America in Chaos

Reading the Washington Post is always good fodder for an alternate view story.

Jennifer Rubin, a really destructive Liberal who pretends she is conservative has written about how America under Obama was a utopia existence and that Trump’s speech about struggling single mom’s, government waste and inefficiency, and a broken education system – is all rubbish. According to this elitist, Rubin, everything is great! Of course, Ms. Rubin began her career as a lawyer in Hollywood – which might explain her ‘entertainment quality news’.  As well as her Real World naivete.

The fact that she was an avid fan of Jimmy Carter (in addition to Reagan) offers insight into the topsy-turvy hypocrisy of thought she holds to. Of course, the fact that she writes for the Washington Post shows where her allegiance lies – Liberal/Socialism.

Complaining and bashing and lamenting, she obviously lives in a Netherworld bubble disconnected from We The People, which further establishes the cause of the Hillary loss.

First: she states that crime is down, unemployment is down and productivity is up!


a) Reported violent crime has been on a steady decline since 1992. However, that decline corresponds to a parallel graph showing incarceration rates spiking. And according to the FBI, violent crime rates had declined for two decades before rising as of 2011.  Uh-oh.

b) Unemployment is down. Yes. And No. The labor force participation rate is a mere 62% which includes those employed (part time and full time, as well as those looking for work). The numbers are therefore a misnomer of actuality, because if you are looking for work and if you are employed only part-time – those stats are considered in the rates of full-time employment!  In addition, the current rate match those of the Jimmy Carter era.  UGH!

c) Productivity is up! But that chart also paints an interesting picture. It shows a steady incline since 1950, with a flattening since 2011. Huh?

Second: Ms. Rubin states that she vehemently objects to American nationalism or patriotism.  She denies that we have benefited other countries at the expense of our own… ouch!

a) Our negative trade with China has helped boost their growth rate to three and four times that of the US.

b) NATO and the UN are virtually supported by the American tax dollars for the benefit of all of Europe…hmmm.

c) Trade: In 2015 the trade deficit with the EU was $153billion. Oops. And in 2016, that deficit – grew.  Double oops.

She talks about ‘collective security and the prevention of violence’… uh-oh.

a) I guess she forgot about Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Cuba, Indonesia, Egypt, and the terrorism in France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Greece, Italy, US, Australia, Niger Delta, Sudan, and Ivory Coast. Not to mention Al Qaeda, ISIS, el Nusra, and Boko Harem. Oops, guess she forgot.

And then there is her claim that ‘life expectancy has soared! As though this is attributable to Obama? When in actuality, she missed the report that for the first time since 1993, life expectancy in the US ‘declined’ and death rates rose for the top leading causes of death!

Worse. The report of life expectancy declines actually came from her own newspaper – The Washington Post. Oops.

Bottom line: Ms Rubin would seem to have a very vacuous knowledge of economics, and have a very deft ability to make false and misleading statements in order to vilify and demonize.  Bottom line.  She lives in a wealth bubble that defines the loss of the Democrat Party for which she writes.