Nancy Pelosi – The Buck Stops With… Bush

Nancy Pelosi has made the audacious claim that the $9trillion in debt that occurred during the Obama watch – is actually all Bush’s fault!   So if we assume that is true, then all the accomplishments that Obama takes credit for are due to the Bush presidency as well and Obama – well – he just didn’t exist. We can only give him credit for his numerous Hollywood escapades and comedy appearances…

POOF! Just another eight years of Bush.

A stage caricature.

Pelosi has been in politics since 1983, and since that time has accumulated quite a fortune, approximately $100 million as of 2014, from her salary of $193,400 as of 2017.   This coming from a Liberal whose wealth places her in the highest .01% and who regularly states: “We’re talking about addressing the disparity in our country of income, where the wealthy people continue to get wealthier,” 

 The Pelosi Foundation would seem to have become inactive as of 2013, sitting on a FMV of asset base of about $742,000. And while she fumes about Trump’s failure to release tax returns, she has adamantly refused the request multiple times as well.

Insider trading and IPO preferential treatment – back scratching – have garnered her quite a fortune. I am reminded of the ‘example’ that was made of Martha Stewart after she was headlined in the Imclone scandal. She ‘avoided losses’ of about $45,000 through her preferential treatment. And the government went after her with a vengeance, exalting their victory and sentencing her to jail.

Where is the justice?

In addition, as a result of her conviction she was barred from entry into Canada and the UK – forever. That means that refugees and illegal immigrants have more rights and freedoms than Martha Stewart. It means that Nancy Pelosi’s $70 million in questionable wealth is overlooked, but Stewart’s $45,000 trade is heinous.

In fact, the largest IPO offering that Pelosi bought was for VISA. She bought the offering about two weeks after she helped table the Credit Card Fair Fee Act that would have altered VISA’s profits substantially. Tit-for-tat. However, her largest net wroth spike occurred during her Obama tenure wherein she tripled her wealth.

Of course the hypocrisy isn’t just with her, it just happens that she is one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

She doesn’t stop at blaming Bush for the US debt, she has also vehemently decried that the VA scandal was Bush’s fault because he, Bush, went to war in Afghanistan… There is no mention of Obama’s prolific wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, not to mention coups in Ukraine, Brazil and Venezuela. ALL in the name of the Nobel Peace Prize!

Whatever happened to the phrase, “The Buck Stops Here”! The biggest legacy left by Obama is exactly contrary to that – teaching our youth and our society at large that taking responsibility is dead, and blame and entitlement are the true aspirations of health, wealth and a clear conscious.

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