Soros Unveils the Fall of Europe – Germany First.

More refugees arrive in Bavaria. Bavaria is over capacity and sends them to Merkel. Merkel says she’ll send them to Greece. Greece says no way. More are in sprinter mode at the border waiting for the right moment to spring. And the merry-go-round doesn’t stop because there is no gold ring.

Why did Merkel put her own country in this position?

Initially, the approved media response was that she had a heart. That her heart was for the plight of these impoverished people. We had destroyed Syria, their country, and left it in rubble. We destroyed their means of survival. We bombed their children and created one of the worst refugee crisis ever. So naturally, it was now up to us to ‘assimilate’ and rebuild.

Obama’s disdain for Merkel was evident when she was in the US and there was a ‘mic problem’.  But Soros hatred is deep and unyielding!   He has made that abundantly clear in past interviews. “Merkel is leading Germany in the wrong direction”, “Merkel doesn’t understand basic Keynesian economics”… In 2012, Soros vocally challenged Merkel, saying Germany should leave the Eurozone because their wealth was not shared by the poorer more corrupt nations. Either leave or bail them out – was his rhetoric! Merkel did not listen. In 2013, Soros said again Germany should either allow eurobonds or leave the euro altogether. Merkel refused both. And now its payback time, aka Soros.

How best to destroy Germany than from within.

Soros and his Open Society Institute have been attacking Germany for years, citing discrimination in their schools, reprimanding them for banning headscarves, brandishing Germany’s support of drone strikes against ISIS, and offering legal aid to anyone willing to fight the rule of law in Germany. Soros wants to bring Germany down, because the house of cards will follow easily, once she is dismantled.

Germany represents the EU. They are the core strength, the vision, the apple of the eye. And Soros needed to fragment this power – through his only course of action – division. Merkel was adamant that the EU remain intact – but Soros had a different Agenda. Erdogan opened the doors. Erdogan – another Hedge Bet personality saw a win win situation for himself. Open the doors, relieve Turkey of the responsibility and the financial drain of refugees, make side bets on stolen Iraqi oil, sell it to ISIS for profit, and then blackmail Germany so as to ‘close’ the doors and be rewarded monetarily. Not to mention – twist the dagger that would allow Turkey to join the EU.

Because if Turkey joins the EU – ALL 2.2 million Syrian refugees become the problem of the EU, straining finances, straining rule, straining law.   Merkel would be called to stand down and the EU member states would begin to pull out.  So, what would an unraveling of the EU look like? What would be the consequences?

The concept has been discussed by a number of economists. Thomas Wright stated that the levels of volatility in the international economic order would create a ‘disorderly collapse’. What he could not know at the time was the refugee influx would keep Germany from rising up out of the destruction and instead see it’s implosion as utter chaos consumed and all EU countries followed.

One of the reasons the EU was created was to invoke a unity wherein all countries could operate independently, but within a guide of common rule. This unity would keep countries from falling prey to narcissistic power plays for dominance.  To create divide, one must inject fear. And while Merkel may have played into the Hedge Bet, it is most likely her naiveté that got her there. But in so doing she has effectively begun an unraveling across the EU that will rip apart the last vestige of ‘union’.

Could the murder of German tourists in Istanbul be just another warning from Erdogan and Soros?

Soros has had an agenda to assimilate Turkey into the EU for some time without much progress – until now. Turkey holds a bribe – refugees or EU membership – take your pick. Merkel took the refugees and put the EU membership on the table. Perhaps she felt it was the lesser of two evils. But evil it was. With organized sexual assaults – to the murder of German tourists – Merkel has lost:

In 2001, the Soros Open Society Foundation opened a branch in Turkey under the auspices of:

The foundation pursues many of its activities by offering grants to projects that focus on the foundation’s priority issues such as Turkey’s EU membership, political reform, gender, education, regional disparities, disadvantaged groups, and civil society.”

In 2005, Erdogan and Soros met at the World Economic Forum and discussed the impact that Soros investment could have on Turkey’s growth and desire to become a member of the EU. Soros generally gets what he wants so when he offered to get and keep Erdogan in power, albeit under his thumb, Erdogan was willing and able in exchange for whatever Soros wanted. Soros agenda called for a new Constitution (something Soros and Obama have dangled here in the US). This new and improved Constitution would in effect usher in Sharia law given that rights would not be considered ‘inalienable’, but up for vote. Soros rigs the vote, and voila – it is done.

Sharia Law is the cornerstone of control.

Why is Turkey important?  It could be their Biblical position – north of Israel.  I’m not sure – yet.

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