NYE Sexual Assaults – Merkel – are you lying…

Which is it Germany? Which statistics and facts are manipulated and which are real? How to create Fake numbers:

According to reports issued by the German government, crime statistics are flat and decreasing, including sexual crimes. In fact, everything is really, really good… But then there are other reports, reports of a massive wave of spiking crimes in Berlin, Cologne, and Duisburg. A confidential police report reveals that 38000 refugees were accused of crimes in 2014, but they were not prosecuted and therefore are not counted in the formal statistics. The crimes were trashed and the criminals given reprieve to commit more.  And those are just the ones reported.

A number of German districts are controlled by Arab gangs. Police refuse to venture in these neighborhoods because they are fearful for their lives. The gangs typically create their own form of rule and punishment and if the government or police get involved, witnesses are eliminated, disappear, or simply beat up. It’s a form of ‘discouragement’. And it perpetuates the vision of a happy Germany with low crime. But it is a lie.

Stories abound but the German government quashes them, makes no arrests and makes no report of an incident at all. Merkel explains that she doesn’t want to unduly instigate fear in her constituency… she wants them to pretend that they are safe when in fact they aren’t.  Reality?  Merkel has completely lost control of Germany!  And in so doing she has basically stated that rape and sexual assault on women is open territory.  While they use the phrase “some crime does go unreported” as justification for their low stat counts, what they don’t say is that they are the ones NOT doing the reporting!

The massive NYE attacks in Cologne were only the tip of the iceberg. In Germany, similar attacks occurred in Hamburg, Freiberg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Bielefeld, Berlin and Stuttgart – NINE separate cities. In these attacks if the women did not submit to the sexual advances they and their male partners were savagely beaten. In one incident, a firecracker was put down a womans hood falling down her sweatshirt she suffered severe burning  that will leave lifetime scaring.  But these reports are being censored. Why?

Because Merkel would have to admit that you can not assimilate savagery into society… And so, she has sold out her people for the sake of protecting Muslims.

But it wasn’t even just Germany. The coordinated attacks against women also took place in Austria, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Norway as well. What caused the police and government to retract their censorship? Posts went viral on social media with graphic pictures and victim reports. Without social media, the mainstream press and the police under the jurisdiction of Merkel would have completed squashed the incidents as nothing more than ‘hooliganism’.  Do you think these reports will be accounted for in the criminal statistics for Germany?

I don’t either.

The reports all detail that the incidents were mob oriented, with twenty to a hundred Arab men attacking a small group of two to five women. Hardly a situation where the women can simply say, “No”, or block the attacker with an arm, as the esteemed mayor of Cologne, Henrietta Reker, so callously stated. Her solution? Fire the Police Chief.

A part of the issue is that Europe is accepting unaccompanied minors as refugees. They have no skills, no parents, no job, and are given social benefits for ‘life’. Bored, without morals, without ethics, they are allowed to do as they please, and the law is ordered to ‘stand down’ when Muslims are involved. The mainstream press are told to quash the news. And the world is fed a massive coverup and lie. While Merkel and her cabinet mull whether to drop barriers that disallow deportation of immigrants who have committed a crime, the obvious issue is that – they don’t convict them – so it is a non-sequitur.

And while Merkel continues to go before the media and claim that the ‘Cologne” incident will not go unpunished, she refrains from mentioning the Berlin incident, the Hamburg incident, the Frieberg incident…etc… As though they never took place. More and more she would seem to hold to the ideology of Hillary, Obama and Biden – deny, deny and deny until they forget.

Cautious news agencies across Europe are telling women and girls not to go out at night alone – at all.  That’s the solution.  The criminals continue to take over larger swathes without restriction, lawlessness is allowed a blind eye and even embraced.  This is the new Europe!

Even when a handful of these men are arrested, they are subsequently released, no charges filed, the statistics look good on paper, and the crimes are perpetuated.   Hush – don’t let the world know the Truth…in Europe Law has no value.

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