White Christians Killing Blacks

A report has surfaced on RT claiming that ‘white Christians’ have one view of the black killings by police in the US, vs. blacks who see a different targeted pattern. Really? How naïve, chaotic and ridiculous.

So let the real statistics speak:

  1. Blacks make up less than 13% of the US population
  2. According to the last FBI data available, 2014, blacks accounted for 28% of all crimes
  3. Blacks accounted for 52% of all murders
  4. Blacks accounted for 66% of all rapes
  5. Blacks accounted for 56% of robberies and 63% of aggravated assault

While ‘profiling is technically not acceptable, it is reality. When you profile a perp for any given crime, ethnicity plays into that statistic. Profiling is what helps the authorities capture the criminal. For example, any more it is considered ‘not politically correct’ to profile, so when the media release the data on a crime asking for public assistance, they typically are now relegated to a benign description of the automobile if it is known, and the determination of gender. Of course, we can expect that the gender profile will most likely also be expelled as we have ‘gender identification’. So now the police are looking for a – person who may have been in the vicinity of such and such at such and such time. Great!

Everything else is prohibited.

Gee – let me keep my eyes out for a white Honda…

If I were a cop – I’d be looking for the statistic. Because that’s what helps keep the rate at the 52, 66 and 56 percentile instead of the 82, 90 and 100% percentile! NOT arresting people does not make crimes go down. It simply makes the arrest ‘rate’ go down for statistical purposes.

Calling the stats ‘white Christians’ vs ‘blacks’ – is reprehensible! The stats speak for themselves without further demonizing who says what – just look at the numbers. If 13% of the population is committing 52% of all murders, that is a statistic that deserves recognition. If despite that statistic, the police killed 1.7 times more whites than blacks, then the blacks should feel privileged given they commit more violent crimes! The fact remains that the number of deaths of whites is simply not a topic of discussion, because most whites believe the death was justifiable.

Yet, no matter the circumstances, no matter the demographics of the specific city or city district, the cry is fowl – when it should be – thank you!

Hillary Clinton would attempt to target our heart strings by stating – what if – what if it was whites… But it IS MS. Clinton, we just don’t have protest after every justifiable shooting! So if by percentage, blacks commit more of the violent crimes, and they are actually less likely to be shot by police, what is the reasoning? Because of the media portrayal.

How many white families sued the police?

Some – a few. There are certainly wrongful death suits. And they come from BOTH racial sides. But the disparity is large and remains a subdued statistic. And we as a united people need to understand from where the design for chaos is generated… it is not from the police, it is not from the people, the communities, the heart or the soul – it is created for entertainment by the Globalists who wish to re-invent our world within the One World Order – as masters.

I have never had more fear of my fellow man, than I have today. Ever. So that did not come from me – it came from the mainstream media and their masters. Take heed.

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