Islam is the religion of Peace… except when it isn’t. Saudi Arabia police put two transsexuals into sacks and then beat them to death with sticks and rods.

In Libya, government forces are imprisoning migrant women and children trying to flee their African countries and make their way to Europe. While in prison they are raped, beaten, denied food and water, and crammed into cells like cattle.

Not very peaceful.

While the US is bombing al Qaeda in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is bombing all of Yemen.

But there isn’t much left to bomb, like Syria, the country is rubble and famine. So why are the Saudi’s bombing? Because they can – and still be on the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Not very peaceful.

Over half of Bahrain’s population is made up of ‘guest workers’ from India, The Philippines and Sri Lanka. ‘Guest Workers’ is really a kind label for “Slavery”.   The workers become the property of the employer and are denied certain rights, including; discrimination, wage equality, healthcare for their family, pensions, and the right to specific labor market integration. Routinely, migrants are deported and their back wages forfeited.

In 2016, 50 Pakistani workers were detained by the authorities after they filed a complaint with the Bahraini courts concerning a lack of salary payments. Even though the court ruled in the workers’ favor, they were still detained by the authorities for at least a year and were still imprisoned in January 2017.

Not very peaceful.

The new European Parliament president has warned that potentially 20 million migrants from Africa will be seeking settlement in Europe.   His proposal is for Europe to build detention centers in Libya and offer healthcare…

July 2017, a US backed rebel group fighting Assad in Syria beheaded a ten year old boy.   Video taping the incident, the rebels taunted him, then pulled up his head by his hair, took a knife and beheaded him. They claimed it was an accident…

Rape is now epidemic across Europe with the respective governments desperately attempting to cover up the crime, not prosecute, and deny the statistics.

Not exactly peaceful.

There is a difference between an ‘immigrant’ and a settler. Immigrants adopt the country to which they immigrate, the laws, the rules, the customs, the language, and the social decorum. Settlers don’t integrate, they create caliphates of neighborhoods, demand laws, religion, rules and customs change to conform to their belief system and colonize the city/state or region, as in be like us or ‘die’. It is a soft coup. Pew Research has estimated that Muslims will make up over 25% of the European population in fifteen years, and all of Europe will be majority Muslim by the end of this century.

When the Muslims move into neighborhoods in Paris and Brussels and Berlin, the locals move out.

Why do the Democrats demand Sharia Law and a Muslim conquest?

While there are some peaceful Muslims, open borders, without thought, without review, without medicine, without psychiatry, without teaching and training in values, ethics and morality – is just plain stupid!

2 thoughts on “ISLAM COLONIZATION = soft coup

  1. So Europe has now seen huge muslim increases plus a million so called “Syrian refugees” and now the expected rise of the “right” to add some oxygen to the gasoline , logically the next part of the plan will be major civil unrest and terrorist attacks in major European cities . These world changing events take time to organize you know…

    • But civil unrest is already happening across Europe – read papers from outside the US. Terrorist attacks in major cities? Where have you been? These world changing events have long been planned – perhaps a century or more… Patience has crafted a world that is clearly – unclear. And when we can not see, determine, evaluate, analyze and interpret from the perspective of Truth, we all become the puppets. I believe Soros refers to us all as ‘cattle’.

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