be reversed…given this latest terrorist attack by Islamists…

Khan gave multiple interviews in which he called Trump ‘ignorant’. In contrast, Trump was more dignified toward his comments about Khan. Perhaps Khan should consider respect classes…

Backed by Ken Livingstone, the first mayor of London, who advocated for Marxist ideologies, Socialist doctrine, anti-Semitism, and pro-Fabian Society rhetoric (like Justin Trudeau’s father), the pool of Rothschild influence is thick with blood and oil.

In 2012, when speaking to a group of worshippers at a mosque, Livingstone was quoted as saying, “if elected I would educate the mass of Londoners about Islam, and turn the capital city into a beacon of Islam”.

In fact, the creed of The Islamic Forum of Europe is “from ignorance to Islam”. Sounding like the denouncement made by Khan against Trump? The Islamic Forum was originally a Bangladeshi group. Khan’s heritage is Pakistani and Indian.  The Forum’s aim is to move London away from secular left politics and replace it with Islamist politics.

And so full circle, enter Sadiq Khan, who embraces Islam. As of 2011, the percentage of Islam followers was pushing 13% in London although some neighborhoods are well over 50%.  And lest we forget, the London election was riddled with controversies including; tampering with ballots, falsified ballots, falsified registrations, closed polling stations, and outright fraud. And it wasn’t – the Russians.  Who could it be???

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  1. Helena once again spot on with your very truthful commentary. Sadiq Khan is a rotten apple, by association with some rather dubious characters in his past, his wining and dining of dubious Islamic leaders, his meaningless rhetoric after terror attacks and his shallow deceitful promises. Let’s not forget he is a socialist of the highest order, look into his eyes and you will see the true Khan, this man is a useful idiot to the islamisation cause.

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