Obama to Blame … Right?

If the protests sweeping the US are “Trump’s Fault” then I guess we can blame all the protests during the Obama administration on – well, Obama!



1) Massive protests smoldered in Cairo, Tunisia, Lebanon, as well as other Middle East and North African cities resulting in multiple fatalities as a result of the “Anti-US mentality which rose to levels of pure hatred”.

Obama’s Fault …


2) An anti-Muslim Film spurned massive riots in Benghazi resulting in the brutal murder of US Ambassador and three American Special Forces men!   Reports across the world reference the ‘innocent Mulsims’ who were called to riots in protest over this disgusting ‘film’.

Obama’s Fault.  Right?

3)     Gunmen staged a raid on peacekeepers in Sinai as anti-US sentiment continued to spiral out of control.

Obama’s Fault.

4)   Protestors clash with riot police in Greece fueled by anti-Obama sentiment on his final visit.

Obama’s Fault.

5)   Hundreds rally in Alaska protesting Obama’s hypocritical stance on Arctic drilling.

Obama’s Fault.

6)   Spanish organizations planning massive protests in anticipation of Obama’s upcoming visit.

7)   A student protest at the University of Mississippi turns ugly as they are angry at Obama’s re-election.

8)   Anti-Obama protests in Argentina…

9)   Gun rights activists in Oregon protest Obama saying, ‘he is not welcome!’.

10)   Anti-Obama protests at a Phoenix High School

11)   Ferguson Riots

12)   Baltimore riots

13)   Wall Street riots

ALL on Obama’s watch.  Therefore, he created the divide and they are ALL his fault. Right? Because that is exactly what the current Liberals would have us believe regarding their actions during Trump’s campaign and time in office – RIGHT?

Every cop that was killed or injured, every firefighter, every black man or child that died during the Obama administration – did so because of Obama. His Direct Fault.  Right?

Every deed of defamation, every scandal, every middle class citizen that fell into poverty – Obama’s Fault.

Every bomb that fell on Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Somalia, Sudan – Obama’s Fault. Every life that was lost in those wars – Obama’s fault. Every displaced refugee – Obama’s fault.

The number of refugees is so massive, it has now closing in on numbers not seen since post WWII – Obama’s Fault!   In 2008, before Obama took office, the UN reported there were 11.4 million refugees worldwide. In 2015, they reported that figure climbed to over 63 million. Obama’s Fault!

These are facts, not alternative news, they are numbers and actual events. You can pretend history didn’t happen and bury your head in the sludge, but ultimately, the maggots will force you to come up for air…and you will have to face reality.

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