Polls – An Agenda Revealed

We’ve become so indoctrinated into thinking that a poll holds the truth that we fail to see the absurdity.

Depending on what agency is taking the poll, what factors are considered, who is being polled, what the +/- skew is, and what outcome the agency would like to advance – a poll is a pole is a puddle. According to “Real Clear Politics’, polls show that politics is very NOT clear… The site lists a multitude of polling companies including; the Economist, Reuters, Rasmussen, KBUR, Loras College, Monmouth, CNN, Gravis, PPP, Florida Atlantic University, Gonzales Research, ARG – and blah-de-blah-de-blah.

Who are these people?

PPP Polling took the grand prize as a democrat leaning pollster whose historical credits include the ‘approval rating of God’, and ‘would Obama be eligible to go to heaven’… Every polling company has a healthy ego referring to themselves as ‘the best’ and ‘the most accurate of all polls’. But they can’t all be the most accurate when their results are all over the place. Right?

Polls may have the dubious honor of swaying because people have an inherent instinct to go with a winner. So if the poll can tell you who the winner is according to what other people think, the mindset is to – follow like sheep as in – bahhhhh.

Outside of politics, polls are always trying to determine which country in the world is best. This year, Germany came in Numero Uno, according to US News and World Report. The problem? While it supposedly ranked number one, there were some rather poor grades that were considerably lower than even average: “Under the adventure category, the Bundesrepublik was given a 1.2 out of 10 for fun, a 3 for friendliness and a withering 0.1 for sexiness.”


The survey claims it sampled 16,000 people in ‘four global regions’, which seems a rather strange survey – as in exactly who, what percentage male and female, and were the Saudis ranking Iran, and North Koreans ranking Japan, I mean specifics do make a difference…

Then there is ‘Gonzales Research’, a company that apparently no longer exists as their website is kaput and they have no presence on wikipedia… There is ARG, a polling company – er, one man show blogger, that admittedly failed in 2012 elections. There is Monmouth University, a small school in New Jersey whose polls have always been pretty much confined to New Jersey’s populace. Gravis, which won the prestigious award for the most botched polling in 2014…

Polling is marketing. Buying a poll for the politicians is like buying a business card – you can print just about anything and claim just about anything. In a review conducted of public polling for the 2012 election, within the top 28 there were a few absences, including; Florida Atlantic University, Gonzales, ARG, The Economist, KBUR, Loras College and CNN – sigh. Top of the list? Reuters.

The only polling Reuters has out currently is on ‘the direction of the country’ and Obama’s approval rating’. The problem? Nearly all the Presidential election polling is being done by either CNN, NBC and PPP who are all very liberal politically, or by KBUR, Florida Atlantic Univ., and Gravis who well – are pretty worthless.

Just trying to keep the truth straight is a fulltime job these days.

FYI – The Germany ranking was done by Bav Consulting – there foremost marketing is under Brand Development and Business Management… Their motto? “To change the way the world thinks about brands.”

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