Obamacare Is Working! For the Poor

Before Obamacare my annual deductible for a family was $500 and my monthly premium was about $350…  Today, my annual deductible- out of pocket is between $10,600/$20,000 and my family premium is nearly $1500 per month!

But HEY – It’s Working according to Obama…  Really?  Where?  In Uruguay?

One thought on “Obamacare Is Working! For the Poor

  1. Ouch! I think that the policy was formulated on a good premise, but as with any successful venture, it required cooperation among ALL parties involved. Rather than shoot the person who had the audacity to try to provide the majority of the citizens of what is purported to be the richest nation with basic healthcare, let’s take a look at the level of cooperation (or lack thereof) of the players. Physicians charged more, because they didn’t want to make concessions in their wages; thus insurance prices skyrocketed- because it is more costly for them now. In the end, the consumer is saddled with an unreasonable expense- but more people have coverage! All I am saying is that the plan itself was not poor- the teamwork sucked.

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