VW Scandal – A Soros Mangled Manipulation

The VW scandal has a bigger agenda. And the orchestrator’s are an interesting batch that seem to lead to – Soros and Climate Change.

The EPA broke the scandal after an ‘independent research group’ brought it to their attention…

Enter: ICCT, International Council on Clean Transportation. Its major partners include the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Climateworks, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The Packard Foundation has funded many of the same organizations as Soros Open Society, advocating heavily for abortion rights, and EPA initiatives.

Two of the Board members of ICCT are executives at Climateworks. One of Climateworks board members, John Podesta, is from the Center For American Progress, a die hard Soros funded, organized and operated organization. Another board member, Larry Kramer is from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation – working in conjunction with the Open Society (Soros). A third is Kristian Parker of the Oak Foundation which also partners with Soros Open Society.

Margo Oge, former Director of the EPA, currently on the board of ICCT, and a strong emission control proponent, cites Arcade Press (now Skyhorse publishing) as a current employer. They published her book, along with Soros book about how his father outwit the Gestapo. She also states her membership/alliance with ‘Union of Concerned Scientists’, another Open Society partnership.

And headlines today are stating that even Germany’s Merkel is implicated in the VW scadal, having known of the sham for some time. Who funded the headlines? Germany’s Green Party. George Soros is closely aligned with the German Green Party, a social democrat organization that openly vilifies Russia and is actively pursuing ousting Merkel.

How best to do this than to create propaganda that will lay a heavy hand on Merkel’s reputation and damage the country’s economy – purportedly at her hand.

But it gets even sweeter. In January of this year, representatives of Soros who were at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention stated that Soros wanted to buy dealerships. But there were no sellers, the stiff market may have just been unstiffed with VW stock plummeting, scandal, and a resigning CEO. In March of this year the share price stood at $252, it has now plunged to $119, losing over 50% of its value. Did Soros not only short VW, but sit around and wait for the catastrophic plunge in order to make a dealership offer?

A Mangled Web of Chaos!

The tanking of VW which includes Audi and Porsche will also hurt Germany’s economy. The EPA has stated that their fines could amount to $18 billion – which would go into the Obama coffers. In addition, class action lawsuit attorneys are already rubbing their hands together calculating their 33% equity gain with visions of Lamborghini’s and Greek Isles. A quote about the future of VW states: “They need a new start, and the new start can only be made with new … personnel and management.”

Maybe ownership will be on the table as well as Soros sits and waits for the bottom to stable out just in time for him to – buy, buy buy!

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