Mr. Bill – First Man…Guy…Gentleman?

With the still undecided possibility of Hilary Clinton running for president, it should be noted that not only would she be the first woman president in the US, Mr. Bill would the First Boy… First Man… First Guy. What would he be? I would hardly defer upon him the title of ‘First Gentleman’. Doesn’t quite fit. But then, maybe Hillary would prefer herself to be known as Her Highness. In which case, Mr. Bill would then be “Hz High”. Sounds creepily like Sieg Heil. Let’s not go there.

Then we would have to define his role in the White House. Would he tend to the flower arrangements and offer tea to the other ladies and High’s? Although the role of First Ladies is not written in code and stamped with approval, the foremost role they are to maintain is ‘Hostess’. Mr. Bill, of course, would be the Hostess with the mostest… The second role is to organize and attend ‘official functions’ and state ceremonies. Mr. Bill would have his own staff including a social secretary and a chief floral designer. He would be called upon to attend reunions with other First Ladies and participate in luncheons and gala’s. He would be lauded for his fashion sense and wardrobe choices as he served behind Hillary. He would get to dedicate libraries with other former First Ladies and read to young school children. He would be surrounded by woman of all ages 24-7.

According the original National First Ladies Library, the following states the decorum that a First Lady is impressed with:

Those who have been most successful (as measured by their own enjoyment of the role, serving the public in a substantive way, being politically involved without assuming the political prerogatives of an elected or appointed official, leaving a permanent public legacy in some measure) have carefully balanced being perceived as a “Queen” of the people while also being a “commoner” who understood their problems and lives.”

Mr. Bill would be responsible to decorate the Christmas tree, and coordinate the gingerbread house, wreaths, lights and angels for the White House. But he would have to give up some of his most precious things as well. The Clinton Foundation would most likely be handed over to Chelsea. They would vacate their estate in Chappaqua, NY that they purchased after leaving the White House which cost $1.7 million, and their second home in DC, which they bought for $2.85 million. Their privacy will be uprooted once again and their emails – scrutinized.

If elected, Hillary would be 69 and Bill 70 upon taking office. Hillary would tie Reagan in being the oldest elected president. Mr. Bill would surpass all previous First Lady/High’s in age; Anna Harrison the oldest at 65, second to Barbara Bush at 64. Both Clinton’s have suffered some health issues, whether age related or not is debatable. Mr. Bill had quadruple bypass surgery and has frailed considerably in recent years. Ms Hillary underwent issues with blood clots, a concussion and fainting that required six months of rehabilitation. Some might be concerned with these issues.

There have been two shows that portrayed a female president; Kisses For My President was released in 1964 and showed a humorous version of the concept, and low rated television series came out in 2004, Commander In Chief, in which Geena Davis played the president. The show didn’t take and was canceled in 2005. Despite the feminism of our society, there are still biases among women and men regarding a female president. Add age, add health, add past dalliances, add revelations of the mouth of Hillary, and well, it is rather ‘cringe worthy’.

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