UN – A Cesspool of Condemnation

UN Chief Ban Ki Moon condemns airstrikes by US backed Saudi’s that kill Yemeni civilians.

UN Chief Ban condemns Saudi bombing of hospital in Yemen.

UN Chief Ban condemns Saudi airstrike on school which killed children…

UN Chief Ban asks for bombing to stop…

But nothing changes.

The Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Ismail Ould Chelkh Amed – is Sunni. The entire conflict is between the Houthi’s who are Shiite, and the Saudi’s who are Sunni. It was instigated by the Saudi’s and has been supported both militarily and defacto by the US and the UK. And so it is no surprise that the UN and the Sunni Special Envoy – do absolutely – nothing.

By contrast, the UN and Human Rights have issued explicit warnings to Philippine President Duterte for the unprecedented crack-down on drug lords in the country that has resulted in 650 killings of known ‘meth pushers’ by police. The drug syndicate has been a major problem for years, controlling large swathes of the country and killing scores. The crime rate in the Philippines rose nearly five fold between 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, the same UN that is now condemning Duterte’s aggressive tact for eliminating the drug problem, claimed that the Philippines had the highest rate of meth drug use in eastern Asia, and ‘condemned’ the government for doing nothing. Drugs were openly peddled in parks and bars.  Duterte’s recent election was based on his determination to clean the Philippines of drugs and give the country back to its people.  And the UN doesn’t like the way he is doing it.

So why does the UN turn a relative blind-eye to the over 10,000 Yemen deaths by the Saudi’s, 93% of which are reportedly civilians including children?

The UN has recently admitted that the cholera epidemic which hit Haiti – SIX years ago – was brought by UN peacekeepers. Over 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands sickened… And what has the UN done? It is asking for money, otherwise they have done – absolutely – nothing.

Following the deadly earthquakes that hit yesterday in Italy and Myanmar, the UN is ‘standing by monitoring the situation’…

The UN is upset that the Ukrainian government continues to randomly bomb and kill civilians in eastern Ukraine, with the death toll reaching 10,000.  They ‘condemn’ the bombings and killings…

The primary objective of the UN is the maintenance of peace and security. I’d say, they failed. Roughly 44,000 people are employed by the UN. In 2010, the UN was spending roughly $14 billion with an employment tally of about 22,000. The budget numbers are somewhat of a mystery given the UN has a ‘regular’ budget, a ‘peacekeeping’ budget, a ‘core’ budget, a ‘systems’ budget, and a budget for ‘extra’s’.

The US State Department funds approximately $8billion of the UN’s peacekeeping and regular budgets. But that’s just the somewhat transparent portion because we also fund them through alternate avenues such as the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Energy, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Those fundings are ‘not so transparent’.

The UN also has Specialized Agencies, which are considered independent as far as funding is concerned. They include: International Labour Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, International Civil Aviation, WHO, World Bank, IMF, Universal Postal Union, International Telecommunication Union, World Meteorological Organization, International Maritime Org., World Intellectual Property Org., International Fund for Agricultural Development, UN Industrial Development Org., and World Tourism Org. Within each of these agencies, there are numerous committees, programmes and commissions… all with an extended hand looking for $$$$$$$$$.

Despite their lucrative salaries and benefits, their $54 billion pension fund is stated to be a virtual mess with payments six months or more in arrears and allegations of mismanagement, corruption and conflicts of interest. The UN is a cesspool of absolute waste.

What the HEY! So, in addition to ‘peace’ which they have done a bang-up job on, they now regulate and/or condemn; food, agriculture, telecommunications, labor unions, the climate, the seas, patents, tourism, governments, prisons, industry and all air travel.

In October 2001, the UN won the Nobel Peace Prize for its ‘more peaceful world’. The obvious irony is of course that it was awarded just two weeks after 9-11. In 2000 there were upwards of 200 terrorist attacks worldwide!  Not exactly a more ‘peaceful’ world.

And the slush fund is – growing.

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  1. Yup, the UN and its bodies pick n choose who and which countries to criticise, condemn, attack …the criteria seems to be what’s in the interests of US political agenda. A sad state of affairs for quite some time and time had come a long time ago to rethink the usefulness of UN for world peace or regional peace

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