DC Inauguration Protests

Debra Saunders wrote an Op for Townhall about what Trump should and should not do at his inaugural, what he should say and not say, how he should act and not act, as though she herself were a puppet-master.   How inanely arrogant. But this is the role journalists feel they are entitled to wage – it is a pinch of Kingly, a smidgeon of god, a bit of Pharisee, and a dollop of narcissism all wrapped up in a chaotic package of drool.

Really? She knows best?

Worse, she quotes a CNN commentator as her expert puppet-masteress.

The Inauguration is being underscored by protest marches from every possible fringe group imaginable with threats of party bashing, and making DC a veritable mess!

Yes, our esteemed US does allow for ‘peaceful assembly’, but anyone with an eye can read that ain’t the motivation or the instigation that is fomenting riots akin to Fergusson, which were funded, by the way, by Soros. The aim of these protests is to bring DC and the Inauguration to a waste of mayhem, chaos, and hate. And yet Saunders thinks that she and CNN should micro-manage Trump’s entire agenda…

The new and improved Peaceful assembly law – Passed By Obama – states that any protestors that interfere with the government, it’s affiliates, the Secret Service may be arrested, fined and jailed.   Obama passed this – not Bush – not Trump!

The police have been taking special courses in managing the law within what will most certainly be a very difficult maize of righteous rioting. People are bound to get hurt. Destruction is bound to happen.

And Saunders and her CNN cohort are telling Trump how He needs to unify the people… the same people Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party divided and destroyed in a labyrinth of hatred and bitterness and entitlement.   How obtuse!

Headlines read: Massive Anti-Trump Protests Planned! Disruptive Anti-Trump Inauguration Protests Planned! Protestors Vow To Shut Down DC! Protestors to blockade Pence party!


Where is the outrage at these idiotic people who simply can’t man-up and have a little dignity of their own? It is so much representational of the hypocrisy of Meryl Streep who stood before a crowd of entertainers ridiculing and humiliating Trump for ridiculing and humiliating someone else… How can people take her seriously when she is ‘doing’ exactly what she claims to ‘abhor’?

Be a role model, not a harbinger. She’s running full speed clutching the baton trying to outdo and win, when the race is over and she’s already lost. She’s fomenting racial divide, discrimination against anyone not aligned with her, and raising the bar on anarchy!

Despite the media rhetoric of ‘Peaceful Protests’, the websites of these anarchists demand chaos, and include free seminars in training people how to motivate and instigate that end! YIKES!

While the LGBT community is aligning radical demonstrations, Trump hasn’t even addressed anything to their regard?   They are protesting – nothing. His agenda is business not politics, that was the entire point.   Racial discrimination? He has indicated nothing in that arena at all, the discriminatory division was mitigated during the Obama administration? And the Entertainers/Hollywooders/whiners who make up the top tier of $$$$$$ – what are they protesting? They want more money?   They want more slaves to staff their estates?

It’s past time to get a little grown-up, get a little integrity, get a little backbone and give to these poor people you decry as so helpless – but then they’d actually have to ante up out of their pocket and not everyone else’s. And maybe that’s their fear.


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