Germany Arrests One in 750 Cologne Attacks

The German police have arrested “one” suspect in the 750 assaults that occurred in just Cologne over the NYE weekend. One. Justice? Or cover up to the nth degree?

And yet, worldwide, we wonder why so few crimes are actually reported… Well, maybe this is a good indication!

Despite the Socialist perfect life that the Scandinavian and Germanic countries portray, there is a wicked undercurrent that allows certain crimes to be overlooked. When it involves politics, race, immigration, or politicking, or creating a mask, or discounting women – that would seem to be the doctrine of protocol that Europe holds mightily.

I am no longer angry because I am a Christian, I am angry because I am female. They have crossed even the most generic division you could possibly attempt to dissolve – the 51%. While the black population in the US is between 12-13%, the female population is over 51% – so tell me, why would you insult and target the 51%? Supporting Germany and the Scandinavian countries repress the rape and sexual assault cases is five time the black agenda. So why go there?

As with all agendas there are typically two points – stupidity or purposeful. Purposeful is almost more scary for it yields a foreboding, a design to decay and bring down, whereas stupidity – can be corrected.

Me – I go for the purposeful agenda. I just can’t accept that people are that stupid. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, means I give them evil. They do this from a place that – does not have your best interests at heart. They do this to sacrifice the women, the few, to the many, the Muslims.

Why? The why is even more cynical. It is because they find it – fun.

Do these women feel vindicated by the ‘one’ arrest? Of course not, they feel the police are giving preferential treatment to Muslims and immigrants with no legal status, and they are paying for these same people to assault and rape them. They are providing the welfare for the same people who assault them. They give money and housing to the men that then rape them. They are raped while these men have their wives and families brought to Germany under asylum. They are beaten so that these poor immigrants may thrive.

Thank you Germany. Thank you Merkel for your heart, your wisdom, your nationalism – for the German people… oh right – your nationalism is silent. Allah Akbar!

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