EU Unraveling: Diminishing Trust Per New World Order Game Plan

The EU is unraveling as trust issues among countries become more frayed.   Poland is suing Germany for WWII Nazi reparations to the tune of $1.3 trillion, with the caveat the number may increase.   A former Romanian FM has stated that Ukraine land should be re-surveyed so as to give Poland, Russia and Romania portions of the territory.   Germany is set to withhold billions of aid to Hungary due to corruption.   And a former Greek PM has declared the Ukraine crisis will lead to the ‘collapse’ of the EU.

Existential Problems have put every EU country on edge within the growing Recession.     As western nation’s implode under the tutelage of the liberal Order, it seems likely that these collapses are a part of the outline of the Global World Order.

Starting Over.   Would seem to be the game plan. Of course, if all currency goes to zero – the elites billions would also be worthless. So what would be their gain?

According to Elon Musk, AI is a thousand times more dangerous than nuclear weapons.   Why?   Because super intelligence would ultimately see no benefit to human life.

While Lizard Zuckerberg wholly disagrees and calls out Musk for being irresponsible, before Eric Hawkings died, he too declared that science was perilously disregarding humankind in pursuit of knowledge.   Hawkings warned that the continued exploration for and attempt to create black holes via CERN would risk having earth swallowed into oblivion.

As man further develops AI, AI is used to further AI.     As Musk points out, the ego of intelligence of mortal man reveals the inherent flaw of scientists.   AI does not have ego or ethics or values.   Thus it has no boundaries.

Are western governments only now beginning to understand their mortality?   Has this understanding initiated the human emotions of fear and distrust pitting allies against allies in western nations?

Poland is showing signs of mental acuity crash.   While seeking reparations from Nazi Germany, Poland’s president, Duda, has suddenly declared that the former Soviet Union also is on the hook for reparations.   Despite the fact that the Soviet Union was an ally of the Polish and west during WWII.  So why?   Because he doesn’t know which side of the fence is evil and which is good.

When Xi Jinping suddenly began to back away from western influence, Soros called for a Coup.   China has since released warnings to its various municipalities to be on the alert for foreign interference, protests, and potential coups. Yes, communist China.

The Big Bang? A New World Order cannot exist when half the globe is defiant.   And this defiance is growing.  

Some countries are playing both sides of the fence.   Their governments frozen by fear and indecision.   Turkey’s Erdogan flip-flops daily in support of Russia and against Russia in support of the west.   India’s Modi plays both sides.   African countries are unsure.   In the end, these fence hoppers are simply trying to determine who will win and so aligning themselves with the potential winner is their only intellectual game.   A game in obvious debate of intellectual parody.

The Ancients, Pelosi and Kerry, have been circulating the globe inciting further disruptions in anticipation of pitting country against country.   Kerry is in Africa telling African leaders what they can and cannot do in terms of utilization of energy.   Pelosi is propagandizing the Taiwan/China feud for the purpose of justifying a military incursion.   Most recently, she pledged US support in the ongoing tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia.   Why?   The west has zero allegiance to either country.


A new report from the Pentagon reveals:   A)   the US military forces are depleted.   Obesity, anger, disease, and genderisms have created a US military nightmare.   B)   US military inventories are depleted.   In sending mass amounts of weapons to Saudi Arabia, Australia, Qatar, and Ukraine – our own supplies are vacuous.   We are effectively announcing to the world that the US is now an Open Target ~ Soros.

The ONLY means of defeating the NWO octogenarians is to recognize the imperative, take a stand, and get off the fence.  


One week after Pelosi and her son visited Taiwan to solidify America’s support of the island nation over the Big Bad China aggressor… Pelosi is gushing to the media “China is one of the freest societies of the world”!   Her claim that Freedom House ranks China one of the worlds most free and wonderful countries is an abject delusional lie. Perhaps she was intoxicated or perhaps she has dementia, in either case it appears she set up Taiwan by instigating China – on behalf of – China.

Playing BOTH sides may have been the gamet of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s during WWII, but they didn’t have video evidence of the treason.   After bowing and scraping America’s undying support for Taiwan should China swallow their island, Pelosi appeared on international news today decrying what a great country China really is.   And like the WWII traitors, there is only one reason for being a double agent crosser – to incite a war between both sides to reap the monetary rewards, and the depopulation Agenda.

Of course, in such a war scenario – China would undoubtedly win and thus Pelosi’s visit was purposefully made for that outcome.   Taiwan should be furious!

Freedom House has declared China ranks 107 out of 112 countries claiming, “The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to tighten control over all aspects of life and governance, including the state bureaucracy, the media, online speech, religious practice, universities, businesses, and civil society associations, and it has undermined an earlier series of modest rule-of-law reforms. The CCP leader and state president, Xi Jinping, has consolidated personal power to a degree not seen in China for decades. Human rights activists and lawyers continue to speak out, though at great personal cost.”

This assessment would align with Soros declaration that a coup is necessary in China in order to relieve Xi Jinping of his authority so that the International Order could insert a person of Biden’s quality.  

But the ‘doublespeak’ is even more interesting when reviewing the G7 analysis which supports a “One-China” policy wherein Taiwan is under the thumb of the CCP: “On August 3, G7 foreign ministers and the High Representative of the European Union issued a statement affirming their “shared commitment to maintaining the rules-based international order [emphasis added], peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and beyond”.

When analyzing these opposing positions, it becomes clear that a One-China Policy would be acceptable if the Rules Based International Order was in control of China.   Otherwise, a war between China and Taiwan is expected to result in Xi Jinping’s demise… and likely the annihilation of the island of Taiwan.  A double cross.   But one that is carefully determined in creating a dominant race and a peasant class. Much like the Lenin/Stalin Bolsheviks envisioned.

Like Putin.   The Order desperately wants Russia – just without Putin.   And The Order wants America without – Trump.

The ability of the US military and EU to defend Taiwan is more than questionable.   Germany has already declared their weapons inventory is gone.   The US inventory has been depleted. Analysts have warned of US inventory lags since 2016 – they have only worsened significantly – and purposefully.   And our Generals would seem to be more ‘desk-jockey’s than true Patton’s or MacArthur’s. Unable to Lead a battalion of 10 much less 50,000, our current Generals would fail miserably – and their lives too would be sacrificial in nature.   Unfortunately, their arrogance and Order Promises prevent them from this realization.  Sell out Traitors of the Worst Degree!

Recruitment has stalled as thousands of troops have been discharged for refusing the jab.   The Pentagon is offering a ‘sign-on bonus’ of $50,000’ and still no takers.   Upwards of 240,000 troops face discharge as a result of the jaberwacky.   And no one is willing to replace them.   Why?   Because the leadership has shown to have zero Loyalty – a code that has historically been the mantra!

If, as insurance companies claim, there is an uptick of death claims by 40% among 18-45 year olds, that would equate to ‘job openings’ that can’t be filled because too many are dying.   Job Openings that pay significantly more than the military!   Entry pay for a private is roughly $38.5k.   That equates to a private company salary of $19 per hour.   Without risk of death and mutilation. Lowes pays more.

Without troops, without weapons, the US is hardly equipped to fend off a China invasion.   However, the remaining genderized troops available would be picked off easily, leaving the military completely decimated.

Albeit – the plan. However, if the military is decimated and police are lacking in droves across Blue States, who will become the Enforcers?

The FBI, the CIA, The Federal Reserve Police Force, and Mercenaries – which contrary to the media have been on the payroll of the DoD since at least the 1990’s. Black Book.   Cash.

Thus without Xi – China would become an International Order Statehood and open borders would see mass exodus to more abundant Statehoods such as Canada, the EU, and the US.

Example:   My ex-husband’s house was recently sold to a Chinese citizen who paid cash over $2million and advised that they wouldn’t need to move in until mid 2023.   The Drop Dead Date.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was not simply a double cross of China, it was to create a sacrificial lamb of Taiwan – like Ukraine!   They just don’t realize it yet.

In 2020 there were roughly 1.3 million active duty military personnel.   China’s active military numbers 2.03 million.   NATO’s literal military personnel number in the 30,000 range – although they are attempting recruitment as well.   Russia’s is estimated to be 1.35 million.

What does The Economist say?   China is economically FAILING – furthering the disillusionment of Xi Jinping’s rule. Donald Trump is losing as a federal judge ruled his tax returns are open to Congress.   And Taiwan’s Foreign Minister claims an attack by China is ‘imminent’.   ALL According To Plan.