Trump Salutes Andrew Jackson…

The internet is going a-fly ranting about Trump saluting and speaking favorably about Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat, is the favored sneer. Of course, these educated individuals failed to actually research the Democrat Party during the years of Andrew Jackson, because Democrats favored policies that are today referred to as Republican platforms. The definition of the Democrat Party flip-flopped sometime in the early 1900’s.  But not before going through some hilarious hiccups!

So;   a) Trump saluted a military man (which is an honorable and respectful thing to do), and b) Trump recognized the present day Republican accomplishments of Andrew Jackson, our President from 1829 to 1837.  And somehow this is Liberal fodder for smear and derision…

But alas, history is not taught terribly well in the US, or these ranting people would not speak so disparagingly and reason that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect human person’ we are all damaged and riddled with fault.   There are some that fall into corruption, and there are some who uphold values the best they can. Think King David!  Expectations of perfection are imposed by faulty educators, failed politicians, and Les Miserables.

When a President states their core desire is to elevate the American people into productive jobs, less expensive healthcare, and a more free market system, while draining the swamp – that is a respectful core. Doesn’t mean everything will be perfect! And that would seem to be the loudest critique coming from Democrats, Socialists, Republicans and media pundits. ‘AHA – you made a mistake – impeachment!’ The log in the eye is profound.

The first mistake our esteemed non-scholars tend to make is attempting to implant today’s values, thoughts, societal norms, etc… on every past year, person and animal in history. Hence we are to pay for the transgressions of men who were actually heroes in their day.

Jackson’s military service has been criticized for the wars he fought under the Presidency’s of Madison, Monroe, and Adams, all Democratic-Republicans who opposed the British and viewed each state as its own sovereign entity. He performed his duty and offered his life as service.  If you have issue, go after the ones making the hawk decisions, not the ones giving their lives!

Their second mistake is the fact that the definition of our political parties today has little resemblance with the parties of history. But if our schools actually taught US history instead of Muslim history, we might know this pertinent fact.   In fact the Democratic-Republican Party split into the New Democratic Party (Andrew Jackson), the National Republican Party and the Whigs. The Whigs favored US Congressional authority over the President – sounds kinda like McCain… Many Whigs later joined The Know Nothing Party! A lot simply quit politics altogether.  Sounds like er… those pretty boys…you guess.

The point? It is obviously rather simplistic to take the stance that a Democratic Party member of nearly two hundred years ago would hold to the same tenets as one today and that should give rise to denounce Trump respecting a past President.  Hello!  But, we can still have fun with it!

The Know Nothing Party evolved into The Constitutional Union Party which was formed to battle the desire of many states to secede – now it sounds like Merkel trying to hold the EU together.

If nothing else, these rantings support a call once again for homeschooling where students are taught classics, Real History, math that is fundamental, science that is theoretical, and the Arts.  Many of whom finish high school at the age of 16 and enter college on scholarships.

An interesting online debate stated that homeschooling should be banned because public education supports ‘collective thinking’. They went on to describe how the public school system instills values, like vaccinations…, I wasn’t aware that shots were a ‘value’, and government beliefs, including the notion that the government will protect the child from a regressive upbringing in which the government’s values are not emphasized. Yimminnee!  Sounds pretty Communist to me.

Another writer claimed that our public school system prepares students to have “constructive engagements” with fellow ‘citizens’ when school is over. How’s that working for ya?   Another person talks about how nearly everyone has someone that helped them “form their identity”… which the parent was incapable of impressing. Many opponents spoke their singular opinion utilizing the pronoun, “We”.  Hmmmm.   And still a few argued that homeschooling meant the parent was a dictator and did not allow the child ‘choice’. Do our schools allow freedom of thinking?

Sometimes you have to know what they are thinking in order to address their fears. And sometimes its just a good – giggle.

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